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Are you this "PERSON" ?? Reflections on SLAVERY.

"TO BE... or NOT TO BE..."

That IS the question !!

Ref:  The Cestui Qui Vie Act (1666) - All Humans Owned by London

"I AM Sovereign Being" shows up in FULL DECLARATION and KNOWLEDGE of Who he or she Is.

"Sovereignty" is one of the corner-stones of AWAKENING.

Sovereigns are no longer "persons" in Law. 

To BE Come Sovereign Being, I have struggled with and torn off the Mask of my "personhood".

It is the mask of "personhood" that binds me to the Court system in law, to the Stock Exchange, to the Police/ Policy Force, to the Commercial Trading system = Admiralty Law, to all Banking systems, to Laws of Parliament - tax law, education law, health law, housing law, marriage law...

I no longer Stand as a "Person" UNDER their system. 

So to move OUT of their system, I no longer "Under Stand".

I STAND as Sovereign Being.

"Persona" which is Latin (the language of the Romans) means MASK.

It is the theatical mask performers of a play would wear. No actors would perform with their own face showing -

This is where the legalese of the western world ties us up... because we agree that "I am that person." ie: the law turns us into a legal fiction because we make agreement with that definition... "Are you this person?" A "person" is  a  MASK  = A non-living, Fictional Entity in Law... and most of the time humanity says "Yes. I AM that 'person'." 

But we need to learn how to say "No, I am not that fictional mask the courts of law and the Registrar of Births would have me be... I am living Sovereign Being, eternal... whose true nature can never be put in the ground... : )



I take hold of my Crown and it sits FIRMLY on my Head.


Roman comedy | Humanities:

Do you ask me to willing turn myself over once again to:

BONDage (economic term), or of presenting myself as anything LESS THAN "FULL SOVEREIGN SELF" ??

You DO know the energy-intentioning behind "the Mask" that makes us Fictional Non-Human Non-Living entities in law "persona", is thousands of years old, right? You have to undo that Black Magick first on the planet... And that hasn't been done yet.

These mechanisms are the very tools by which the Cabal keeps us in Irons-Ions, in Bonds-Bondage, as Stock and Bonds, Cattle-Chattel that is Exchanged, upon which value is Derivative, in which THEY have an Interest. It is NOT in OUR Interest !!

We ARE The Value.

But They entrap us in the Low Resonance Field of SLAVES, and they ask us: "Are you this PERSON?" and we say "Yes", because we don't know this is a Magic Trick.  And therefore, this system is still upon us because of our own ignorance.

While people still go "to work" every day to get MONEY to pay for LIVING, they are SLAVES. 

We can not ignore this. 

There is a Slavery System currently operating here on Planet Earth. 

Slavery has always equated to "dehumanization" - of seeing "the other" as "non-human"... 

Which is 'wear the Mask' comes in... 
-  Because the Slave Masters DON'T want to SEE the HUMANITY in each one of us.

I encourage people to get their Mask OFF  ... not to go looking for another Mask to put back on which hides the radiance of their True A-Live, Living, Amazing, Eternal BEing.

Discussion from the Facebook Group:


It's ALL the SAME STORY: the "Presumption of Ownership".

WHOSE DEBT did you say... ???

The Presumption of OWNERSHIP over ALL INFORMATION:


Broad implications...

Letter written by Hone Harawira. 13 September 2012.  Kia ora John, I’m down at Turangawaewae for the water hui, and I just wanted to clear up a few things before I go in.  You see John, there’s quite a bit of confusion about how Maori are being pushed to help you with your asset sales problem, but there doesn't seem to be much of a push from your side to help Maori with any of our problems – like poverty, low wages, massive unemployment, poor housing, benefit cuts … you know the rest.  We know things are hard for your government right now, what with trying to sell off power companies when you don’t own the water that drives them – but really John, that’s something your officials should have sorted out a long time ago. (excerpt)

Same shit... Different bucket !!

And this is how it WILL roll out... The People of the WORLD have INTENDED it !!

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