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ISIS is always searching for experienced talent. To apply, simply create a user account and submit your resume on the Opportunities page. 

ISIS embraces a business philosophy that distinguishes us among our peers. We inspire excellence in our employees, impart tenacious devotion to our clients and partners, and bring vision and innovation to each of our solutions. Once you join the ISIS team, you will experience first-hand that ISIS seeks to maximize your potential each and every day.

At ISIS, you will enjoy building an exhilarating, meaningful career while supporting our country and impacting the futures of countless industries. As a certified small business with a dedicated and employee-focused management team, ISIS is committed to the professional growth of each of our employees. In addition to opening new doors, our employees enjoy tremendous career-growth potential and access to many exciting opportunities around the world. ISIS’ resolve and hunger for opportunity paired with your skills and motivation will mark a cornerstone in your career for years to come.

ISIS brings together and cares for a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. We take pride in supporting each of our employees, both personally and professionally. While enjoying the challenges and rewards of supporting our nation’s goals, you will also provide your family the security they deserve through our comprehensive benefits package. By choosing employment with ISIS, you will make meaningful contributions to yourself, to ISIS, and to the world’s leading industries.


Summary of ISIS Benefits
Employer Sponsored Benefits
Provided complimentary to eligible employees:
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Administered by ADP; Provides confidential counseling and a referral program to help you and your dependents manage life’s personal and professional challenges.
Basic Life Insurance
§ $50,000 Guarantee Issue
§ Includes Travel Assistance
§ Includes EAP
Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
$50,000 Guarantee Issue
Basic Short-Term Disability (STD) benefit
§ 66 2/3% of basic weekly earnings, up to 26 weeks of disability, up to a maximum weekly benefit of $1,500.
§ Total and Partial Disability Benefits
§ Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Optional Voluntary Benefits
Available for enrollment by eligible employees:
Medical coverage
§ Stateside plan and international plan.
§ Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).
§ Includes Vision, Prescription Drug, and Mental Health Benefits.
§ Includes EAP.
§ Medical supplement for employees who waive our group medical plan.
Dental coverage
§ Stateside PPO plan
§ Traditional International plan.
Optional Voluntary Life Insurance
§ From $10,000 to $100,000, in increments of $10,000.
§ Living Care/Accelerated Death Benefit.
Optional Voluntary AD&D Insurance
From $10,000 to $100,000, in increments of $10,000, equal to the amount of voluntary life insurance benefit.
Optional Dependent Life Insurance
§ $5,000 for Spouse
§ $2,000 for Eligible Children.
Optional Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance
§ 60% of basic monthly salary, up to a monthly maximum benefit of $6,000.
§ Total and Partial Disability Benefits
§ Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
§ Survivor Benefit
Optional Supplemental Insurance
Flex One Cafeteria Plan
§ Accident Indemnity Advantage
§ Cancer Care
§ Critical Care and Recovery
§ Hospital Protection
§ Personal Sickness Indemnity Plan
§ Vision Insurance

Traditional 401(k) Retirement Program
Available for participation to eligible employees
Automatic enrollment.
You may elect to defer a fixed percentage or dollar amount from your eligible compensation as a pre-tax contribution (subject to IRS limits).
Elective deferrals are always 100% vested.
Investment Options
You can choose from a large variety of investment options.
Non-taxable loans are available at a reasonable rate of interest with multiple repayment duration options.
You may rollover contributions into the ISIS 401(k) plan from another qualified retirement plan or from a conduit IRA.

Employees may be eligible for the following additional benefits:    
Paid Time Off
Education Assistance
Medical Reimbursement
Employee Discount Programs

All benefits are subject to the terms, limitations, and conditions of the group contracts and Company policies and procedures.  The group contracts and Company policies and procedures govern any discrepancy in the material outlined in this document.  All ISIS benefits are subject to availability, may vary by status, position and/or duty station, and are subject to change without notice.


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What should be included in my resume?

A detailed resume outlining your background experience is necessary when applying for employment with ISIS. Please ensure that your resume includes the following information: current and past employers (complete with month/year dates), your roles, scope of responsibilities, examples of success, and any relevant education and/or training you have received.

Where should I send my resume?

For immediate consideration, you can submit your resume on the Opportunities pagePlease note that we only need one copy. If you need to make changes to a resume you've submitted in the past, please log into your profile and upload your modified resume. This will replace all your previous resumes.

What happens once you apply at ISIS?

Once your resume is submitted through the ISIS website, our recruiter receives an email to review your qualifications. Our recruiter attempts to contact each person directly regarding his/her resume and qualifications, and for any needed clarifications or additional information. In the event that you are not contacted directly, your application will be retained in our searchable database to allow our recruiting team to consider you for future opportunities.

Where are you located?

ISIS' headquarters is located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, with a satellite location in downtown Washington, D.C. Currently, ISIS employs personnel in Arizona, Washington D.C., Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar and Kuwait, with plans for growth in the immediate future.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Yes, ISIS employees are eligible for annual tuition reimbursement as part of our excellent benefits package.

How do I find out about open positions with ISIS?

Our Careers page is the right place to start. Positions are posted frequently​, so we recommend you create a profile, post your resume, browse our opening and apply to jobs that interest you and for which you are qualified.

Do all ISIS positions require government security clearances?

While not all of our positions require that you have a clearance, many of our technical positions do require the ability to obtain some level of clearance, which will be stated in the job description.


Aegis (pictured) focus to provide security services for oil and gas companies, the U.S. government and the United Nations (UN). Has a force of about 5,000 soldiers in the world. Currently, Aegis is active in Afghanistan and Bahrain. Many oil and gas companies that hire the services of Aegis. 


Some of these white trucks sitting around the place are vaguely familiar....  don't you think ???

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