Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Facebook is screwing itself HARD !! "Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT"

Note: There was no "hate speech" on the "Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT" Facebook group - only love speech that declared Nikolas Cruz's innocence. Since when is it "hate speech" to display copious amounts of evidence showing how trained mercenaries, undoubtedly in cahoots with Scott Israel (possibly his jihadi-intended colleagues from the mosque where he belongs), are the real perpetrators !!! #NotNikolas If telling the truth is "hate speech", you're definitely playing for the wrong team Facebook  #Satanists

That's what got up Facebook's nose... that we weren't towing the party political fascist narrative line that wants to assassinate this kid emotionally and mentally. Faaarq me... Talk about kicking a dog in the guts when it's down !!!  Fucking psychopaths !!  They make me SICK !!

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The carnage all over social media is palpable. People are being removed from Facebook by the hundreds. Facebook Groups are being removed by the dozens. I myself was removed permanently by Facebook around 12 hours ago. I had a following of over 3,500 Friends + I don't know how many Followers. But this is where the real pain begins... 

When Facebook removes your account, everything associated with you also bites the dust. All of my 20 Groups I had set up from 2013 onwards and the 6 or so Pages I owned also were removed. The Facebook group "QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan + related articles" that had 7,500 members on it, built up from December 13, 2017 is likely all gone now as well.  My voice has gone! Facebook clearly doesn't want my voice heard on their platform. Why is that? 


It's a trend. I'm not bitching for my own sake. For my own sake my removal from Facebook was actually perfectly timed... I am immigrating to Sweden soon, so on a personal level, I don't need the distraction and intensity of Facebook. However, the very rapid rate of removal of any commentator and Group or Page owner who knows what this deep state truly is, has now become a deafening silence to everyone who came to our pages and groups for the truth.

eg: Isaac Green of Anti-School got completely banished from YouTube last week. Then Jordan Sather of "Destroying the Illusion" got the same treatment from YouTube. 

Truly... This is a battle for our lives.  


The Q team told us... "Don't you realize this is a battle for your lives?"

Are we starting to wake up to this as a fact yet? Is it getting real for you yet? - now that all of your favorite sources of information are dropping like flies off Facebook and YouTube? Welcome to 2018 ladies and gentlemen. This is the year when the deep state is seen for exactly what it is...

The fucking "Ministry of Truth"

Good luck with that Facebook and YouTube, CIA black ops. You're simply confirming to people exactly who you are - A mechanism for thought control. Commentators have been telling us this for years. We now have the living proof. The wider population now sees exactly who you are. You are screwed... so screwed. The People see you. 

No 1st Amendment rights apply to these platforms - even though you sit your servers on American soil !!  #Traitors !! #Treason against the people whose time and statistics you sell to your corporate affiliates !!  You clearly are not autonomous. You clearly are not the owners. Who owns you, you cucks? Is it the Swiss Pharaohs? You're clearly bouncing up and down at the end of strings that somebody else is pulling...

Very good commentators and Group owners are being forced out of Facebook in droves. This is a very clear self-incriminating indictment of exactly who you are. Deceivers... Users of people's time and energy... Restricted thinking only allowed !!!  We have to tow the fascist party line or we are out. Facebook is throwing out the best commentators. Our voices are no longer wanted on CIA mind control mechanisms - Facebook and YouTube. WHY IS THAT ??

Facebook is now dead.

Didn't you ever realize that millions of people only go to Facebook because of the 1000s of switched on commentators like myself who have been feeding people the truth for years? You have just screwed yourself.

We now go to other social media providers such as Minds and MeWe and video makers are going to DTube. I am trialling both Minds and MeWe platforms to run groups out of. Please join me here -

Please find my new QAnon group on Minds: QAnon QClearance 4chan 8chan + related articles

Please find my new "support Nicky Cruz" group on MeWe: Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT 

And a big thank you everybody for finding my blog. Please see the graphs below to find what happened last night after I was removed from Facebook. Thankfully, there's a lot of people who know where to find me. Yeah... That's 589 Views of my blog articles in a 1-hour period. This is extraordinary. Thank you for finding me. My voice will never be quenched. Impossible. 

Make your stand also... Let's regroup and keep on moving. Much love - BronnyNZ

Please share articles from this blog with your Friends and family.

Let's keep this #GreatAwakening going. Love to all. 

The following screenshot was taken 2 hours afer the above pics... Views for the day have jumped from 3,541 to 4,204 - in just 2 hours. Thank you everybody for finding me... not for my sake, but because of your willingness to wake up. Therein lay the true blessing... Thank you for challenging the paradigm within yourself. So great  😊  Thank you  💖 💖

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