Friday 5 September 2014

Tricks of the Puppet Masters: "I BELIEVE" and "I HOPE"

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Hmmm... Love the poster... but man.... There's something up with that word "BELIEVE". Every time I see it, read it, hear it...  it feels like the door of Full Authenticity gets slammed in my face. 

"Believe" is a word like "Hope". I think they're a couple of the "trick words" that have been put in front of humanity to stall our direct progress to finding out who we REALLY ARE.

ie: If we "believe" something, we are not standing in FULL INTEGRITY. We have GIVEN AWAY OUR CROWN and are now buying-into somebody else's Truth. It's not our own Truth. It's just something that lazy Slave Mind has decided sounds reasonable, so chooses to "go along with it". 

This is the problem with NOT exercising FULL SOVEREIGNTY.  You can get pulled into all kinds of "games".

In the same way, if we "hope" for something, we deny the FULLNESS of the CRAP we are standing in and therefore, deny ourselves whatever that experience is. 

Why not just experience it? ... rather than "hope" our way out of it. 

Why are we so resistant to having a whole variety of human experiences? -  It's only in OUR particular human skin, that Consciousness can have this experience FULLY.  So why not HAVE IT ??

Therefore: "BE IN" one's experience. It's just another "stage" ... another Act in the drama that IS this "life". 

ref: Holographic Disclosure vids on YouTube. 

It's alright... This too shall pass.

Obviously...  If someone is threatening to kill you, get your ass out of there !!

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