Friday 9 October 2015

Heal your body with WATER !! >> Black Mica


I've just watched this presentation... have you heard of this before? I hadn't. This is linked through

The video is around 30 minutes long... and very much worth every minute. Fascinating stuff !!  There's lots of good science background in this video, leading research center interviews and findings, and personal testimonies.

- on NewsWire
June 4, 2014

Black Mica:
- developed over 20+ years by a Japanese physicist/micro-biologist
- thoroughly tested, including at the Hippocrates institute, U.S.

Water filtration does not remove most heavy metals or micro-organisms. Black Mica does

Here's the website links and the order form:

As you see, the prices listed on the above links are the "regular" prices. There's discounts if you go through the David Icke link:

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