Friday, 5 October 2018

Migrant cuts throat of Swedish student, stabs him 13 times. Brags to friends.

The convicted man is Sudanese-Egyptian Suleman Suleman, aged 30

Article by Emma R. Published October 5, 2018 (excerpt)

Although Suleman tried to get rid of evidence, the police managed to find the murder weapon and tie him to the crime in several other ways. However, this was not his first crime in Sweden.

In 2007 he was convicted for the first time – for car theft.

Then a long series of crimes followed – 23 in total. Several crimes have obvious violent elements – for example, when he robbed and threatens to kill two young Swedes in Gothenburg 2011.

On another occasion the same year, he and his friends assaulted a Swedish youth on the commuter train from Alingsås to Gothenburg. The brawl started when Suleman urinated on the floor in the train. The youth confronted him about it, and was severely beaten – with among other things a bottle to his head.

The common theme between these cases is that the victims of his robberies and assaults – like Albin – have all been ethnic Swedes.

But despite his continued crimes, Suleman has never ended up in prison. In several cases, the courts have judged that what is required instead is “an ambitious treatment” – which basically means probation with a special psychiatric and social-orientated treatment plan.

However, the ambitious treatment has clearly not helped the man – since within a year he had commit similar crimes. If the latest judgement stands in the supreme court, Suleman will be released again in 11 years.

For the full story, go to The Voice of Europe

Editorial note: Would it not be better that this man be deported back to his country of origin at the end of his prison sentence? He needs to be handed over to the Egyptian-Sudanese authorities... Let them keep and eye on him! Such people cannot be allowed to remain in Europe. Suleman clearly has no respect for his host country! He should not qualify to remain in Sweden, nor in any other European country!  Related article:

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