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There Was Meddling In The Swedish Election !!! #NotRussia! #InsideJob

That's one angry Viking. Find out why...

Red Ice TV - Published on Sep 10, 2018 - A breakdown of the suspicious details and meddling surrounding the Swedish election on Sunday 9 September 2018.

DISGUSTING !!! There Was Meddling In The Swedish Election. Swedes wake up! Swedes speak out. Don't let this rest !!

An EU overseer called the Swedish (SE) election the most undemocratic he has ever seen.

See the full article on
  • missing ballot papers
  • volunteers from various parties pushed their ballot papers towards voters as they went into the building to vote. ie: very public and coerced!
  • Ballots for "dangerous parties" had been disposed of - put in the bin
  • Nationalistic-conservative party ballots were binned
  • Physical threat !!​ A pregnant woman was threatened to have her head bashed in and be killed.
  • Tribal or collectivized voting - run by a ringleader
  • Dual citizens not living in Sweden are eligible to vote by going to their local overseas SE consulate.
  • Voters' identity documents had already been used to cast a vote without their knowledge. They were then turned away from being able to vote.
  • "Safety concerns" regarding public observation of the vote count. Vote counting forums removed !!
  • Two websites that had published articles about the potentiality of there being vote tampering both had their sites removed from the internet! 
  • What has been the affect on the Swedish vote? Unknown. And there will be no investigation. - HP

Something was not right with this election. There were certainly undemocratic activities going on. There were definitely acts of fraud. The election should be declared illegitimate and the election should be rerun with better oversight. We should press on this issue. More eyes are needed. Clearly, Sweden cannot trust its "volunteers". The biggest evidence for vote tampering is this:

"Did Swedes really vote for more car arsons, more rape and sexual harassment, more crime, use of hand grenades against police, and so on? I don't think so! I don't believe Swedes would have wanted these things to be the legacy we are giving our children." - Henrik Palmgren. Red Ice TV

Please see the full article here on Anastasia Europa >

Ballot papers in Sweden

In Sweden, the ballot papers are set out like this in public. The different colors are for the different parties. It is therefore plain to your partner, family, friends and casual observers who you are casting your vote for. You will be derided and ostracized in Swedish society if you pick a ballot for the "wrong party". This is crazy! Truly...

Good people have had to actually leave Sweden and go and live somewhere else when their thinking has not been the consensus thinking of the group! Ref: Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist who was forced out of her Swedish homeland and now lives in Denmark, because of stalking, harassment and the damage to her property by native white Swedes! This is madness. Sweden is not a place where you can easily hold a different opinion  #GroupThink  (see a break-down under the video, below).

This is not a free democracy !!!  This is "cast your vote based on social coercion". It's crazy!

Here's what a ballot paper in the rest of the developed world looks like. Why do Swedes think they have a public right to look in on somebody else's personal decisions? That is not the democracy I know !!

Groupthink - A short introduction

MinuteVideos - Published on Jun 8, 2016

Group-think is a psychological phenomena where we agree with other people just to keep the harmony of the group, even though in secret we don't agree with them. In this video we explain the 8 symptoms of group-think, so you can spot and avoid them in your own life. We've also put together a little study resources page from this video. Check it out on

1. Illusion of invulnerability -
The feeling of certainty when you start a new project and the belief that everything you do will surely work out. This bias means you don't adequately assess the risk of the task you are about to embark on.

eg: When Swedish politicians believe their country is invulnerable to the violence of a culture and religion that is completely unlike their own.

2. Stereotyping Others -
The Idea that others are all the same and could never succeed at what you're trying to do.

eg: When Swedish politicians think their country is "so special" that it won't fall victim to the onslaughts of an incoming hoard of people with a culture and religion that explicitly states: "kill the infidel" - meaning "kill non-Muslims".

3. Self-censorship -
Not saying what you think because you don't want to be an outcast and preserve harmony in the group.

eg: When ordinary Swedish people who have very good common sense on this issue, don't disagree with the above consensus of their politicians.

4. Illusion of unanimity -
The idea that everyone in your group surely agrees with you!

eg: When the Swedish media, their politicians, their judicial system, the immigration system, police, nurses, teachers... all project the idea that welcoming a Muslim hoard (a religion, not a race) into their territory is absolutely safe, then ordinary Swedish people think that everyone is thinking this same thing: "That it is perfectly safe to do so."

5. Unquestioned belief -
The idea that your plan will surely workout and disregarding obvious signs that it wont.

eg: When Swedish politicians, their judicial system, the immigration system, police, nurses, teachers, etc. refuse to look at what might go wrong.

6. Direct Pressure -
Pressuring other members in your group to agree with you as soon as you realise that they might have different ideas.

eg: When Swedish voters go to the polling station and they suddenly are faced with a decision to choose a party ballot who the rest of their family and friends totally hate and disagree with. Or is it that those family and friends simply take this position to hate and disagree based on a thinking that says: "All people hate and disagree with that party"? They only "hate and disagree" because they believe that all people hate and disagree #GroupThink  >> Worlds of illusion within worlds of illusion. 

7. Rationalizing -
Finding reasons to agree with an idea, even though you don't really agree with it, just to avoid a conflict with the group.

eg: When Swedes meet together with other Swedes on social occasions and don't want to upset the dominant group-think - so they simply appear to go along with the consensus. How ironic if everyone in the room is doing this, when actually, in actual fact, everyone might fully disagree... But Swedish group-think is so strong that nobody, not anyone in the social group is prepared to state directly, what they really think.

8. Mindguard -
Mindguards are those people in a group who make sure that no-one who could disturb the agreement of the group will be permitted to come into the group and introduce "other" ideas.

eg: It's better in Sweden to have ex-ISIS fighters representing a left-wing political party (S) and let them publish propaganda pieces about nationalism-oriented parties (SD), than what it is to allow native Swedes to publicly state that they don't think it's a good idea to allow people of a religion and culture to stay in their midst whose underlying modus operandi is to kill all people who don't convert to that religion. 

These are the sad results of Swedish group-think. 
It truly is very sad. 

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