Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What Is The Dream ??? Where Is The Illusion ???

Has anyone seen "The Truman Show"?

I had a dream Saturday night. 
It was a bad trip... 

I found myself in an instant where I was being woken up as if I were coming out of anesthesia. Everything was blurry- and bright color streaks brighter than the brightest rainbow left traces past everything I was seeing.

I had awareness that at that moment I was 
waking from a dream where my 
whole life had been an illusion. 

Just like in the Truman Show, where he Jim Carey realizes everyone has been watching his life on a movie screen. I felt so betrayed... 

Why didn't some one tell me? How could all of my life have been not real? It was like that one waking moment, where I was being told everything is ok... I am coming out of the illusion... was a total shock. 

Well, this was simply the truth of what is happening in our lives... 

I had to feel the betrayal and the feeling of waking up out of a manufactured illusion in order to know how the majority of people will feel when the truth about our lives is plastered all over the tv one day. It will be a real shock and some people will have all of the evidence before them and will not want to believe it. 


... A lie. 

It is up to us to help those people when the time comes to comfort them. Betrayal is a horrible feeling. It is like being stabbed in the gut. When it is our time to nurture and heal these people who will have to have the shock of the truth blasted upon them all at once, we must remember we are no better than them. We just volunteered to learn the truth ahead of time and to use our healing skills in order to help humanity. Once we get past this phase it can only get better. 

Did I already transmute some of that feeling by experiencing it?  Who knows...  I hope so. 

It took me hours to come back up to a higher vibration, but I did it.

In love and service- MW

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