Thursday, 8 November 2018

11.8.18 - The New Acting AG Wants to End Mueller and Indict Killery

November 8, 2018

BEST EXPLANATION: Election went as planned !!! "FISA brings down The House!" - Q

"Never interfere with an enemy while they're destroying 
themselves." - Q from the "Art of War".

November 7, 2018
X22 Report. Excellent commentary. Please share.

"The FISA declassification is going to bring down The House." - Q

Get it? Not "the house of cards", but the lower House on Capitol Hill !!!

Wow !!  ... Seeing clearly now !!!  More on this topic from Black Conservative Patriot >> 

COMEY’S PERP WALK! Temp AG Matthew Whitaker is Trump’s Trojan Horse & Jeff Session’s Secret Protégé!