Friday 29 August 2014

New Zealand overseas debt approx $83,000,000,000 - 83 billion $$$. Much of this debt is held by CHINA !! Tim Mcindoe MP tells all.

Direct Public Debt by Currency of Payment

As part of its debt management activities, the Government enters into currency swap agreements, which have the effect of converting the principal obligations on New Zealand's external debt into a different currency.
The following table shows the direct public debt of New Zealand at 30 June 2013 by currency of payment after swap positions are taken into account and shows the estimated interest for the year ending 30 June 2014 including swap positions.

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(dollar amounts in millions)Amount outstanding
at 30 June 20131
Estimated interest
for the year to 30 June 20142
External Debt
Repayable in United States Dollars796.58.6
Repayable in Japanese Yen0.00.2
Repayable in Pounds Sterling9.40.7
Repayable in Euro0.07.0
Repayable in Other Currencies0.07.2
Internal Debt69,969.93,543.6
Total Direct Public Debt71,099.8

That's the June 30 2013 figures...  It's up to over $83b currently.    Page 41  

New Zealand's overseas debt, Discontinued in June 2013. E3

Apparently National has been curtailing its spending over the last year or so which has resulted in a $5,000,000,000 pat on the back for them.  GO YOU GUYS !!

We appreciate the effort and the "all too little too late approach" but can't IGNORE the FACT that...

WE ARE NOW IN THE SHIT BY $70 BILLION DOLLARS MORE than when you lot came into power in 2008.

What ???  

Yeah... A real "money manager" aren't you John Key?

No... ALL YOU ARE is a GAMBLER !!  

Ex-Foreign Exchange Trader, Global Share Market head honcho:

John Key

And what have we got to show for it ??


- A new road to Auckland, a still broken city and 49% of our power infrastructure sold off to your mates - Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, E. Rothschild, P. Warburg, CityBank, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, securities companies aplenty... now OWN MY POWER.

NOT OK !! 


I've had quite enough of this man's lies and smarmy attitude...
Haven't you ??

28 Aug 2014. NZ's overseas debt. Tim Mcindoe MP, Hamilton West. 

Published August 29, 2014

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Tim Mcindoe MP National, spoke frankly to students on Thursday 28 Aug 2014, in the build-up to the New Zealand General Election on 20 September.

Mcindoe was interesting, heartfelt and insightful. He's a genuinely nice guy.
Thanks for coming and speaking to our class Tim. It was good to meet you.  

For Reserve Bank debt figures go to:   Statistics - Discontinued statistics -  International position -  E3 Discontinued

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Thank you.  There's 50 minutes on the original audio.


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