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16 October 2013 Newsletter, NZ Green Party. FYI

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand        

Kia ora Bronny NZ
The National Government is driving us towards economic and environmental disaster.
Can you imagine what will happen if we don't take the wheel?
Around the country there is a growing realisation that we can have a smarter, greener, more compassionate New Zealand.
National's corrosive policies are seriously undermining our clean and green brand, our $9.6 billion a year tourist industry and our $25 billion a year food exports. Instead of protecting our environment and controlling greenhouse gas emissions, they're sinking New Zealand's future into out-dated fossil fuels that are causing climate chaos. And now their sights are set on our environmental protection law, the RMA.
There is no time to waste. It is up to you and me, and we have the momentum we need to make the change.
Together we can stand up for the Kiwi way of life: our innovative and intrepid nature, our optimistic outlook, our love of fair play and the great outdoors.
The Greens have a smart, sustainable economic policy. It will provide jobs, release us from fossil fuel dependency, save our rivers, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
Crucially, it will also restore New Zealand's chance to take a leading role in the greatest economic opportunity for generations. We have everything we need to be a vibrant, inspirational, cutting edge economy in the trillion-dollar market for renewable and clean technologies that is transforming our world.
That is a future to get excited about. It's based on a positive vision for the New Zealand oftomorrow. Help make it happen.

Dr Russel Norman

P.S. If you need another reason to change the government, watch this video from Question Time:

Mailing address 

PO Box 11-652, Wellington 6142
Telephone: +64 4 801 5102 

Authorised by Jon Field, Level 2, 17 Garrett Street, Wellington

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the Green Party. I don't actually believe in bi-partisan/ tri-partisan politics because I actually think elections/ electioneering detracts from governance. It is divisive and promotes competition and dualism.

Saying all that, I think the NZ Green Party holds the values that are closest to my own... I certainly don't agree with all things, eg: that humans are creating global warming. Planet Earth has warmed and cooled many times in her history. Humans DO need to clean up the ecological and environmental messes they are making however. We need to come into Absolute Respon-sibility of ALL that we DO as individuals and collectively. 

As you can see from this video, Mr Key is NOT prepared to take responsibility for the words that fall from his own mouth. That is NOT what I expect from the HIGHEST RANKED politician in the country. You disgrace yourself and you disgrace your fellow New Zealanders. You show yourself to be an arrogant fool. We are not so stupid as you think John. 'We see you'. Your days are certainly numbered...

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