Monday 23 November 2015

U.S Veterans offered houses: Incentives to continue "the war on terror" ??

These comments were by TC, USA.

Reportedly, 2,500,000 Americans were deployed to Afghanistan and/or Iraq to fight the fraudulent "War on Terror", which was based on the proven false flag of 9/11 and a pack of lies about WMDs. 6,607 of those 2,500,000 enlistees died in action. That's sad.

But 6,607 is approximately 0.26% of 2,500,000, slightly over ¼ of 1% death rate for fighting a war of aggression on behalf of a cabal of ruthless, murderous criminals and their transnational military-industrial complex. Still, it's slightly better than working for a commercial fishing operation, where the annual death rate is approximately 0.28%, and probably many commercial fishermen have to work a lot harder than most US soldiers.

The really big difference is that US soldiers attack sovereign nations, destroy infrastructures, important cultural facilities and cultural/historical landmarks. They destroy neighborhoods, leave children, women and men maimed, murdered, orphaned or widowed and homeless — all "just following orders" of course. However, fishermen are primarily only a terror to fish. US soldiers leave behind depleted uranium and white phosphorus, causing untold generations of cancers and birth defects. Fishermen leave behind Flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict — kind of a mess for anyone living in or near the oceans, but some of it actually becomes homes for sea creatures. And, fishermen bring back food for the marketplace, whereas US soldiers bring back only depression, ugly stories and higher (fraudulent) "national debt".

So many young people get out of high school or college and having no real direction for their lives — "out of college, money spent, see no future, pay no rent, all the money's gone, nowhere to go..." For whatever reasons, they have no marketable skills, no plans and no helpful connections, but they know they need to do something, so they look at their options.

They look at commercial fishing and see that there's no experience necessary, on the job training, free room and board while you're working and nothing to spend your money on while you're out at sea, so you can return to port with a pretty nice bundle of cash. The risks are higher than most jobs, but hey, if you'd really wanted a cushy job, you would have prepared for it, right? And anyway, it's an adventure. You have a much greater chance of returning home alive and whole than you do of dying or getting injured.

I know some personally who signed up with a fishing outfit and came back from their first voyage injured and disabled — though I've known others who've spent years at sea with no major harm to their own persons, some very old men who have never done anything but commercial fishing, and they still have all their body parts as well as very nice homes overlooking the harbor.

I've also known a good number of young people who chose rather to enlist to fight the fraudulent, illegal, immoral, unconstitutional wars of aggression. Most have returned home, some seemingly okay (alive, have all their body parts and are able to work and cope with life) Many, however, came home addicted to pharmaceuticals, feeling broken, miserable, feeling both guilty and betrayed as well as deceived and misled.

Before enlisting, they should have looked at the mountains of absolute proof that this "War on Terror" is nothing but an absolute murderous fraud, planned long before the 9/11 false flag "attack". But hey, how many of us look before we leap?

Our moral question is: Should we buy houses for the returning vets? Should we add one more incentive to encourage young people to sign up with the transnational military-industrial slaughter machine rather than something more useful to Americans at home? Should we buy houses for young people who'll agree to spend two years fishing, or logging, or waste management or other relatively dangerous jobs that require no experience and provide on-the-job training?

Or should we rather warn the boys and girls before they enlist? You won't be "fighting for our freedoms". You won't be "helping people to overcome tyrannical rule." You won't be "spreading democracy". You won't even be "avenging America for 9/11" or "preventing future terrorist attacks". You'll be stealing land and resources on behalf of and for the benefit of the wealthiest people in the world. You'll be supporting and protecting the heroin trade. You'll be murdering and maiming men, women and children who have never done anything to harm the United States of America and have never posed any serious threat to us. And no, I won't encourage you to make this horrible decision. Better you should drive a taxi.

I totally support anyone willing to put his or her life on the line to defend his or her home and county. That's why I refuse to lie to them. 9/11 was an inside job, proven well beyond any sensible shadow of doubt. We were traumatized and lied into the fraudulent "War on Terror". The United States has been seized and is now controlled by the Rothschild Cabal, a network of the wealthiest people on the planet. The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights has been trampled by one sellout president after another, to the point that is no longer in effect. With the treasonous, fraudulently named "Patriot Act", NSA spying on every American, CIA controlled mainstream media, NDAA, DHS and with TSA sexually groping grandmas and grandchildren, the America that I grew up believing in, no longer exists. Any true patriot should not fight the patriots of other countries, he/she should be fight the real enemies and take back our country.


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