Monday 2 November 2015

U.S.A. "assets" aka "ISIS" now overtaken by Russia and allies

October 28 2015 update. LISTEN to Alternative media. Subscribe to this channel and please donate. I am not a beneficiary in any way of donations to We Are Change independent news... but I heartily support the work of this journalist and this network. Please give financial support so they can bring us the Truth as it happens. Thank you all... Please SHARE this very important news. This is the turning of the tide upon planet Earth.

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Very important. Please SHARE this latest update about "ISIS" and the failure of the U.S. hegemony and their Middle East plan !!

WE are the "new media". The "old media" is going to tell us 'squat'. It's up to us... to each one of us to disseminate the Truth out into the world. This is not going to appear on the 6 o'clock news. Please, YOU... spread this TRUTH far and wide because CNN, ABC, BBC and Fox have no intention of telling The People the Truth !! It's up to WE, ourselves.

Please SHARE these links to your Facebook Groups especially where you have a much larger audience compared to simply sharing to your own Fb Timeline... which is a bit of a waste of time, actually.

Process:  Share to YOUR Timeline, then Share to 10 of your Fb Groups from your own Timeline. For further instructions how to do this, please go to the link here. This is how we counter the propaganda and disinformation of the MSM. It will take all of our efforts - not just a few of us. Join with the few of us and please SHARE. Thanks.


How Russia Just Won and Took Over The Middle East

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