Wednesday 7 May 2014

NZ Psychoactive Subsances Amendment Bill in effect from today

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For the greater good in the long term, that which was previously thought to be safe was in effect, recalled. It was NOT safe due to a lack of prior testing. That was one of the most STUPID things the Act allowed imo.

Also, people MUST take personal responsibility for their actions. On Tuesday night in the House, MP Mike Sabin from Northland said, "When we take a mind altering substance, it WILL alter our mind."  ie: no-one's holding a shotgun to your head.

The action needed to undo all of this STUPID lack of forethought, was an amendment to the law. We've got that now. Yeah... It's all going to be screwed up for a while. The Crown Corporation once again comes out the winner (nothing new) by harvesting its citizens... in this case by flip-flopping on laws. I really do think the main focus for any prosecutions will be on retailers or individuals selling underground. I think there will be every sympathy for individuals detained, who I think most people acknowledge now, are driven by their raw addiction.

Let's not get too hung up on synthetics. In the long term, it's out the door. My hope is synthetics will NEVER be sold in this country again.

Long live decriminalisation of cannabis, right? It's high time (yes, a pun) to legalise dak... WITH proper monitoring yes and a bit of "nanny state" thrown in for good measure, and various other social wellbing safety nets in place.

Keep the kids safe, right?  Both the teenagers AND the little ones at home with parents who get lost in their addictions. It can't be open slather like synthetics were. That would be pure folly upon pure folly.

- by BronnyNZ



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