Thursday, 27 September 2018

LIVE: Brett Kavanaugh vs. rape accuser Christine Blasey Ford senate hearing - Deeply emotional @ 1.50 hours in. You're going to need your tissue box : (

Here is a man who is exposing the most personal parts of his life - his relationship to his parents, his social and sporting life as a young person, the fact that he remained a virgin well after leaving high school... In his words: "a matter of respect, faith, and caution".

This man is in a world of pain, all because the evil people in the Democrat Party cannot accept that their candidate in 2016 lost !!  ... And now this man and his family has to pay, because Hillary Rodham Clinton and her network of pedophiles, child traffickers and money launderers are about to be fully exposed in the highest law courts in the land? You're kidding me, right?

This shows how low the Democrats are willing to stoop to hinder the process of exposing their vile corruption. They are indeed - vile !!

NOW !!  September 27, 2018

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