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David Seaman - Profiteer off #Pizzagate. The importance of creating BUZZ !!

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So you run away because you think you're going to be under "character assassination" soon? Isn't that pretty weak? Besides which, you've been under character assassination already for months. How about you pull a really good excuse out of your butt such as "you need to go to an unknown location because you are under the threat of death?"

Come on David... I'm not buying the bs. Where are your videos? Put them up again and i'd say my argument following is shattered. Your actions remain unexplained. Why did you remove the videos? Is somebody suing you ?? I mean... that would explain you removing everything off all of your social media outlets, right?

I notice in the above video that you don't mention the name "John Podesta" AT ALL !! You never once recite your mantra, "John Podesta is a pedophile" !!  There's one generic mention of "the Podestas".

You're being sued bro'. You were in the wrong - and now John Podesta's lawyers are after your skinny white ass!

THAT is the only reason why you would have taken everything down.
THAT is the only thing that makes logical sense.

*very fucking disappointing*  You found your "BUZZ". How does that BUZZ feel now?  *con artist*

                Amazon                                                                                        BUZZ interview

Such character assassination, in this case against John Podesta, is way out of the remit of what legitimate journalists do... and you full-well know that David !! - and now John Podesta's lawyers are after your skinny white ass! THAT is the only reason you would have taken absolutely everything down off YouTube, Twitter, VidMe, Reddit, Voat, and wherever else you had stuff up...

, aren't you bud?

You're being sued bro'. The evidence speaks for itself. You were in the wrong. and as we see from your 2008 interview about your book, you are prepared to walk a very fine line to get BUZZ. That is the only reason why commentators such as Lift the Veil are referencing your book when they talk about you bro' - because it's the evidence of how you operate.

These commentators are not saying you're selling the book. It's clear the book is not for sale. They are simply using the Amazon preview of the book (still online) to show the hacks you use to amass a flock of sheeple to follow you. You used your own methods to create BUZZ about Hillary Clinton (end of September 2016), Donald Trump (early October) and then onto John Podesta (late October 2016). This became full-blown #Pizzagate by November. You've been the poster-boy for #Pizzagate ever since. You are found guilty because you couldn't cover up the bread-crumb trail you left about using BUZZ !! You have declared your own guilt because you exposed the exact methods you use in 2008. It all fits.

And for my own disclaimer: Nope... I don't think John Podesta is innocent at all. But neither am I making buckets of money off reciting the catch-phase "John Podesta is a pedophile" and pissing people off big-time. I have no doubt whatsoever that David Seaman is being sued !!

Think about it people... David Seaman has just made a shit load of money since the end of September 2016 by besmirching (rightly or wrongly) the name of John Podesta. His only mistake ??  He showed the world in 2008 exactly what his methods are to create "BUZZ". From the mouth of David himself in that video, he is prepared to create BUZZ no matter what the cost - even to argue against gravity.

My judgement on the matter? 

David Seaman is an opportunist in the extreme !!  The Jewry have come to their verdict.

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Go watch Lift the Veil's most excellent analysis of the material he dug up over a week of researching the real David Seaman and find out exactly who and what "Gold Money Inc." is. "Lift the veil" presents the whole argument and all of his evidence (there's plenty) in very nicely presented easy-to-follow steps. Even a 10-year-old could understand that commentary. Check it out. 

David Seaman, Pizzagate & Goldmoney

Published on Feb 25, 2017

If you have an account with Goldmoney or are considering opening one, please watch this video. I've also been approached by some people concerned that David Seaman isn't being completely on the level with us, so I explore those concerns.

Link to public filing for Bitgold (Goldmoney): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_EH...

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