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"Police and military who refuse the vaccine should be fired!" - Resident Joe Biden. Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec


Human Events Daily - October 22, 2021

"The Universal Antidote" works against C-19, etc, etc.. Known about by NASA since 1987 !! @17:00 No Coincidences.


October 233, 2021 on Rumble

The Universal Antidote website

Full documentary here on Rumble

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Vax mandate USA October 18 deadline. FORCED end of employment firefighters, paramedics, nurses, pilots, police officers.

 "October 18 was the deadline to be fully vaccinated or face termination." 
- Dylan Lindberg, Seattle Washington USA.  
    Fox News video - October 24, 2021

Newborn babies are dying. "All the mothers of those babies received Covid jabs during gestation..." - Dr Scott McLachlan


Screenshot from this video


Dr Scott McLachlan @Dr_ScottMc on Twitter

"I have just had a conversation with an upset midwife in a large 8000+ births per year hospital delivery unit.  They have had a cluster of babies this month who have been born seemingly healthy, but died within 48-72 hours from pulmonary haemorhage.

Coincidental anecdotal observation that I am going to look into...

All the mothers of the cluster of babies received Covid jabs during gestation...

I don't like coincidence.

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Friday, 22 October 2021

Reply from the office of MP Jamie Strange penned by Comms Adviser Tom Rowland (he/him) on October 20, 2021 (NZ)

Please see two earlier correspondences to the office of Jamie Strange that are published on this blog:

A letter to my local politician, Hamilton East, New Zealand. Please feel free to use this letter as a template.

Where are the human trials for the Pfizer vaccine? Email to my local politician MP for Hamilton East Jamie Strange

If you click on the photo you will see the text better...

Copy-pasted below for visitors to this website who need to translate the above text on the screenshot.

Jamie Strange Out of Parliament Support

to me

Good afternoon Bronwyn


Thank you for emailing the office of Jamie Strange.


In regards to being blocked from Jamie’s social media – Jamie takes a strong stance to allowing conversation and only blocks on rare occasions. The misinformation in regards to the Pfizer Vaccine roll-out which is being used to save countless lives and not overwhelm the country’s hospital would be one of those reasons.


Medsafe (New Zealand’s regulatory agency) has an continues to review all data available on the Pfizer vaccine and Medsafe is satisfied with the safety profile of the vaccine. It is a vaccine that has been used across the world and is preventing serious symptoms and/or death.


Thank you for sharing your own concerns around the vaccination – however the Government is confident in their own official research and it is good to see those that have been fully vaccinated are not needing hospital care in New Zealand.


Ngaa mihi,


Tom Rowland (he/him)

Member Support and Communications Adviser

P   07 8396803

Office of Jamie Strange Member of Parliament

Private Bag 18 888 | Parliament Buildings | Wellington 6160 | New Zealand

Authorised by Jamie Strange, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6011

My reply...


to Jamie

Hello Tom (he/him),

Thank you for your timely reply. I am indeed a "rare" specimen - a researcher and a blogger. I take no personal offense at being blocked by Jamie. I really don't care. It simply reinforces to me that Jamie is incapable of engaging in a rational debate: A set of skills that are fundamental in his role as MY representative here in Hamilton East. Hardly reassuring.

There's still an elephant in the room my friend...  Where are the human trials? You haven't provided any links.

How can my questions and concerns be construed as "misinformation" when you can't even provide evidence for human trials? Not logical. How do you know the Pfizer roll out is saving lives? Covid mortality rate is extremely low. Even with bogus numbers being reported in many country, Worldometers' stats show a mortality rate of only 2% of people who report as having Covid, or end up in hospital with symptoms.

I myself have contracted Covid 8 times in Sweden through my partner's workplace (an IT affiliate with China, where this virus originated), which now means I have a very robust immune system. Incidentally, where is the test for anti-bodies in NZ? Another little "oversight" of the NZ government ??  I am aged 60, weigh 100 kgs (height 155cm) and I have breast cancer. Should I not be dead given that I have all of these co-morbidities? One would have thought so given the alarmist Covid-19 rhetoric heard every day on NZ TV channels and other media networks. All we hear is: "Get your shot! Get your vaccine now, or you will die!" What a load of bollocks. Target group to die with Covid-19 is people over 80 years old. That's a fact. And yet, the Ardern administration is now trying to target children with a vaccine that has had zero human trials done! How stupid really can a group of supposedly bright individuals be? - including those who operate Medsafe.

You say that Medsafe is satisfied with the safety profile of the vaccine? Then why are so many pilots falling out of the sky with issues such as strokes (blood clots) as reported in the USA, after they'd had the Covid-19 vaccine?

THOUSANDS OF FLIGHTS CANCELLED AS VACCINATED PILOTS FALL ILL OR DIE - July 2021. Again, plenty of time for Medsafe and Professor Michael Baker to have a good look into this. It's a problem, don't you think? 


Lt. Col. Long wrote: “Today I received word of one fatality and two ICU cases on Fort Hood; the deceased was an Army pilot who could have been flying at the time. All three pulmonary embolism events happened within 48 hours of their vaccination. I cannot attribute this result to anything other than the Covid 19 vaccines as the source of these events. Each person was in top physical condition before the inoculation and each suffered the event within 2 days post vaccination.”

Why do you think commercial pilots all over the USA are now out on strike, following the US's vaccine mandates?
The vaccine is not safe! That's why.

On Friday, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) filed a lawsuit asking that a federal judge “temporarily block the company from carrying out federally mandated coronavirus vaccinations until an existing lawsuit over alleged U.S. labor law violations is resolved,” according to Bloomberg.

“The new vaccine mandate unlawfully imposes new conditions of employment and the new policy threatens termination of any pilot not fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021,” the legal filing said.“Southwest Airlines’ additional new and unilateral modification of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement is in clear violation of the RLA.”

Hardly "satisfactory" as you put it. Medsafe are remiss. They are not looking at a broad spectrum of data, clearly.

How do you know that people who are fully vaccinated are NOT ending up in hospital? Who would know? It only takes one whistleblower doctor or nurse to break the silence, put all on the line and walk away from their job. Early days yet. The truth will trickle out eventually. Of that we can all be sure.

I don't consider my questions answered with a recitation of your talking points Tom (he/him). The fact that you are more obsessed with your personal pronouns rather than looking at the evidence of what people all over the world are reporting, re: adverse consequences of this vaccine, tells its own silly little story. You want me to trust you? You've got to be kidding.

Please provide links to the human trials.


Thursday, 21 October 2021

Is there evidence that natural exposure immunity to COVID virus is similar or superior to vaccine-induced immunity?

Paul Alexander
October 15, 2021

Authored by Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, MD, and Dr. Peter McCullough, MD

I argue for the superiority of natural immunity over the narrow ‘spike-specific’ immature immunity conferred by the COVID injections.  Yet you can assess the available body of evidence yourself and make a judgment. The refusal by NIAID’s Anthony Fauci, CDC’s Rochelle Walensky, and NIH’s Francis Collins to recognize natural immunity as similar to or even superior to vaccine immunity is outrageous, unscientific, and downright absurd. We said before that our children must be considered already immune and vaccinated (based on biological and molecular evidence) and leave them alone with these sub-optimal, non-sterilizing, unneeded injections, and now we say the very same for our militaries and police. Leave them to hell alone with vaccine mandates for they can make personal informed decisions while at the same time being at vanishingly low risk for severe outcome from COVID! We can potentially cause needless harm and death to our military and police with these safety untested injections. 

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Cancer awareness month 2021. They've had 107 years to find a cure but 50% of all patients are still dying of the cure !!!

You can draw cancer tumours out by using Amazonian Black Salve as I did in early 2021. I used topical salve (external) as well as Black Salve for internal use. Leave the Black Salve on the skin and your body will push the dead cancer cells out. It's extremely painful so best to do only one at a time. In my case, I had no choice. I did three of them back-to-back in a very quick time-frame since we decided to leave Sweden and come back to New Zealand where alternative therapies are much cheaper. The skin irritation you see here is due to over-using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning... probably should have just used saline mainly. I'll do better research next time re: wound cleaning.

A week later...  

One day before it fell off... 

Note: Great healing of the upper wound.

Reply to a friend on Facebook...

In a large majority of cases, it's not the cancer that kills (which is simply a build-up of over-acidity in your body which forms in pockets here and there) - it's the "cure" that kills. The system we have is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation since 1914. They set up their treatment protocols to fail. Eg: Agreeing to have a biopsy in September 2020 is the reason why my one little 0.5cm lump proliferated into around 7-9 cysts in the right lower quadrant of my right breast. Thanks Rockefeller medical agenda that thinks nothing of making cancers spread inside their innocent (gullible, beguilable) victims !!!  Don't you think 107 years is quite long enough to "find cures"? 

That's not what your Cancer Donation is doing.... It's used to find "treatments" sourced from mining - Chemo derived from oil, mammogram tech derived from uranium/plutonium, pills also derived from oil. Please remember who John D. Rockefeller and family are... mining magnates. What studies is this family doing on Cannabis oil, raw leaf, Amazonian Black Salve/blood root, turmeric, Pau D'arco, and many other herbals? What research are they doing on how going raw vegan and particularly fruitarian puts cancer (acidosis) into "remission" - puts the body into a self-cleansing and alkaline state (no cancer can exist in alkaline). Since when has a medical cancer doctor had those conversations with their patients? Never. NEVER.

See my blog Co-creating Our New Earth (dot) blogspot (dot) com /2013/10/how-rockefeller-foundation-stitched-us (dot) html for the full break-down. My blog is blocked by fb since clearly i'm a very dangerous person - likely a "domestic terrorist". If you want to find this information, you'll find a way.

Link:  How The Rockefeller Foundation "Stitched Us Up"

Also, see Dr Robert Morse (ND) whose protocols I am following for my breast cancer discovered in July 2020. Ie: No hospital protocols whatsoever - no chemo, no pills, no radiation. I'm still here. Cancer hasn't killed me (funny that). And yet 50% of all people who submit to cut, burn, poison WILL DIE. That's a fact. Ie: Not the cancer that's killing people... It's the "treatment".

December 9, 2015

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Where are the human trials for the Pfizer vaccine? Email to my local politician MP for Hamilton East Jamie Strange


You are the human trial. Do you actually think the same people who are developing the vaccines will honestly report their findings of adverse reactions? Only a company which has completely lost the will to exist would do that... Logical thinking.

Subject: Where are the human trials for the Pfizer vaccine? 


Attachments1:21 PM NZ. October 20, 2021

to Jamie.StrangeMP

Good afternoon Jamie,

Is it not the responsibility of an MP to respond to the questions of people in their constituency?  It's fair enough that you removed my comments on your Facebook Page, but to block me? Really? Am I that dangerous? - a "domestic terrorist" perhaps, simply for asking relevant questions. To continue on from last night... 

Can you show me any independent longitudinal human test trials for the Covid vaccine please? If you can't find any, I will assume that adviser to PM Jacinda Ardern Professor Michael Baker (University of Otago, Christchurch) is committing a crime against all New Zealanders and misleading the Ardern government. 

Ie: It's very important that members of the Labour party or their agents find the results of independent and peer reviewed human test trials for the Covid-19 vaccine since this administration is pushing so hard for New Zealanders to be vaccinated. Are you actually putting people at greater risk by vaccinating than if they simply contracted Covid-19 Alpha to Delta variants and developed natural anti-bodies, as I have?

Ie: Prof Michael Baker (et al) has had plenty of time to look at these types of information.

Interview with Dr Robert Malone
Dr Malone is an American vaccinologist (a pro-vaxer) who was instrumental in developing the mRNA/gene therapy-based vaccines now being used around the world. Please start at 2:10 mins on this video for background about the vaccine's development under the Trump administration "Operation Warp Speed" program (2020) and for further medical explanations. After 17:30 Dr Malone talks about heart damage caused by the vaccine (myocarditis - particularly seen in young males aged 12-25), blood clotting, life threatening drops in platelets, auto-immune disease, vascular endothelial breakdown, stimulation of herpes-related and other illnesses after being vaccinated, paralysis of the face such as Bell's Palsy (link to YouTube video evidence), alterations in women's menstrual cycle with implications for cancer immediately after vaccination or upon contact with a recently vaccinated person - shedding (vaxed people making unvaxed people sick), and many other unknown quantities.

Please also see the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reports on the Open VAERS website - images for international data being reported attached. Note: Adverse effects being reported on Open VAERS are an estimated 1% of all impacts due to people not being aware of this reporting website - as seen in the screenshots below.

Since Pfizer pulled the plug on its human trials in the first half of 2021, the Open VAERS website is the best thing we have in the absence of peer reviewed double blind studies with control groups to verify efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine now being pushed in New Zealand by people like yourself, Jamie. 

I look forward to hearing from you after you have examined this information further. Many thanks.

Concerned taxpayer 
(oh yeah... I do pay your salary, and I do pay for this "free" vaccine that is likely harming a lot of New Zealanders),

Hamilton East constituent

Screenshots from Open VAERS website


A letter to my local politician, Hamilton East, New Zealand. Please feel free to use this letter as a template.


Hi Jamie, Can you show me the longitudinal human test trials for the Covid vaccine please? If you can't find any, I will assume that Professor Michael Baker (University of Otago) is committing a crime against all New Zealanders and misleading the Ardern government. Ie: It's very important that you find the results of the human test trials. Also, can you recommend where I can get tested for anti-bodies? I contracted Covid 8 times in 2020 when I was living in Sweden, since no effective public health measures were ever implemented in SE. Therefore, I have very good anti-bodies. So will many people in NZ now,, since the government opened the door to Australia for one week back in July - the fundamental reason why we have the outbreaks now (since August). It's been here ever since and moving through the population asymptomatically and manifesting with mild symptoms that no authorities notify the public about: Fever, fatigue, dry cough, myalgia (muscle pain), dyspnea (shortness of breath), diarrhea, nausea, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting... finally pneumonia. Do you know about these symptoms Jamie? If not, why not? Note: People can get one or a combination of any of the above from very mild (unnoticeable) to very severe and uncomfortable - but not needing hospitalisation. The 6th time we were infected (through my partner's work) I couldn't walk for 3 days - the stomach cramps were that bad! I had no other symptoms that occasion except for very nasty diarrhea and the associated dehydration, along with fatigue (need for a lot of sleep which is the body's way of fighting viruses), dizziness, and that little persistent dry cough. We always had those last 3 symptoms, each of the 8 times we contracted Covid-19.

I live in Hamilton East. I'd be happy for you to reach out to me Jamie to hear a lot more about my experience of living with Covid-19 while in Sweden. Thanks. Note: You might not like everything you hear. Eg: Covid's mortality rate is not as high as governments around the world are fear-mongering it to be. For 10,000 cases that come to the attention of authorities, only 4 people will pass away (based on stats from Italy, Iran and Spain in early 2020, and Sweden by the middle of the year). Ie: Much less of a mortality rate than the regular flu - which my own sister died of in 2008, and I was extremely sick also... much sicker than with Covid. The main problem with Covid is the impact economically. We got sick so regularly, so often, and had so much time off work that we lost 20-25% of our income. That's why we came home to NZ. Our flailing bank account could no longer take the hits. On the macro-level, this is exactly what's happening to every country in the world. I'm happy to talk to you more on these subjects Jamie, if you can handle a rational open conversation, that is. 

Note: I won't be getting the vaccine since it will wipe out all the T-cell immunity i've already built up over 2020. The vaccine protects only using 1-2 spike proteins. It's only 30% effective after 6 months, then you need to go and have another one. Good deal for the drug companies... Pfizer alone projects that it will make 33 billion US$ in 2021 alone! No conspiracies. No coincidences. All of this information is publicly available. If you've had Covid, you've got a more complete protection due to natural immunity. When is that ever talked about during press conferences? The Ardern government is pushing a lot of propaganda through NZ's news agencies. I've switched it all off now. Along with a lot of informed New Zealanders, i'm sick of the fear-mongering and the lies. And i'm really, really sick of hearing about proposals for vaccine mandates. October 15 is/was the "magic" date all over the world. Funny how the 1-week reprieve for NZ'ers to return from Covid-addled Oz in July has now led to the most successful campaign to get people jabbed, ever since Covid first arrived here. No coincidences. No conspiracies. The facts speak for themselves. Large protests are happening all over the world against the vaccine mandates (all announced in October - weird how all of those countries announced at the same time, don't you think?) and yet those protest actions are never covered on the nightly NZ news, are they? Why is that do you think? ... Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that one out!  

Update  - 12 hours after I added the above Comments to Jamie's Facebook Page:

BLOCKED !!!  Jamie couldn't take the heat.  

Is this really the calibre of our politicians?  - that they don't have the capacity to field our well thought through questions and engage in honest unbiased debate?  God help us. Clueless. Brainless. Feckless. 

Friday, 15 October 2021

PROFOUND !!! "No jab --> No job ?? WHY?"

The video is linked on these photos.

I apologise for image quality. That was out of my control.