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Child organ harvesting, Child cannibalism #Pedovores, Wars, Earthquakes, Orphans


Published on Apr 13, 2018

THE WORLD MUST KNOW. #PureEvil #HellOnEarth
SGTreport - Published on Apr 16, 2018

Since 2011, more than 18,000 Syrian human beings have had their organs harvested. Men, women and children. And the mainstream media has been silent. No one is doing anything to stop it. Because it's business: Human trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse, organ harvesting. #PureEvil

"So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." - Matthew 10:26 

Monday, 16 April 2018

The Syrian people LOVE Bashar al-Assad. MSM AND alt-media sell propaganda!

The Real Background of the War on Syria...and the Syrian People  (video)

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria gets a lot of flack from all directions - including from the "truth" media. Listen to those commentaries with the greatest of objectivity - ie: take the good and shove the propaganda about Assad to the side.

I discovered the "possible" truth about Bashar al-Assad being a good leader in June 2014 when I found this David Icke video - linked above and below. Before the war began in Syria, it was a multicultural modern country with well educated people and tolerance of all religions - including Christianity. Assad himself does not follow the dominant schools of Islam. He is Alawite... description below.

"Bashar Al-Assad is an Alawite Muslim, an offshot of Shia Islam. It is however the most secular sect of Islam and they have some other elements fused into their beliefs. They have some Christian elements for example. They celebrate Christian holidays like Christmas, Mass, Epiphany, Passover, Easter etc. They believe in confessing your sins. They don’t really pray in mosques and follow the prayers. They also believe in reincarnation. Alawites drink unlike other Muslims, but in moderation. They constitute 13–16% of Syria’s population, and we love and cherish them as our brothers and sisters. The Syrian people is one. His wife for example is Sunni." - by Mohammed al-Asadi, studying in Malmo Sweden.

Please see my June 2014 article about Syria according to the information we had then. The following video is featured. There is a link to this video on the title and on the image -

The Real Background of the War on Syria...and the Syrian People

Published September 7, 2013

I am always touched by this woman, "Miss Lama". At the time, when I thought that al-Assad was a very evil and wicked man, I couldn't believe what I saw when she said, "God bless our President." I had been led to believe that all the people in Syria hated al-Assad. When I saw that in June 2014, I knew there was much, much more to this story than what we were being told in the MSM.

To bring us up to date - I was listening to this video today by "Lifting the veil", published on April 13, 2018. The guest Eva Bartlett is a close follower of the Syrian war situation since its beginning, and has been inside Syria a number of times as a journalist. Once again, we hear testimony from her about how much the Syrian people themselves love their President. To hear this, please go straight to 46:22 on the following video. I've also added a second Eva Bartlett video published on May 4, 2017.

Video: Eva Bartlett on Syria & Smear Campaign

Lift the Veil LIVE
Published on Apr 13, 2018

Video: Reporter Actually In S-Y-R-I-A Exposes Media Lies About Everything
Published on May 4, 2017

These screenshots are from the David Icke video of September 2013 - "Miss Lama". This is the woman who touches me so much when I watch this video. You will be touched by her expressions in such a difficult situation (under bomb attack). Please see the top video to see her with a group of people in a bunker.

Is Bashar al-Assad actually a very different man than who you believe him to be? It's definitely worth asking the question. 

Watch the three videos on this article, and you decide.

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Zuckerberg-Ted Cruz grilling. Zuckerberg answers nothing. Off the hook? NO WAY!

Billy Joyce - Published on Apr 15, 2018

CANADA’S RED PILL – April 15th 2018 - #Mark #Zuckerberg testified before #Senate and it didn’t go very well. Here’s my take on that and also some great research into the connections #Zuckerberg   #Facebook  #SherylSanders  #COO of Facebook and others there !!  #John  #Podesta seems to be one of  #Zuck’s #Mentors!! #Chris #Collins  #Senator from #NewYork seemed to support the young Zuck during the hearing…. 

#COLLINS is one of the #13Bloodlines of #Illuminati !! #Wikileaks #Podesta #Emails put #Zuckerberg ’s testimony in doubt!! Bias to #DiamondAndSilk

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Syria: Who benefits from protracted war? "War is business" - Betsy Ross AIM4Truth

Video: Syrian Lies and Propaganda
American Intelligence Media - Published on Apr 13, 2018

Betsy and Thomas review the Syrian situation and the many forces involved.

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_ _ _ _ _ 

The following is a map of the above video that you can follow while the video is running. The details described in this video are complex. A visual like this can help us keep up. The first map shows you the whole layout of the component parts talked about by Betsy and Thomas. It will be possible for you to copy-paste these pages as images and print them on your home printer. This will enable you to create a wall-chart of your own so you can help explain this very complicated Syria situation as Betsy and Thomas describes it, to your family and friends. I hope this helps you as you continue to awaken family and friends around you - BronnyNZ

Key to the map layout. 

I've added a full-sized version of this map at the end that you should be able to read. This first map is just to let you see the design of this particular map and get your bearings for all component parts laid out following. Ie: you probably won't be able to read the text on this map, even if you do enlarge it..

Note: On desktop PC and probably laptop, use Ctrl + (plus) to enlarge your screen. To reduce your screen size again, use Ctrl - (minus). Click on the image and depending on your device, you should get an enlagement. Use Ctrl + to magnify to your liking. Use F11 for full screen. Use F11 again to come out of full screen.

 1) Introduction - What is Trump really doing about the Syria alleged "gassing"? Where does the USA get its military "intelligence" from? Is that "intelligence" worth a piece of toast?

 2) What kicked off the Syria "gassing attack" false flag last week? What is the connection of the British Crown? Who are the players?

3) Enlargement - bottom right corner of the map.

4) This is the next part of the video. This map fits on top of the one above.

5) More detail about SERCO connections to the British monarchy. To match up these maps, look for the node at the top of the following: "Thomas AIM says: British-stages event so they could move mercenary armies."

6) The French, British Petroleum (BP), Russia-China, Iran-Iraq-Kurdistan oil game. This map fits on top of 4).

7) The bankster game >> child trafficking (orphans of war), sex slaves, selling of body parts, use of American soldiers (sons and daughters) to fire the amunition to make money for the banksters. This map fits onto: "Trump asked his military: What are the targets?" of map (6).

8) Whole map in enlaged size. You might be able to see this as a whole map depending on your device... Good luck.
Maps by BronnyNZ

If you use these maps on your own blogs or websites, please give attribution back to this blog article. Thanks.

Friday, 13 April 2018

April 13, 2018 news update. SES, SERCO, fire Mueller, "dossier", Syria, Fakebook

FBI investigation

News update here > TRUTH NEWS HEADLINES APRIL 13, 2018





Below is a spectacular information bomb to send through your social network. Let’s help make Jim’s book tour one that awakens people everywhere about his corruption.



“By using the justice system as a political weapon, Mueller and his supporters in both parties are confirming what many Americans already believe: We are not all equal under one law.”


SES/SERCO Billion Dollar Secrete Corporation We Never Heard About. - This video recommended by ‘Anonymous’ who left several video recommendations in a comment box. We will post them over the next few days. This is an audio-only so enjoy listening while you are piddling and putzing.

SES/SERCO Billion Dollar Secrete Corporation Never Heard About
SNAFU radio - Streamed live on Jan 16, 2017

Serco the largest corporation you have never heard of. What are they doing? You will be surprised to find out how deep the rabbit hole really is///

All patriots need to learn the basics about SES/SERCO. We are getting ready to dump some intel on you that is MINDBLOWING and need everyone to have a basic understanding of their operations.





Freeing Humanity from the Banking Cartel: Karen Hudes Consulted. Some very good reader comments under this article. If you have something to add to the discussion that can help educate and enlighten the community about the topic, please do so.

Qanon MSM storm, the fakery uncovered + CBTS + Jerome Corsi + TracyBeanz  For those paying attention to the Q psyops - "Man-on-the-ground Defengo" brings us this report. Start the video at 10:28 to get straight to the point, but watch the entire video is this subject interests you. 

BUSH FAMILY SECRETS EXPOSED  - For those that missed the real history lesson of the Bushes, here is a reminder of who they really are. If you care to dispute this, please leave your comments below (on the aim4truth website)

Following is an interesting comment on this news update 4-13-2018 re: Q Anon.

Q psyops… they don’t even talk like the original Q (3301 =7).

(3301 Q) The Fludd approaches… (The Great Awakening approaches!). 

President Trump calls for “Great Awakening” Dec 18, 2017 date#s= 4 (religion also masculine, reflecting strength and stability) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=great+awakening+trump 

The Great Awakening Has Begun – Douglas Gabriel Feb 8, 2018 date#s=3 (trinity) (AIM). (3301 Q) Chart the stars. (written in the stars, cycles in time). (3301 Q) A Chord (a basis of harmony) of would WARMS my I. (warms my heart, soul, spirit). There’s more than meets the I (eye) here.

The original Q (Cicada 3301 #s=7 important number) Said on Jan 5, 2017 date#s=7 “The Fludd approaches. Chart the stars. A Chord of would WARMS my I”. 

The Q 3301 prophecy WASN’T about a flood (fake Q on 1/21/2018 date#s=6) of leaks coming out of Washington DC, etc., Q 3301 were heralding the coming awakening. They said Fludd NOT Flood. You see the difference in Q’s right there. 

I have an an affinity, infinity with 7’s as it is my birth number, path in life. Read below 7 and 6; it tells you right there. The dates tell you, it’s no coincidence. Man uses the knowledge of numbers either directly or indirectly (unaware). The language of universe is mathematics, numbers, geometry, etc.

The Bible numerology code number 7

The Bible numerology code number 6

Robert Fludd, 16th century English Paracelsian physician and polymath, mystic, astrologer, mathematician, cosmologist and more.

_ _ _ 

I found this personally very interesting since my numerology is 7 on 7 on 7
- Yeah, 3 x 7s. Also: I am quadruple Capricorn ruled by Saturnian-Babylonian magic, with 4 planets in Capricorn and one conjuct... Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter + fast Mercury. Ascending Leo (lion-hearted) - BronnyNZ

Comey silent: POTUS "Russia collusion" dossier funded by Clinton & Democrats

Ex-FBI head James Comey admits he never told Trump that Clinton, DNC funded the dossier.

April 13, 2018

Comey worried Obama's DOJ would tamper with the Clinton email probe.

Former FBI Director James Comey claims “it wasn’t necessary” to inform President Donald Trump that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee funded the discredited dossier, according to The Daily Caller.

In his new book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” Comey mostly spews salacious claims and tabloid gossip. But he also makes several bombshell admissions, including how he hid the darkest secret from Trump.

The thousands of hours spent “investigating.” The countless American tax dollars spent on “fairness in the election system”. All built around the Democrats’ hit document. And Comey never said a word, allowing the unfounded attack against President Trump to snowball into a national frenzy.

During a teaser video previewing his interview with ABC host George Stephanopoulos, which airs on Sunday, Comey admits that he did not tell Trump the dossier was funded by Clinton and the DNC because he didn’t view it as “necessary.”

“Did you tell him the Steele dossier had been financed by his political opponents?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“No, I don’t even think I used the words ‘Steele Dossier,’” Comey replied. “I just talked about additional material.”

“Did he have a right to know that?” Stephanopoulos fired back.

“That it had been financed by his political opponents? I don’t know the answer to that,” Comey said. “It wasn’t necessary for my goal, which was to alert him that we had this information.”

In January 2017, Comey met with Trump for a private dinner to discuss the Russia investigation and the salacious dossier, which was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

From late 2015 to early 2016, the left-wing firm Fusion GPS hired Steele to compile the dossier. As the 2016 presidential election was ramping up, Clinton and the DNC paid Fusion GPS roughly $9 million to fund Steele’s anti-Trump operation.

The FBI, which was led by Comey at the time, and the Department of Justice used the Clinton-DNC funded dossier to launch the Russia investigation against Trump. Comey didn’t think it was necessary to tell Trump that, and deliberately hid the dossier funding from the president of the United States.

Perhaps Comey didn’t tell Trump about the dossier funding because it knew how shady it looked. A Clinton-DNC funded hit piece was used by Comey’s FBI to trigger the Russia investigation against Trump.

Some have argued this is one of the biggest scandals in modern political history. On Friday, Trump nuked Comey in a pair of tweets.

Calling him a “proven leaker and liar,” Trump said everyone in Washington D.C. hated Comey and agrees that he should be prosecuted for leaking classified information.

James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did-until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and.....

....untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI. His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst “botch jobs” of history. It was my great honor to fire James Comey!

Watch the clip below, where Comey makes the bombshell admission in the teaser video below:

Commentary on this situation in the next video. Do you want to know why the police don't bring charges against people who are clearly criminals?

See: Octogon the Empire of Darkness - the military and police arm of the Swiss Pharaohs who rule humanity

Back in the Swamp
American Intelligence Media - Published on Apr 13, 2018

Lyin' Comey hits the book trail; more Senior Executive Service uncovered; SERCO runs our country. Join Betsy and Thomas for a look in the swamp.

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Video: Octogon the Empire of Darkness

chatzefratz - Published on Jul 14, 2017

Youtube took this video down a few years ago for no reason at all, and many more of my videos have been taken down lately; I fear, the end of my channels is near (other channel GIUREH). So please download and copy all my videos for mankind, before they're gone.