Thursday 9 October 2014

My Post-election dream, early 21 Sept 2014. Spring equinox.

Hi. I need help to interpret a dream. Last night, I went to a rural place (it looked like NZ) where a community of people were living. (btw. I talk in present tense when I talk about dreams... because I understand them to be memories of a simultaneously co-occurring reality.) The young woman I was talking to in the dream was shorter than me (if that's possible, < 5'1" or 155cm) and of slight build. She had a golden-tanned complexion and dark gold hair... she could have been a younger version of myself.

She was held as a prophet in this community of people; they took what she had to say with great earnestness. She said, "There is a war coming." I was greatly concerned at this. The farmland was pristine, a verdant late-summer green... but I saw in my mindseye through her what she could see: The landscape was decimated... the community of people taken into slavery.

The community's way of life was completely agrarian and in complete harmony with nature and the seasons... What I saw coming was almost alien-looking military air-ships, tanks, artillery, uniforms, communications systems, cloaking capacity, "leap" capacity, laser weaponry, resonance frequency weaponry, etc... All of this military manifestation has the capacity to decimate - to destroy. But it has no capacity to create.

My young host took me out onto the farm as she was showing me the troubles that were coming soon. People of the community were walking down the farm track around us, carrying tools or going to care for animals. There were smiling, but with their heads down. There was no sun. The day was cloudy. The people lived under a cloud of what they thought was coming.

The young woman pointed to a field on the left. It wasn't a flat paddock but it rose up to a tall peak with quite a knobbly bit on the top of it. She said to me, "We normally plough this field." I was surprised, due to the steep incline of the land in places. There was a definitiveness about what she said, like: "We ALWAYS plough this field." It felt like a tradition,  like they would never think to not plough it. And she said, "When we do, that's when the war will begin." I could sense that ploughing was about to begin, in only a couple of weeks time. It was autumn/ fall.

I pondered what she said as we walked back down the farm track and back to the buildings. I said, "What about if you don't plough that field - then the war won't begin." She looked at me quizzically and I could see she wasn't understanding. What I was trying to say was:

"You can create a different future for yourself and your whole community by not taking this particular action as you always have done. It's as if it's a habit you can't break."

She still couldn't see what I was trying to say. But my meaning was: "When you change just one particular action, you set into cycle a whole different set of circumstances. Therefore, the outcome will inevitably be different."

I pointed out to her how there was so much land on the farm and how there were many paddocks that were very suitable for ploughing - And how if they did that, the "quantum field" would also be changed and send out different pulses, waves, fractal forms... Then those soldiers would not come here.

She kind of saw what I was saying, but then came the struggle with the ego and of being "right". She was the community's 'seer', and therefore, had some kind of commitment to allow the ploughing of the hill-field so that what she saw as the prophet, would come true.  In other words, how far will you go to maintain the illusion that you are correct?

This is more or less where the dream ended. My comments left her with choice. It left her with the freedom of "possibility". Will she entertain the idea of "possibility" or will she remain fixed as she pursues this outcome that drives her toward "inevitability"?

I see her as a young albeit wise teenager. I think she is our nation: New Zealand.

We just had our General Election yesterday. The people of this country flocked to that which appears to be stable and safe. The people were not ready to embrace perceived unsurety and change. They seek to remain in a stasis. The people have no idea that their action to remain in stasis will only lead to war. They can't see it. It doesn't have to be that way.

>>>  Please go to the next article on this blog to see what the new field is that is being ploughed.


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