Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The Meghan and Harry show! - Takes heat off Prince Andrew and his pedo-activities! The Queen knew months ago !!! Ammunition held in reserve to distract the public (us). Windsors knew Epstein-Andrew filthy laundry would eventually be inspected! #Vile Weapons of mass distraction... and isn't it working well? #PedoAndrew

TVVC is being heavily shadow banned by YouTube. Example: Empty YouTube video preview below (as you can see).  Ask yourself: Why is that? What is TVVC channel saying that YouTube (deep state agent) wants to hide?  Therefore: Subscribe to TVVC channel on YouTube. Please see how VV has been blocked out of his own channel by YouTube in mid-December at the end of this video. This YouTube channel is a re-start. 70,000 subs were lost from the original channel. So much for being a public platform with every tax break under US law, right? Lots of law suits coming soon! (I am sure)

Bottom line: Do you want the real news? Sub to TVVC then! Content is always very well-researched with often alarming information and very often with different perspectives! Very interesting commentator. You won't find this information anywhere else on the internet - substantiated with proofs and research you can easily do yourself. TVVC: Insider! (I believe - solid infornation). Note: This is an independent endorsement. I'm not paid to say any of this! 

Please view video here of this Meghan-Harry white-wash story which is intended to replace the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia horror story in the news cycle. Expand your thinking. Think logically! (link) >


January 14, 2020

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