Wednesday 10 May 2017

HUNGARY an EXEMPLAR for the West. Co-creating kin's domains. Our New Earth !!

A MESSAGE FROM HUNGARY by Szilard Engelhardt

- sent May 10, 2017 Hungary time >> Buddha's birthday :)

Szilard: I just wanted to let you know: at present I have my focus on the connections to our family domain neighborhood [kin's domain village] and other networks in Hungary, rather than online. My intentions with my YouTube channel are also changing as I grow in understanding of my mission.

To cut a long story short: I feel this year is bringing a lot of change where we live - we try to do our best to actively shape the emerging love realities in Hungary. And I hope we can let the world know what is going on on our side just to inspire others and keep connection globally.

Today we had this cafe event "Wednesday Cafe" and we were very happy to know that others from around the globe are with us.

Heartfelt blessings from our family domain,


Bron's reply: Thank you so much for your message Szilard. I know what you say is true... "my focus on the connections to our family domain neighborhood and other networks in Hungary".

That's right my dear friend !! You there in Hungary - the 1/2 way point between Russia and the West - are the direct intermediary for the whole of the western world and the New World. You have a heavy load to bear...

You are our exemplar !! By you showing us what to do, we can follow in your footsteps. Without you, we are left wandering in the dark forests. So it is very important for "Terra Animam" to push on through to new heights not seen before - with connection to each other, love, activities, political actions and laying the foundations for bringing the Free Land legislation into your parliament... For the people (readers) of Hungary to come together in ways not seen yet >> to become the fire and power-house for western countries to become activated !!

By your most EXCELLENT example, we too in the west will EXCEL !! Thank you all in Hungary Ännie​, Christoph​, Yella​ and you all, for choosing to come here at this time and leading the way. We follow your example and the example of our brothers and sisters in Russia who are living in many 1000s of kin's domain villages already 🙂 We follow you on this path... a good path... a very good path ❤ ❤

Love Bron xxx

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An aerial view of kin's domains - 1 hectare family land plots in Hungary.


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