Saturday 28 November 2015

"Who Is Involved In The Hampstead Cult Cover Up?" May 2015

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 Video"Who Is Involved In The Hampstead Cult Cover Up?"
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Video Published on May 7, 2015
A look at the individuals possibly connected to the police and judicial cover-up of the Hampstead SRA case. This video explains further information about the allegations of abuse at Finchley Lido and looks at the way that the UK mainstream media have savagely attacked Ella Draper and Abraham Christie without looking clearly at the facts. The video contains excerpts from the children's ABE interviews with Barnet police and other relevant content.

For further information on the case, visit:

Warning: Not For Children...Although not visually graphic, this video contains references to child sexual abuse, violence and murder. The children's identities have been disguised although the original videos are freely available on the web for further investigation.

Ella Draper has been forced into hiding whilst Dearman remains free, due to a travesty of justice perpetuated by abusers and a parasitic group of corrupt officials in the United Kingdom. The children are being held against their will by Social Services and are denied access to their innocent mother and loving Russian grandparents.

Unbelievably, their father (said to be the cult leader and their main abuser) is allowed contact despite the allegations by his children that he is a child pornographer and sadistic killer.

Acknowledgements to LBC Radio,,, Platos Cave, GeorgeGreek Tucker YouTube channels and Alfred Lambremont Webre for clips.


Here's a video that talks about the  "Who is involved..." video being blocked by YouTube...


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