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LIBOR Interviews: Pat Thurston, Matt Taibbi

Pat Thurston interviews Robert Scheer on LIBOR Scandal

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Pat Thurston of KGO interviews Robert Scheer (author of ""The Great American Stickup") on the unfolding LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) scandal.
The said Interview was aired on 7pm July 7th 2012.

In the interview Scheer, asks a seldom asked question of "Why All the Attention Now?'". Robert Scheer prefaces that poignant question, referencing a Wall Street Journal article May 29th 2008, that drew attention to LIBOR rate, alluding to its manipulation.

Robert Scheer recently authored a opinion article on the LIBOR scandal, that was published on Truth Dig website titled "Crime of the Century".

This is a follow up interview to Pat Thurston's series of interviews into Banks and financial impropriety.

The preceding interview in this series was with William K. Black (available in the link below)

Matt Taibbi: You Should Be Freaking Out Over LIBOR Scandal!

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From the Majority Report, live M-F 12 noon EST and via daily podcast athttp://Majority.FM:
Earlier this month, Matt Taibbi joined us to talk the LIBOR scandal. Our podcast and live show listeners found the interview to be so helpful, we've decided to upload it for all of you YouTube-ers as well!

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