Monday 25 January 2016

"Global over-population" is a crock !!

I did the sums on this a few years ago myself... Put your Google to good use...

Update March 16, 2019. The links below seem to no longer be working so I checked out another website. On that site the total number of arable acres of land on planet earth in 2007 was 14,065,000,000 hectares.


Let's multiply that figure by 2.47 to give us the number of acres of arable land on planet earth in 2007. The amount of land today won't really be that much different.

Total: 34,740,550,000 or "thirty-four  billion, seven hundred and forty million, five hundred and 50 thousand acres" of arable farmable land on planet earth.

We will now divide by the current population on the planet: 7.7 billion people.


34,740,550,000 acres of arable farmable land divided by 7.7  billion people equals: 4.5 acres of arable land on planet earth for every man, woman, child and young person on the planet. This is phenomenal !!  Clearly, the statistics I found below when I originally wrote this article were very under estimated - by 4.5 times the amount !!

There is plenty of room on planet earth to gift every family the 1 hectare of land that Anastasia suggests gifting to people. In fact, for a family of two parents and three children who could potentially receive 4.5 acres of land per person, this is a potential total of 22.56 acres for 5 people or 9 hectares for the family.

One hectare is enough (100m x 100m = 10,000 sq metres per family). This is the perfect amount of land for a family to look after by hand - by using hand tools, as Anastasia says to do.

If there were 100 families in an Anastasia-inspired village with an average number of 5 people per family, there could be a further 8 hectares held "in reserve" for each family. That is 800 additional hectares (or 1,976 acres) that could be "banked" by that particular village and put to good use in large-scale farming, cropping, forestry, floriculture or orcharding enterprises. This would generate a very, very good collective income for the village.

All people (adults and children over a specified age, eg: 15 years old) could have a hand in operating the co-operative land. Everyone (around 300 people in a 100 family village - two adults per family and at least one teenage child averagely per family) could go on a roster for moving animals around pasture, milking cows, goats and sheep, collecting eggs, picking flowers, shearing sheep, gathering flax (for linen manufacture), driving tractors and harvesters, and take turns on the cherry-pickers at fruit harvesting time. There are plenty of people and there is plenty of land to do as little or as much as you want to, as a village. The choice is yours... The opportunities for additional revenue creation is limitless. The choice is yours.

As my old article says below - this is only arable land! This does not take into account non-arable land which can be used for urban dwellers, cities, airports, infrastructure and other ways of living that people might enjoy. In fact, there is so much land that every family could have their normal country dwelling along with a small apartment in the city where they can easily access amenities such as movie theatres and concert halls, universities, hospitals, clothing and shoe retailers, and supermarkets where you might want to access food that doesn't easily grow in your particular part of the world, eg: bananas and coconuts in Sweden and the UK.

So why only one hectare per family, since there is so much land?  In a word: "Logistics". Who realistically has time and energy enough to look after more than one hectare, with loving care?  Also, 100 metres is not such an advanced distance to walk to visit your neighbour.

People are social creatures. We need each other. If a family were allocated 9 hectares straight up, the distance to walk to your nearest neighbour would be around 300 metres. The distance to your next neighbour would be 600 metres, and the distance to the neighbour after that is around 1 kilometre. By then, you are jumping in your car - and that defeats the purpose of living in the country with cars buzzing around your neighbourhood.

You would end up with the same situation you have now in the cities (isolation), but for opposite reasons:  You wouldn't be bothered to get to know the people in your own village - the distances would be too great. Currently in the cities, people living shoulder to shoulder on tiny pocket handkerchief sections or in apartments don't get to know each other because everyone wants some privacy!

Anastasia's plan is perfect! 100 metres from my neighbour is perfect. I am private... and they are just near enough that I would be bothered to hop on my push bike or amble down the track for a cup of coffee with them. It's a perfect distance. Anastasia has worked out her plan perfectly!

There is so much arable land on this beautiful planet that it makes your mind boggle !!!  The puppet masters have definitely sold us a crock  #GlobalOverPopulation  They must be laughing up their sleeves at us, we who so stupidly believe their lies !!!

See this website for much more information about Anastasia and the Free Land Act that Russia passed on May 2, 2016.


Original article

Put this into your Search Engine:  "arable acres of land globally"  Note: arable = farmable, ie: good land

Bingo:  As easy as 1, 2, 3 !!!

"... there are 12 million square miles (7.68 billion acres) of arable land on the planet..."

This figure does not include all the habitable land on the planet that could still be used for warehouses, shopping centres, urban living and the world's ever-expanding technology industries.

7.68 billion acres refers to FARMABLE acres, 
not all acres available...  

So what if ...  every man woman and child on the planet was gifted one acre (1 hectare = 2.47 acres) of arable, farmable land for each person? If you're a family with mum, dad and the three children, your family would get 5 acres. Do you know what a wonderful life your family would be able to have if you had 5 acres? You'd have a supermarket right outside your back door for starters... you could then grow your own organic pesticide-free non-carcinogenic potatoes, cabbages, rice, corn, silverbeet, strawberries, nectarines, cherries, grapes, pineapple, nuts, herbs...  right at your back door.

With 5 acres, you could have a few sheep, chickens, hutch rabbits, a fish pond, ducks, turkeys, quail, pheasant...  All excellent sources of protein...

You could create a BMX track for your children and keep a couple of ponies for 0-carb transport and for your children to learn to ride.  So many solutions are found when people have enough land on which to grow their own food and timber.

It's a choice i'd definitely like to be able to make...  just like the Kremlin gave the Russian people at the beginning of 2015...

President Putin facilitates the "Space of Love" concept in Russia

No wonder the western media have got it in for Putin atm...  He's definitely a threat to the US hegemony and the FED, IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements ponzy scheme that dominates the affairs of the world currently....

If too many people got "ideas" about claiming the land where they are born - for free !!! - just imagine what the ponzy scheme would end up looking like in a very short time !!  It would collapse!

As Max Igan says below:  "STOP COMPLYING" !!!  That is how we bring this system down !!


Uploaded on Jan 3, 2012.  Part 2.  A documentary explaining The Illuminati and New World Order NWO and the things you can do to help fighting this evil and put up some resistance!


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