Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winged Object Circumnavigating Earth. 19 December 2013. Footage from Germany ~

Sichtung über Lüneburg am 19.12.2013

Published on Dec 19, 2013 (German)

UFO Sichtung! War es ein Meteor, eine Rakete, Weltraumschrott oder doch nur ein Flugzeug?
- Ich habe dieses Video mit dem Video-Editor von YouTube ( erstellt.

Published on Dec 19, 2013  (English)

UFO sighting! Was it a meteor, a rocket, space junk or just a plane? - I made ​​this video with the YouTube Video Editor - created.

Please also see this comet in 2011 on these 7 videos !!!  Please follow this link:

The question is:  "Is it getting any closer?"

Also:  Could this be the reason why we're getting chem-trailed in the evenings on a sunny day ??

I wonder....


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