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MORE Captures ~ Twin Tail Objects 2012-13

AWESOME Sky Fire! Meteor? UFO? Aliens? Spaceship? What was in the sky Aug 17 in NW Arkansas?

Published on Aug 20, 2012

While with family at the The Benton Country Fair in Northwest AR we saw everyone looking up. Way out in the distance something in the sky was burning as it fell towards earth. I immediately reached for my Panasonic HDC-SD90, an awesome video camera with a 40x Optical Zoom. 

This item burned and fell for longer then I've ever seen a "falling star" last. Although I've edited the video it's still 6 minutes long (the last minute is blank..not sure what happened there). What we saw also lacked the long "tail" that most meteorites I've seen vids of. It was more like a burn that something entering the earth's atmosphere might have.

Now I'm not saying it's aliens, I'm simply writing out loud. The most interesting part was near the end of the video, when it was really far away and small that what looked just like another appeared below the one we'd been taping for nearly 10 min. At first I thought it might be a piece of the original. But once on the computer you could see that the 2nd one, below the first, was moving upward and to the east, passing the original as it continued it's move downward and to the west. 

So what is it? The practical side of me says meteorite or falling space junk, but the fanciful side says two alien ships, one coming and one going. Whatever it is, though hundreds must have seen it (many of them at the Benton County Fair) I can't find mention of it on the net anywhere. 

They sure gave my 6 yr old granddaughter a fright, especially when we saw there were two of them. She's into dinosaurs, and knows all about the meteor that took them out. I think she was beginning to associate these with that one and it was a bit much for her. Momma had to pick her up and give her a big hug and reassure her there was no danger. After we no longer could see them she wanted to know if we'd have an earthquake when they hit. We assured her we wouldn't. Later, after she rode fair rides and had a great time, she remembered and was quite happy that she never felt the ground shake.

If anyone has any ideas what these might be, or know of more reports of this August 17th's Fires in the Sky, be sure to post your thoughts below. I'm thrilled I was able to tape them but would love to know what they were! 

The light you see is one of the pole lights at the fair. I used a stroller to steady the video camera and had to move it half way through shooting as the light was beginning to interfere with the fireball. The song in the background was being played at the fairgrounds (I think we must have been pretty near the speakers) and is "Rollin in the Deep" by Adele. Never really listened to it before, but now it's bouncing around in my head and I find I very much like it.


Evil Looking UFO on Fire? Casper Wyoming USA - Fireball Like an Inferno With Two Tails

Published on Dec 26, 2012

Reported: 26th December 2012
Actual Time of Event: 26th December 2012 1:19AM
Location: Casper, Wyoming (WY), USA

Witness Description: "My husband and I saw a fireball in the sky with two tails like an inferno."



UFO Sightings HUGE FIREBALLS Over Winchester, Va? Exclusive Interview 2013 Watch Now =)

Published on Nov 3, 2013

Incredible UFO Footage Shot By Tom Owens Of What Appears to BE Two Large Fireballs Over Winchester, Va! Contact Tom Owens Via email Visit Tom Owens Youtube Channel



And here's a couple more examples that I checked out this morning. Enjoy...

5 May 2012

25 January 2013

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