Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sacha Stone Facebook post today.

This will be the radio show to end all radio shows.... Look at the line-up !!! This show is live from Midnight Thurday 20 March GMT.  It's going to be AMAZING !!!

Join the freshest, most unique panel of New Earth visionaries and pioneers on this Thursday March 20th equinox, 7pm to midnight EST! Midnight to 5am GMT....

With hosts: Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis and New Earth Founder Sacha Stone!

...Special guests including: Nassim Haramein, Foster Gamble, Santos Bonacci, Michael Tellinger, Stephen Bassett, Michael O'Bernicia, Margot Anand, Laurence Brahm and New Earth Director Greg Paul.

Don't miss the official launch of our New Earth Nation portal, Zero Point Time, breaking news, 432Hz music and more!

Please like, comment, and SHARE with friends. This historic event is the line in the sand, where we transcend fear, time and money into sovereignty, art and consciousness in our world!

Make it so peeps......YOU are the difference.

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