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Andromedans: Alex Collier Interview. 1994.

These are notes from the Alex Collier interview that was made in 1994.

Part 1 - Andromedeans. Alex Collier, 1994   (click on the headings to hear the videos)

The Andromedans are a particular race that exist in the constellation of Andromeda. They are just one of thousands that exist out there. They are human. They have white to light blue skin and are from 4' to 8' tall. They migrated out of Lyra out of a war. They migrated to different parts of the galaxy. There is no life in Lyra now.  They are now living throughout the constellation of Andromeda. 

They have a unified, non-partisan governmental system. "The technology they create is based upon a spiritual necessity to evolve."  They don't even use time. They don't speak. They use symbols. Everyone is telepathic. There's a lot of life on the different dimensionality levels. The real difference between 3rd & 4th density is consciousness. You can more or less manifest whatever you want just through your thoughts. Everyone is clairvoyant. 

Due to this, our Court systems will change... because the Judge and the jury will all be clairvoyant so you will be judged by their energy. There will be no agendas.  We will know who we're dealing with instantaneously. 

Economy and social structures. Everyone is given exactly what they need to evolve. Everyone goes to school for 150 years. Education is in all of the Arts and Sciences.  The purpose is the evolution of the soul... and life. No crime.Their whole focus is on Education, not distraction.  Alex is not aware of any need to pay.

"Art" is creation to them... things that are created by Thought... by Nature, is their art.  "Music" is the sound of planetary systems going around the Sun. 

They don't have much need for sleep... They are "healed" so don't need sleep. They're happy. They don't have the extremes of emotion that we express here. They don't judge. They DO accept things the way they are. They seek to be the "best that they are". They seek to go from their densities of 4-5-6 and then to go to 7-8-9...  No-one knows what the ultimate spiritual goal is... They themselves are still searching for what God is. What they call it is "the IS-ness". It's just a force that's there. This is the energy that allows us to create. The 9-10-11th dimensional beings are pure consciousness. Just light... just light... just light.

They are all telepathic, they're all clairvoyant, they're all healers. They are whole. Every time they incarnate, they're consciously aware of.  If we were not manipulated for the last 5,700 years ago, we would have the same abilities... At an intense level, every day...  those from Orion started to change our DNA structure.

We are all spirit. We all have a soul. That soul has really been trying to be recognised in all of us. We have been unable to evolve due to being blinded by who we really are by our religions. Our spirit animates our physical forms. Period.

The Andromedan Council is a political body that is represented by 133 races, cultures and planetary systems. There are over 1,200 planetary races, not all are part of the Andromedan Council. Their goal is to facilitate the evolution of all forms of life. We are not moving in a direction we should be moving (1994). The goal is for all life forms to evolve according to the capacity of their consciousness.

There are all kinds of human races. These were engaged in a very long-standing war against a group known as the reptilian. All galaxies has groups that come together, to trade, to barter... They work in an 'unconditional love' type of space.

Their interaction with human beings began in 1980. It all revolved around the Pleaideans themselves. Contact began when humanity started to used nuclear weapons. The Pelaideans agreed to coming here to assist the consciousness of the planet. They did not want to take up the "warrior space" again. This lead to them not doing as much as what they needed to do.

The Andromedans asked the Pleaideans what the progress was. The Pleaideans were stymied because of the heavy karmic ties. It was decided that the Andromedans would continue the process on planet earth due to their neutrality which has been happening since 1980. There are other beings here from Syrius A and the Arcturians. 

They want our part of the galaxy to evolve. What's holding us back is our solar system. What's holding back our solar system is the consciousness of humanity on the Earth. The Earth herself as a spiritual wants to move into 4-5th density. But she can't yet because of the consciousness of humanity. For her to do this, humanity either has to either grow up, or humanity has to be moved - and get out of the way. 

We are becoming more 'collective' in our consciousness.

It is hoped we will experience a real leap in consciousness here. This needs to be done by 2001, by June to August.  Our realities are based in The Book of Revelation. We are creating our own demise. We are not taking responsibility for ourselves. The divine plan is one of Freedom. Any "saviour" who comes down here will take away the Freedoms... done by the greys and the Orions. The governments are lying to us: The greys have only been here for 59 years. If we asked of our own free will, "Will you save us?" then we have ASKED for it. And we've gotten exactly what we deserved. We keep looking outside of ourselves. This is why the Andromedans are so strong in telling us we to grow up and take responsibility for it.

Alex is in contact with two particular people from Andromeda -

Thessalias is very serious, and very benevolent - a sage, a wisdom-keeper, an incredible healer, he's very direct, very humble, very soft. When he moves into a room, the energy changes and people turn and acknowledge him... and bow. They are appalled by what is happening here on Earth that the Greys are doing. Alex also talks about Mornay. We are not judged by God... we judge ourselves on that... for all of the areas in our life where we didn't give enough love.  Mornay's wisdom:

"The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry."

Everybody on the Earth is from some place else. We all come from another time and place. All of the Energy that is here came from another universe through the black holes to this universe to continue our evolution here. Pleaideans and others have been going back in time to help prepare people for responsibilities ahead. People are really sensing change... They're being brought to a level that when the real truth hits them, they will be able to experience it, handle it and assimilate it for our good.

In 1985 there was information released... the greys, the Earth Agenda, our spirituality, religions, Earth Governments, Earths history, our genetic creations, the 22 races who have colonised Earth at one time or another who we share genetic racial memories with... And probably future events. The future is being created every day... and is being changed every day... We are creating it. 

When they communicate, flashes of light come from their third eye. It's like instantaneous sentences that are being communicated. There are universal gestures. They are very expressive and experience emotions, but not to the degree that we do.

They simply want us to disseminate information... And sort out the disinformation from what's real.

We have a real mess on our hands... There are three groups of extraterrestrials here on Earth that have agendas: The Greys Zeta Reticulans, the Giza Intelligence formerly of the Pleaides, the Reptilians from Alpha Draconis and the Orion Group. There are a lot of hidden agendas here.  eg:  the Drachonans did not evolve as a life-form in our universe - They were dumped here. They are smart, psychic, are builders... but they are bullies. They don't have to choose light or dark... They're a tough bunch. They're also responsible for the 600,000 year war which almost annihilated the human species everywhere in our galaxy. They don't show any remorse. Amongst these, there is a "class system" which is common in the non-benevolent or 'regressive' terrestrial structures - of workers, warriors, administrators/ priests and the hierarcy/ the royalty.  The Pleaideans used to be a part of their belief system as well.

There are 5 sub-species of Greys. Not all Reticulans are evil. The benevolent greys look like children. They have been so genetically altered by the Orion Group that they are dying... the can not reproduce. They are interested in us because they see us as a bridge to continue to propagate their race. The Andromedans say that the Reticulan race is due for extinction.

The Andromedans just want them all to leave... but that won't happen until we stop warring each other. When it comes down to it, all we have as a race is each other. The m.o. for all relationships in the Universe is: "No intervention with an evolving race."  The Greys got here in 1933. They approached Germany, but the Germans said 'No way'. Their next opening was in the U.S. They all have their own agendas.

Our governments are lying to us. They need to tell the people: "We need to raise our consciousness".

There are 21 other star systems, some at war with each other. There is now an uplifting of energy ~ The two positives: "Fear and Love" are banging away at each other. The intensity is growing, every single moment. Love is the answer... Love of Self, of Earth, of Race... It starts number one with ourselves. 

Our moon was brought here from Ursa Minor between 11 and 12 thousand years ago... as a base. It was abandoned for a long time but is now being used again.

They greys are trying to create a sub-race. They're not being very successful. One of the things they're looking for is to find the 'soul'. They also don't understand our extreme of emotion... There's a lot of emotional problems with that.

The Zeta Reticulans manipulated our governments. Many of our leaders are so 'implated' that they are part of the Grey group mind. The Andromedans see them as nothing more but clones. It is about the human race selling out their own race for their moment in glory... for technology that can take them to the moon... to mars... for their brief moment in the sun. 

If humanity makes a real commitment to create an environment of undonditional love, the greys will be forced to leave. The perceived 2nd Coming can be manipulated....  MAN wrote the Bible.  We have been lead down this path to become sub-serviant. We will not get it right unless we just do all this as a race.

Greed has control of the world. The people are selling out. If humans put their belief in a 'saviour', humanity will never be free again. We ourselves will not be able to break free. There is a window of time for us to make this leap and take responsibility for ourselves.  

Love. Brotherhood. We are a race. And we are being messed with. They are just mocking how stupid we are... and we're not stupid. We were never meant to live this way. Our strength will come from us standing up and saying, "No way."  None of this was right... "We don't want to live this way any more."

"We" are not the enemy. The "enemy" isn't human al all.  We are so neurotic about each other that we're not looking at who the enemy really is.  The order of hierarch is:  Alpha Draconis - The Orion Group - the Zeta Reticulans.  Your "weapon" with them is to stand firmly and tell them to not put that crap into your head.

There is no race better than others... We're all equal. We got into this mess in the first place by worshipping something outside of yourself. Don't let anyone give you power to manipulate you or be a tyrant over you. Your inner God-connection knows how to live. The Andromedans consider us 'royalty'.  We're the only ones in our galaxy who have this genetic make up, and who have the potential to do the things we can do, as a race.

The Hyperborean are colonisers, explorers, expanders. They arrive, they take what they want and then they move on. They have an underlying need to control, manipulate and dominate. 

We have great potential and much strength. A lot of it lies in the capacity of our emotion. We need to get really clear about what's real and what isn't, a getting clear that we are creating our own future. 

There are Alpha Draconians living here under the earth. They're not friendly. They're carnivorous. Their preference is children. There were 31,000 children who have vanished without a trace in the last 25 years in the U.S., ie: since 1970.  It's about Earth humans selling their race out. They don't like us... There's no need for us. They don't respect us at all.

The way we live in cities has cut us off from the land. This is not our true nature. More of us need to start taking the perspective of, "This just isn't right". 

Ask for help.

Ask questions.

It's part of the regressive alien plan to "keep us in jail".

The violence on TV is desensitising. We've been taught that violence is just a part of life.  

People need to take responsibility for what they want to create.

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