Thursday, 21 July 2016

Two leaders of Turkey - Erdogan and Gulen. ISIS implications.


Turkey is the lynch-pin between East and West, and historically, always has been... ever since Alexander the Great and right back into the Hittite civilisation of c.1400 BCE. The Hittites were hammering away at the Egyptians (from which Roman/British/American rule comes) and the Babylonians (from which Judaism comes) for hundreds of years. Turkey is a NATO pivotal territory, and as such, is freely armed by NATO affiliates. 

What NATO have failed to publicly recognise and acknowledge, is the influence of Gulen on Turkey. 

How the hell can you run a country when somebody else who has his hand in the pocket of the USA jerking them off, is actually manipulating a range of situations from offshore?

Who is to say that Turkish military who are faithful to Gulen, haven't been committing "ISIS" attacks by proxy? We know that "ISIS" is USA sponsored. We know there are have been over 200,000 private military contractors (PMCs) in Syria and Iraq all through 2013-2016 largely supplied by ex-USA military. We know this war was designed to continue until 2017. We have seen the contracts written by such organisations as DynCorp, Aegis, Unity Resource, Triple Canopy, Academi (previously Blackwater), and dozens of others...

The MSM is in place to tell us lies. Therefore, if your inclination is to listen to their propaganda rather than apply your own thoughtful consideration to the situation, you may end up in a world of trouble. 

I saw the whole 6 hours of the coup on Friday night... (Saturday morning NZ time). It is my honest opinion that nothing was faked and that everything is as Erdogan says it is. The democratically elected government has proof of Gulen being behind these acts of violence against Turkish infrastructure and the people of Turkey. This is being compiled and is being sent to Washington DC. Gulen needs to be extradited. Many paths are leading back to that multi-millionaire 'business man'. He has a following of millions in the muslim world - particularly in Turkey. 

Is Gulen actually the individual that US entities meet with and conjure up magick tricks to keep all of the world blinkered? Gulen may be exactly as Erdogan describes him... And if we find that to be the case, it definitely explains a lot of what has gone on throughout the Middle East since the rising of "ISIS" in early 2014.

Please see this blog for around 100 posts and mirrored articles and videos on this subject. Thanks. Search keywords on the blog: ISIS, PMC, PMCs, US hegemony, ISIS Putin, Putin Syria, DynCorp, DynCorp PMC, Syria, Iraq...

Suffice to say... I feel the situation in Turkey as we see it now on the MSM is a tiny < 10% fraction of what's actually going on. I'm watching "Al Jazeera" news outlet on the emerging situation personally, as I know other MSM outlets are only there to spew propaganda. Al Jazeera had extremely good coverage of the coup on Friday night with dozens of very good guests and eye witnesses. I suggest you use Al Jazeera to get a less biased view of the situation. Thanks.

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