Thursday, 19 December 2013

Time Banking NZ & International

Yes !!  There is Time Banking in New Zealand.  Here's some links that I just pulled up on Google Search: "Time Bank".  Add your location to this Search and see what comes up for you. If you can't find anything, think about setting up a Time Bank within your area. This is quite a good site to start on, particularly if you're in New Zealand. I'll add NZ links near the top with some international links following.  Enjoy researching "Time Banking".  I hope you find something that inspires....

Do you have a local Timebank? Join the forum to find out more!

Links:   Getting Started -  Starting a new Timebank

If you are passionate about starting up a Timebank, head to our Locate page first and make contact with the group nearest to you. You can also post a message here to let people know that you are keen to set up a new Timebank in your area, and join our Skype Group Calls. We have also complied our favourite Time Banking videos on YouTube here for you to enjoy!


28 Time Banks in NZ already:

Wellington NZ Time Bank:

New Brighton NZ Time Bank:

Dunedin NZ on Facebook:

Wanaka NZ Time Bank:

Otaki NZ Time Bank:

Sumner NZ "Bridge to Rocks Time Bank:

Lyttelton NZ Time Bank:
Lyttleton NZ Time Bank strategic management plan:

TimeBank Raglan:

International sites:

General information

Time Banking International - information  (USA site)

International site

Time Banking UK

On Twitter

Lathrup Village Time Bank   US. Nice site...

NZ Time Bank on Facebook:

West Tararua (Otaki)

Incomplete.... please search for your area...

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