Friday 29 January 2016

Withdraw your MIND from the Money System. It's TIME !!


Transcript notes for the video below:

00:00  We are on the cusp of a financial collapse like we've never seen before in human history.
2:20  Everything on the mainstream media is: "We're going to be ok..."  Turn off the television programming right away...  You're not going to get any accurate information from there.
3:30  The year of the Shemitah - also referenced by Christine Lagarde.
4:15  Shemitah years have always ended in a stock market crash.
5:00  2016 is the 'Jubilee Year' of the Shemitah. "We are in a debt Jubilee..."  - Bank of International Settlements, director's speech
6:30  Their system is unsustainable. The FED is printing money like crazy...
7:00  This is a collapse coming... it could be months, it could be days.
7:30  Oil -  Luke:  How do you see this unfolding with the price of oil now?  Jeff: This is a harbinger of things to come. The same thing happened in 2008 and in 1929, which also happened to be a shemitah year. They engineer these collapses...  Inflation and deflation, then buying up stocks for pennies on the dollar.
9:00  Luke: Are they as crazy as you make them out to be?  Jeff:  Yes, they are. They want to control the planet and all of humanity.  eg: the attack on Libya...
10:50  Luke:  I've been hearing about the stock market crash for the last decade. What makes this year different?  Jeff:  Essentially, everything goes back to December 24, 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). That was really the beginning of this system.  It began to fall off the rails in 1971, August 15 when Nixon "temporarily" took the gold backing away from the US dollar.  They let interest rates get to 18% then it's slowly been coming down again. As things started to really collapse, all countries decided to print much more money. It's now gotten to the stage where the debt of all countries is HUGE!
14:30  When this next collapse happens, it could destroy the whole money system...
20:20  Mainstream media is dying... Nobody watches it anymore

Alternatives here...  This is a war for your mind

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It's time to CHANGE your MIND...   Only you can reprogram it !!

The Shemitah, The Debt Jubilee and Total Economic Collapse

Published on Jan 24, 2016
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick about the current status of the World Economy and his predictions for total economic collapse. We go over the shemitah prediction Jeff made, how that developed and how we are in the debt Jubilee currently. A lot of important news was covered in this video as well as an opportunity to learn from Dan Dicks, Adam Kokesh, Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudkowski at an upcoming bootcamp in Mexico. Find out more here

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