Tuesday, 31 July 2012

First 5,000 Views

Hi all ~
I'm pretty excited that this little blog is finding its place in the sun   : )  

Last night at 2am (NZ time) the counter clicked over for this site's first 5,000 Views. Thank you again to everyone who has been coming here to View my blog.  I'm pretty stoked that there's people out there who are interested in this stuff... as I am.  I work 30 - 50 hours per week as well, so i'm only a part-time blogger...  and i'm aware that I must be missing a lot of information that happens globally on a day-to-day basis, due to working. But I try to pick up on the most important information when i've got some days off...  or if things are bubbling, i'll blog until late and into the early hours of the morning  :P  

You will see that i've been doing a bit of work over the last couple of days on the design elements of the blog.  I really like this background image.  To me it's very representative of the strength of the Collective to rise up out of the Ocean of Misery and to take a 'birds-eye' view of what's REALLY going on !!!  : )   We ARE strong. And we ARE intelligent and wise.  It's just that we've allowed a bunch of 'experts' to tell us what to do next and how to do it.  We know our own bodies and we know our own minds.  We know what's best for us. When we're unhappy in how we are living, that's when we KNOW we are living to fulfil someone else's agenda, not the plan of Joy that was always intended that our lives be.  

I pray for my 7 billion family members who share this Earth with me.  Today I remember particularly the families of North Western Africa who are facing a terrible drought and also the families of The Horn of Africa's East Coast where people are hanging on barely... in the face of all manner of criminal and illegal militia activities in those 4 nations of the Horn. I also remember the people of Syria...  Aleppo where the citizens are bearing arms together in strength as they defend themselves against their own government  : (    What a travesty...   And where are the so-called Western Allied Nations ??   It's funny how when there's No Oil to be fought over that the people of the country are abandoned.  Shame on you Western Governments. Shame - Shame - Shame on you for the suffering of the people of Syria. We see your agenda...  And it's no humanitarian one !!    : (

Love to you all, precious people.  I send out the energy of Love to all readers of his blog. Please stand with me strong as we race on ahead towards the final Unravellings of the Illusion that began in earnest in 2008, with the entry of the entire world into a new economic age ('they' are trying to pretend it never happened).  All will be revealed, very very soon...  of that i'm sure.  'They' can't keep it a closed book for very much longer. Their time is well and truly up !!    : )   

Peace be with you and with your families, with your loved ones and in your neighbourhoods. Be strong.  The hour is coming very quickly when the veil of deception will be lifted from our eyes...  and we will see in a New Dawn everything that has been done and that has been hidden.  Not long to go now  : )

With Love...  Bron
New Zealand

                       6:45am, Dec 2008    I'd just finished a night shift  : )

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