Monday 2 May 2016

"Russia is the Hope of the World" - Edgar Cayce


Russia brought in a new law in January 2015. People born in Russia can now claim 1 hectre of land (2.4 acres) for free. No charge. Those people need to show they are using that land to create a business or small market garden within a five year period. When you have had your five year check, you are free to continue your enterprise on your free land. If you have done nothing on the land by the time the five year check happens, somebody else will be given the land.

Anastasia's dream for humanity is coming true. Russia first, and then other nations around the world will follow, when they see what a success this project is. The "Free Hectare Act" passed in every country, will stop state dependency, unemployment, general apathy of life, and other social ills. When people have land, they are free to create. We are creators !!  Giving the people back their land is such an obvious solution.

Co-create with your bright thoughts today through the Science of Imagery, your own government passing the same legislation for your own country. Do this today. Join with others all over the world, Co-creating our bright future on land that has been returned to us by our own governments. Continue to visualize this happening. Do it every day, until it happens.

"Slow and steady wins the race"

Don't let anything deter you from creating this visualization in your mind, every day.

"My government is now writing legislation that gives every family 2.5 acres (1 hectare) of free land that is mine to keep. I understand I will need to set up an enterprise of some kind on my land, and this is fine as well. I accept my free land right now with a grateful heart. Thank you Anastasia for sending bright thought out into the world. Thank you for your dream. Thank you for teaching us how to make this happen and for us to co-create this outcome, together. We love you. From the people of the world."

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