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E-Book: Ancient Aliens in Australia. Forgotten Origins of Humanity

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Ancient Aliens in Australia – Forgotten Origins of Humanity 

E-book: May 2013 release

In May 2013 we finally finished our part of a co-authored book on the involvement of extra-terrestrials in human history. Our part of this project would actually be something of a follow up to our first published book, released back in September of 2012, just three months before the end of the infamous Mayan 13th Bak´tun cycle on 21-12-2012. Our book was released with the unfortunate title of, `2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin – The Final 260 Days – Warnings from The Maya & The Pleiadians´   Go to this link for more information on the original release of this book.  Also, the first 3 chapters may be read on this link.

With the benefit of hindsight this was a very unwise title, of course it gave the impression the books information was limited in relevance only to the three months that would follow, and also some readers would assume it referred to the end of the world December 2012 meme. Subsequently, the book sales figures were a disaster, it never actually even made enough sales to cover the cost of the self publishing service we used. Worse than the financial pain (as I was already unemployed and in total poverty) was the pain of realising that our important messages had reached almost nobody at all. The truth was that although the book did contain information centred around the Mayan calendar and their prophecies, it also had a wealth of material that went well beyond that subject.  

Pleiadian Hybrid Mayan ruler

The truth was that the book's name was actually based on the name of my personal website  rather than being meant to target only the 2012 niche, the mention of a final 260 days was actually a reference to the last 260 day Tzolkin of the Long Count calendar before a new era began. The book was as much about what would come after this last Tzolkin ended on the 31st of March 2013, as it was about things happening during that nine month period. With a few badly selected words I had successfully sabotaged the sharing of my ten years of research work, as well as the cosmic message gathered from an advanced alien civilisation!

In our first book we explored some of our personal experiences with members of a race of extra-terrestrial, perhaps even other dimensional, humanoid beings known in Ufology lore as The Pleiadians. These interactions were not the central focus of the book, the focus being a warning to humanity about a coming series of potentially cataclysmic Earth changes. The Pleiadians were explained to be one of the main sources for our information, the primary source being my personal research. The aim of combining my research with the warnings received from the Pleiadians, was that together they gave a more complete message to an unsuspecting public on the matter of the radical Earth changes that were already well under-way. We did not go to much into the Pleiadians themselves or their back-story of involvement with Earth over countless millennia nor our own bizarre and intimate relationship with that back-story. Partly the omissions were due to the fact the book was compiled as hastily as possible during a period of extreme stress and upheaval in the personal lives of the two authors...

The whole publishing experience, in fact almost everything that happened from December 2011 through to December 2012, left us both very disillusioned and depressed about the whole thing of being involved with trying to warn humanity of problems ahead. We had undergone a harrowing list of trials and tribulations, some of which directly related to the book project, and in the end it had reached perhaps a few hundred people and had cost us the last money we had to survive from. What had been the point in the hundreds of supernatural events we had experienced, or the syncronous provision of vital data on so many occasions or indeed the unexpected direct engagement with us by an advanced alien race? Was it all just a cosmic joke? We had no good answers to our fair questions, but as far as we were concerned our job was done to the best of our abilities in the circumstances and we would do our best to forget the whole thing. Instead of doing any more work on the matter we decided to just get on with family life... 

The Universe is a funny place, and it does some pretty sneaky things at times, it is not always for us to know where our paths are leading to. Indeed we never really know what the big divine plan is for our little lives on Earth. Sometimes what seems like a failure can actually be a door opening towards a new opportunity of advancement. So it was then that directly due to our book, by means of one kind reader, we were put in touch with two well established ancient mysteries researchers based in Australia. Steven Strong and Evan Strong are the father and son team behind and also the writers of two books published through University Press of America, Constructing a New World Map and Mary Magdalene´s Dreaming

The Strongs have spent many years working in the arena of forbidden history, with a special focus on the true origins of homo-sapiens and scientifically debunking the generally accepted out-of-Africa theory for development of modern human beings. In late 2012 things had changed for them, they had finally jumped the academic fence very publicly on the controversial matter of ancient aliens, this after years of pressure to do so from their sources in the indigenous communities of Australia. In fact the aliens they were talking about were specifically humanoids from the Pleiades.

The possibility of a collaborative project between us and the Strongs was discussed in a Skype meeting held by the four of us at the end of 2012. We could all see that there was something unique about combining their more left brained material, with our more right brained material. With this book project came the opportunity for us to share some of the missing data from our rushed first book release, especially facts about the Pleiadian beings themselves. 

The Strongs were tasked with presenting the wealth of scientific material that showed modern human beings had been in Australia for over 100,000 years, and that those indigenous people have an aural history of having come from the Pleiades, which seemed also to be supported by archaeological evidence. Our task would be to present our own more subjective evidence regarding alien beings from the Pleiades being directly involved in the development of humanity, starting with their involvement in Australia and following through until present. This would include our asserting that Pleiadian´s had manipulated the genetics of the human species at times in the ancient past. 

Unlike the first part of the book with its evidence coming from research, our part would be almost entirely our first person witness testimonies. Since our childhoods, Daniella and I have both had thousands of supernatural (we prefer supernormal) experiences, many of these involved non-human beings. Most importantly a large number of these unusual experiences, especially from February 1st 2012 onwards, have involved Pleiadians...

Perhaps the most interesting parts of the story of Pleiadian involvement in ancient Australia come from two primary sources, the first is the indigenous peoples of that country by way of their traditional aural history in which it is stated they had originally come from the Pleiades, the second is from ancient engravings in stone of space craft at a site known as Kariong, located near Gosford, New South Wales. Between these two primary sources a consistent history emerges that tells of a spacecraft that arrived on Earth from the Pleiades, many hundreds of millennia ago...  The aural history and the archaeology meshed perfectly.

History beyond 6000 years ago is rather like a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces scattered across the floor, in fact when you go much beyond that point of time more and more of the pieces are damaged badly or missing completely. When trying to reconstruct really ancient history it is extremely hard to place the few remaining pieces into all the correct places and reveal a meaningful picture. What we can say of this pre-history is that there is some remaining archaeological evidence, and some aural and written history or mythology, suggesting that human beings as we know them today lived on Earth sometime prior to one million years ago....  [What followed is] often referred to as the "great fall of man".

As the hard evidence for this great fall is now scant due to the ravages of time, I ask only for an open minded consideration for this pre-historic history, not an absolute acceptance and belief...

The book that we are proud to offer to the world is thus a blend of hard evidence resulting from deep scientific research and material gained from less tangible sources... 

We are left with the rather frustrating situation of knowing for sure that these beings have been on Earth since the remotest times, and that they are still involved here today... 

For now we simply offer most of the information we have gathered and present it with the suggestion to examine it with an open but critical mind... We do know locations where absolute proof can be found.

This new book is largely intended to assist with the alien disclosure movement already growing momentum in the world today, as well as present further evidence for the ancient aliens theory now gaining greater acceptance. 

Beyond these primary aims we remain in the unenviable role of needing to publicly present two distinct warnings:
  • one being that a major cyclical natural cataclysm is approaching this world
  • hostile extra-terrestrial beings are still on Earth, now hidden behind the human face of the so-called 'secret government' that group publicly known as the New World Order. It is our understanding that these nefarious human beings and their alien masters need to be exposed and removed from power before the worst of the Earth changes descend upon us all. 

I do not know if we can accomplish our four enormous tasks, realistically very few of Earth's seven billion residents will ever read this book, and of those that do probably only a few will take it all as seriously as we would wish them to. I am hopeful that all readers will at least come away with expanded minds and much to inspire them, and that some of those people will do actions that will make major differences to the plight of humanity at this crucial time. 

One person really can make an enormous difference if they happen to be at just the right place at just the right time. For all I know maybe you are the only person this book needs to reach!

Clearly the University Press of America would never publish a book that suggested the modern humans in Australia (if not all over the planet) were the result of direct interference in the evolution of the human species by an external agency that arrived on Earth from the Pleiades star cluster. Such controversial material would have to be shared by an alternate means. Our own experience with self publishing through a corporate entity was extremely painful and not something we wish to repeat. Thus we have collectively agreed to make our book release in the form of an e-book, cutting out the need for any publishers. The release is imminent and orders will be processed directly through the writers' respective websites...

[Please go to '2012 Rising' for further details]

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