Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Our Declaration of Freedom from the Dark Cabal

April 30, 2012 at 9:01pm

This is quite likely to be an annual event...  Say the prayer anyway...  Because it will go into the Eternal Infinite which has NO TIME   -  and so will be added to the prayers of people all over the world for the 2012 gathering...  And for this year also, whenever it is planned to be.

The Declaration of Our Freedom: 

We call to Michael the archangel to cut all ties to all dark magic down one week before and one week after Bohemian grove gathering in July/october as well as anything down on that day. We cut ties to all elementals they may misuse including all Gods, Goddess or any deity, violet flaming them to clean up all out of balance energies, Angelite energy to heal; now we connect all these elementals back to the creator commanding them to be neutral or only emitting love.

We cut ties to all these satanic magicians and their apprentices have between each other and all oaths, vows, or rituals they may have taken together to give them more power. We cut all ties to any energy coming from their group work. See all ties, binds, blood oaths and bee/swarm mentality being cut between these individuals, groups and anyone trying to create a New World Order, including ET’s, Reptilians, Nordic-reptilian hybrids, Satan, Lucifer and all their seed, the Nephilim, Grey's, Illuminati, and their seed, any satanic magician and their secret societies they have created to keep them in power. As ties are cut see their energy coming off of each other and any of the projects and programs binding them. We see all their plans and projects falling apart.

We cut the ties to the Goddess Athena and her owl, reversing all dark spells that hold the female energy in bondage including the mother earth.

We cut all ties to the god and goddess of chaos and war or any dark entity the may be trying to invoke. See any dark energy/ spirits that are wandering around the planet, they allowed in, in or out of body to be cut from the earth plain and anything they have bonded too. We tie and bind them putting them through the violet flame to clean them up and send them back to the Divine filling those empty spaces up with an Angel of Peace.

We cut the ties to any black/satanic magician that is using any ritual or symbol to rent the veils to other dimensions, open any star gates, time portals including any in Bohemian grove. We call the violet flame through these portals to clean them up. Fill the portals up with Divine energy, close and seal them forever. NOW! We cut ties to all their misuse of any sacred symbol. We anchor the violet flame in that symbol to keep its energy from being misused and see all symbols being reversed every time they use them...Including the Nazi swastika.

I call to the Higher Selves of all participating in any Bohemian grove ceremony to step forward into the light. Cut all the ties Michael the Archangel & Shiva to unbalance, fear of women, patriarchy, genocide, rape, pillage, plunder, incest, greed, power, gladiator mentality, military, war, might is right mentality, from their energy field, cells, atoms, molecules, all the way down to their DNA. Going backwards and forwards through all their incarnations. As this energy is released I call the violet flame through them & all their works that are misdirected. Cut all ties to all black art & negative ceremonies that are being done & any will to manipulate humanity & the earth for greed & profit. As it is released I call Divine Male/Female Human – God consciousness into the reptilian part of their brain. They now will have compassion, kindness along with a great desire to give their wealth back to the poor.

For those who do not choose to share their wealth. We cut all ties to their money/energy sources sending that energy back to the creator to clean it up and back to all the people they have taken including cleaning up the planet.

We cut all ties they have to Atlantis, Hitler, manifesting the 4th Reich and NWO. We see Michael the archangel taking his sword and chopping all these plans to pieces giving them no more forward movement. We see all their plans falling apart…all of them including the NDAA, CISPA, and the Patriot Act to name a few

We anchor the violet flame in the heart of bohemian grove letting it spread to cover all the grounds and everyone that steps on these grounds neutralizing all black magic and dark thought forms.

As all their dark plans fall apart the Golden age of Divine enlightenment manifests.

SO BE IT !!!


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