Friday 9 October 2015

We ARE FREE When...

We are FREE of the Kabbal when we are paying no taxes, no rates, no mortgages; when we choose no longer to receive a slave-wage; when we have each personally increased our creative outputs; when everyone is growing and has access to free-from pesticide-fungicide-herbicide organic food; when everyone is accessing natural therapies; when no more fracking is being done to Mother Earth, no more mining, no more wars... when clean water is available for all; when "proper" housing is achieved for all as suitable for a location, eg: earth tunnel houses underground are cool for hot climates (as in outback Australia);  education systems which are not "education" towards finding a slave-wage "job"...  

We are FREE of the Kabbal when EVERYONE is contributing from their Creative talents, Intellectual aptitude, Learned skills, and Natural capacities - UBUNTU Contributionism !!

... THEN, we will have "made it"

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