Friday 6 November 2015

Britain and Saudi Arabia was behind the Russian airline downing.

British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) and Saudi Arabia's Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf (2nd L). © Sergei Karpukhin
Published time: 30 Oct, 2015 16:46

Article by Syrian Perspective:

DAMASCUS:  The hushed rumors are now being disclosed to persons like myself, and, therefore, to my readers.  There is a deeply held Russian suspicion that the crash of the Russian airliner over the Sinai as it took off from Sharm Al-Shaykh was the work of none other than Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan, the Deputy Heir Apparent and the “Minister of Defense” for the imploding kingdom of mental squalor.  That’s right.  When this arrogant little pimp left the office of President Putin, in Socchi, he mumbled a threat which was recorded by the Russian minders in the building.  The best effort at decrypting it produced a threat to punish Russia for its help to Dr. Assad and to pay Mr. Putin back for the rude treatment the prince received.   I will be updating all of you on this curious development.  But, you can always say you read it first right here at SyrPer.
In the meantime, the British Press is making a big deal out of a pronouncement from the Ministry of Defense that the Russian Metrojet was downed by an IED placed on board, probably at Sharm Al-Shaykh.  What the British are doing is giving cover to a bomb placed on the passenger jet by an agent of the Saudi regime.  That agent received the bomb from a British contractor to the Saudi General “Intelligence” Directorate.  The bomb is believed to have been designed around a barometric triggering device which is technology not available yet to ISIS.  Nonetheless, the British liars are kiting this story in an effort to anticipate the results of the investigation which will prove that the plane was downed by a bomb.  It smells of British.  It was a British operation.
Don’t pay any attention to the coordinated Western effort to deflect attention from the Saudis who are definitely behind this operation.  CNN, also, is referring to ISIS as the culprit.  They are a part of the same boring cabal of Zionist-controlled media.  What they won’t tell you is that the captain and the crew of the plane could not communicate their plight for the reason that the plane was severed in midair by an explosion of C-4 ignited by a barometric device. The explosion cut the plane’s hydraulics and all wiring for communication.  Even the transponder was vaporized in the conflagration.  The passengers were killed nearly instantly.  Saudi Arabia will pay for this.


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