Saturday, 6 November 2021

Formal complaint to TVNZ for Inaccurate, Unfair, Discriminatory and Unbalanced reporting. Please do the same.

Where to go to make a formal complaint 

Your formal complaint - by BronnyNZ

Thursday November 4, 2021 at approximately 7:45am. Interview with Dr Samantha Murton conducted by John Campbell about vaccine exemption -

The interview was not factual and therefore inaccurate. Under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 all people have the right to medical exemption and are legally able to refuse the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Note article 11 of the Act: "Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment." 
- Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

The interview was not fair, it was discriminatory. The lexicon and tone of the interview harshly denigrated, belittled and ostracised people who choose to abstain from the vaccine program being recommended currently by the NZ government. Note: A mandate is not a law.

There was absolutely no balance in the portrayal of whether people in NZ have a choice or not to vaccinate. To quote John Campbell, "There are around 100 people in NZ who will be eligible to be exempt."

This is categorically NOT the case under NZ law. 100% of ALL people in NZ can legally refuse the Pfizer (or any other drug company's) Covid-19 vaccine under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

In fact, the populations of the whole world are exempted from taking the Covid-19 vaccine under the Nuremberg Code, including New Zealanders!

News delivered by Indira at 8:00 am November 4, 2021. Inaccurate and unfactual report of the USA's FDA approving vaccination for 6-12 year olds. That is untrue. The FDA have approved trials only. It is not approved universally as no human trials have ever been conducted for these age groups.

Is TVNZ really that eager to throw the children of New Zealand to the hungry wolves of the pharmaceutical industry? Why is that? Who are the people in TVNZ, people in political positions, and their agents who have a vested interest in enriching themselves off the future unwellness of our children? Go to Medsafe to see that over 200 people in NZ to date have DIED as a direct result of taking the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Many 100s more people in NZ are now permanently vaccine damaged - enlarged hearts (myocarditis), strokes, paralysis (eg: Bell's Palsy), etc. Why isn't TVNZ reporting on the vaccine damage that is being done to New Zealanders?

As the Fourth Estate, these are the actual questions your reporters need to be looking into - not pandering to the needs of entities who enjoy TVNZ's services as their propaganda arm!



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