Thursday 21 January 2016

Large "Planet" with SIX OBJECTS orbitting just outside our solar system - January 21, 2016

Professor of Planetary Astronomy Mike Brown speaks in front of a computer simulation of the probable orbit of Planet Nine (Reuters)

A 9th planet has been found outside of our solar system a new study concludes. A news clip on New Zealand's TV3 news says this "planet" is being orbited by SIX BODIES. The 'experts' say it is only 20 AU (astronomical units) away from us right now ???

That's interesting...  Uranus is 19.18 AU and Neptune is 30.06 AU. So it's INSIDE our solar system !! ??  Hmmmm...  Very interesting...

Clarification:  This article on "Science Daily" January 20, 2016 says,
"The object... orbits about 20 times farther from the sun on average than does Neptune (which orbits the sun at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles)."

So "No". The confusing sentence on TV3 news states quite the wrong thing....  It's 20 x Sun to Neptune, not 20 x Sun to Earth (= 1 AU).

Please go to this link for TV3 to see the video clip:  Thursday January 21, 2016
Go to 26:30 on the timer for this very short clip (less than 30 seconds)

(Ok... TV3 have ALREADY removed it !!)

Other videos January 20, 2016
Science Magazine:

Considering that this "planet" (likely, a brown dwarf sun) was first found in 1983 in recent times and then knowledge of it kept from the public, I wonder what on earth this TIMING is about for the release of this information ??  Please also consider that NZ News, just last week, showed the massive seed stores in Norway and outed/admitted that the Norwegian Seed Bank exists and what its purpose is:  Plan B against a cataclysmic Earth disaster. Let's take a look at what's been happening in the world recently...

The stock exchanges are in free-fall, 100-year floods are happening now in consecutive years globally, and forest fires are unstoppable in the US and Australia. Is this the reason why "they" are telling us now?  ("they" being the Zionist news network owners and agents for the Black Babylonian Magicians) ... because there's really not long to go until we SEE the Niribu system with our own eyes?   ... And then ALL HELL WILL break loose!  ... So no more Babylonian Money Magic will be possible when people disburse from the cities and return back to the land to grow food and co-operate in small communities.

As Michael Ruppert (Collapse movie) said: "You can not survive as a 'rugged individual'. The only way to make it through is by joining in communities with other people."  ... There is then enough variation of SKILL and also human Physical Power to build and make stuff... to milk community cows and plant fields of wheat, rye, sorghum...

Let's all set our intentions to do just that. It's time to return to The Mother. The days of the Black Baylonian Money Magic has come to an END!  NO other species on this planet has to PAY to live on ground where they were born! - Michael Tellinger, Ubuntu Contributionism. Why do WE submit ourselves to this LUNACY as if this were "normal" ????

Big Planet Incoming.  BUY SEED !!!!

January 2011 article

1:11 am NZ


  1. 'Hercolobus':

    1. Thanks Ed... and old one but a good one! :)

      It's funny how science has never been bothered to try to explain this phenomena below - twin-tailed comet. btw. I personally think this is outside of our atmosphere :) People generally fob it off and say it's jet-stream, but if you've looked at hours and hours of these videos as I have, you wouldn't come to that conclusion. Also, on these blog links: put the video titles into YouTube... many of these videos still exist... the videos themselves have just dropped off the blog over time.

      Thanks :)

  2. I see you've given up on the hampstead hoax, you fat retarded bitch. Good choice, as you were only making a twat of yourself. Mind you, it was funny to watch you putting so much time and effort into your poorly spelt adverts for the February court hearing that isn't happening and never was (yep - Abe made it all up, haha).

    1. RD frequently leaves me little 'love notes' like this. He's certainly quick to jump on other people when he sees their faults - eg: when he's writing as Scarlett Scoop on And yet he considers he has license to write crap like this when he's posting as 'Anonymous'. What kind of idiot judge would give someone with a Multiple Personality Disorder coupled with Borderline Personality Disorder, custody of any child ???

  3. Anonymous, how does it feel to be so evil

    1. He is indeed evil. I think the full moon brought the worst out in him
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