Thursday 30 March 2017

Kin's domain - Space of Love. President Trump shows the way !!

An open letter to President Donald Trump
Published March 29, 2017

Please copy the text of this letter and adapt it for your own country.
Please send your letter to the politicians in your country who oversee the Environment and Housing.
Thank you.


Dear President Trump,

You are a very powerful man. That is why I am speaking to the Man in you, the man that will change our future. You know that our country is very beautiful, that’s why I believe you love it so much. How much more so would it be if we were able to make it even more beautiful! I know you have an eye for beauty, that’s why you married your beautiful wife and have created many beautiful properties.

I’ll cut to the chase here: we need to create beautiful family estates for everyone. We can call them Kin’s Domains. Each Kin’s Domain will range from 2.5 to 3.5 acres and will belong to Family Communities of 375 acres that are managed by an elected government official. Each small parcel of land will be given to a US applicant based on a lottery system. It will be given tax free on a trial period of five years. After five years, if the owner has not used the land for the purpose of growing food, then the land will be given back to the elected government official for redistribution.

Every Kin’s Domain may have full grown trees, surrounding hedges, a pond, houses and outbuilding, gardens, orchards, meadows, with full access to plumbing, electricity, and roads. In this way a family or single owner may provide our nation with top-grade food products that can be sold locally and we will have a completely self-reliant and sustainable nation. Not dependent on foreign products!

I do not know your political relations with President Vladimir Putin, but I trust it is a good one. Putin has already passed a law granting free parcels of land to Russian citizens in the Far East. This will happen all around the world. Why not let America be one of the leaders, if not the ultimate leader in this grand dream? I propose that you let Oregon be a pilot testing ground for this work, starting with 375 acres. If it succeeds, then other parcels of land can be started right away and we can make this country beautiful again! Please see the attached law proposal, modified and edited from the book “The New Civilisation” by Vladimir Megre.

Administrator of "Kins Domains Network Oregon"

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