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Criminal Bankers Exposed 11: "We no longer require their services."

- by David Wilcock
  20th July 2012


Furthermore, on July 3rd we found out the IRS (US Internal Revenue Service) was being audited - for billions of dollars in fraud.  The IRS is not innocent in all of this either. Corruption exists throughout the entire system - as we are increasingly finding out.

Their own employees have now turned against them:
July 3: IRS Gets Audited - For Allowing Billions of Dollars in Fraud

The federal agency that strikes fear into many U.S. taxpayers is getting a dose of its own medicine – as it is now the focus of a year-long audit for allowing illegal aliens to scam the system and bilk taxpayers out of billions of dollars every year.

Federal employees are blowing the whistle on the Internal Revenue Service according to a report by Indianapolis television station WTHR-TV:

Howard Antelis, a tax examiner at the IRS’ ITIN processing center in Austin, Texas, explained: “We were being told by upper management to ignore fraud, to assign ITIN numbers and … pay out refunds to people who are lying. It’s a license to steal when you allow that.”  Antelis said he reported the scams regularly to his managers – for years – with no result.

Frustrated with the inaction, he called the Inspector General’s office in Washington, D.C.  “I’ve been working for the federal government for 23 years and I signed an ethical standard of conduct when I went to work that says if you see fraud, you need to report it,” he said.  “I tried and tried and tried, couldn’t get anywhere so … I went into a quiet room and started making phone calls...”

The auditors made a shocking discovery: 

IRS employees were in fact, encouraged to overlook indications of fraud:

“It’s pure negligence by management and they’ve been trying to keep it quiet,” Antelis said. “There is a criminal element that is defrauding the U.S. government by filing mountains and mountains of these fraudulent applications.  

"We see them in piles in bulk every day that are obviously not legitimate documents and not legitimate tax returns and not legitimate wages…  and [IRS managers] don’t want to deal with it. "That’s where all the fraud is. The fraud is in the fake notary stamps and fake documents which we’ve been accepting.”


By July 4th, members of the British Parliament were openly calling for mass arrests of the top CEOs and bankers who manipulated the LIBOR rate for their own gains:

July 4: British Parliament Calls for Mass Arrests in LIBOR Scandal

The prime minister [David Cameron] said a single parliamentary inquiry into the "appalling" events would be the most "swift and decisive" course of action. But Labour's leader [Ed Miliband] said this was "too narrow" and a much wider judicial probe into the culture of banking was needed.

At "Prime Minister's Questions", Mr Cameron said the manipulation of the key LIBOR inter-bank borrowing rate by Barclays traders was "outrageous" and those responsible for "spivvy and probably illegal activity" should be held to account.  

"People want to know that crime in our banks, crime in our financial services, will be pursued and punished like crimes on our streets," he told MPs….

But, in heated exchanges in the Commons, Mr Miliband said the Prime Minister did not understand the "depth of public concerns" about the matter and was failing to act in the national interest:  "Whenever these scandals happen, he [Cameron] has failed to act and he stands up for the wrong sort of people. His party is a party bankrolled by the banks. If he fails to order a judge-led inquiry people will come to one conclusion. He simply cannot act in the national interest."


Over the years, I have built up contacts with insiders who are very well-positioned - due to my role as a public investigator. I received information that absolutely convinced me there was a plan to do the impossible - to actually break up this Cabal and arrest its top conspirators.  Some people thought the mass arrests we've been discussing on this site would just start one day. All of a sudden, the marshals and the troops are out in the streets - and top Cabal people are being hauled off to prison.  What we are now seeing is a plot twist that had to be hidden - for obvious reasons - but it makes perfect sense.

If you want to make mass arrests, in a way that is fair, legal and publicly supported, first you need to make mass charges - followed by mass lawsuits. If you suddenly just arrest thousands of top people with no legal precedent, the public will not know who to trust. This way, the process occurs in a much less traumatic fashion. You have to awaken the public to the problem first, on a mass level, before any palpable solution can be offered.


So far this investigation has just begun. I am hosting a CONVERGENCE conference in Chicago and have to work within the cracks. I will continue releasing sections as they become available.  We're still only up to July 4th in our timeline - and after we reach the end of the timeline, there is still much more to discuss.

I must say that I have been very excited by these developments. I didn't write lots of small updates in the intervening period, because I wanted to do it right - the first time.  I do hope to have everything I've got published online by this coming Wednesday at the latest.  Stay tuned!


If you are a regular reader of this site (Divine Cosmos. com), you will know that we frequently have odd "coincidences" happen with the timing of when I go in to do edits.  This morning was no different. I added a picture from "The Prestige" with Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johannsen when I first discuss stage magic [Part 3 on this blog]. Once I did the edit, the page refreshed - and look at what happened:

This is very interesting for two reasons. First of all, in esoteric terms, we do seem to be living in a vast "illusion" - namely that we are separate beings having separate experiences.  The truth is that we are all One - and we are moving through a major evolutionary leap as a planet, that will make that more obvious.

Secondly, the number itself was very interesting - as 33 is a sacred number, rooted in geometry, that has been heavily co-opted by the Cabal.  In this case it was 33133 -- which is also a palindrome. It's the same number backwards and forwards. Very interesting stuff indeed.


Wow. As soon as I wrote and posted the above words and the page reloaded -  in a fourteen-minute interval after the first synchronicity, as you can see - it happened again! Sequences with synchronistic value include numbers that count up, or down, in order. This time, the 33 was still there - but it also ended in 3456.

See for yourself!

It's still there right now as I write this.

I know that some people do not see any value in this, but to me it is ongoing confirmation of the scientific arguments I made in "The Source Field Investigations" namely that there is indeed a Universal mind. Synchronicity is one of the ways in which the Universe "tips its hat" if you will, and reveals that the world we see is indeed a vast illusion.

The Cabal has their version of the illusion that they maintain for us, but there is a much greater level of it as well - and in this level, the Cabal will never be allowed to do more than our own collective free will has invited them to do. This is the great mystery that I have often discussed before.

We, as a planet, have reached a point - predicted for thousands of years - where we no longer require their services, as enough of us have cleaned up our karma that we have now earned a happier, healthier world.

What you are seeing in this article 

is just the beginning.

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