Thursday, 2 December 2021

"NO PANDEMIC" says Norwegian professor and WHO consultant. HERE COMES THE SHIT... FLOATING TO THE SURFACE !!!!


Image source and original Norwegian article

"The Norwegian news media, Steigan. no, quotes professor Astrid Stuckelberger to say, "I am no prophet. I only explain with the science of lies, corruption, propaganda... And about the injuries caused by vaccines". Astrid Stuckelberger is a professor, doctor, she has 30 years of experience as a scientist. In the year 2009-13 she was employed by WHO with pandemics as a specialty. She has published 180 publications and 12 books.

In an interview in Hemali newspaper. no (Norway) Stuckelberger says among other things - There is no pandemic. There is corruption and cheating with research. There are record deaths in vaccines. WHO works as a company where member states are subsidiary Stuckelberger tells Nor should the media say that the dangerous thing about the vaccine is that it is causes infection.

She also says that non-governmental organizations such as GAVI – Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization – led by Bill Gates – joined WHO 2006 with a fund and that WHO has not been the same organisation since then, but has changed and developed to a new type of international Organisation. She says that GAVI got more and more influence, as well as total immunity, even more than the diplomats in the UN – and that GAVI can do exactly what they want without the police being able to do anything but watch.

Since 2012 GAVI has aimed to vaccinate the entire world's population, but in order to do this, GAVI had to have a pandemic. According to Stuckelberger it is not hard to find the documents that are open in front of us and that everyone who analyzes them will see that the media is paid by the multinational "companies" she calls international pirates reporting deaths numbers and side effects that only reflect 1-10% of reality.

At the end of October, for example, European EudraVigilance showed 29,000 deaths as a result of the vaccine, but with true estimated numbers it could be 290,000. But it is not known, as no autopsy will be done.

In the United States, the vaccine death rate is three times higher than the total number of vaccines received in the past 35 years. The numbers are official but without clinical research or validation and the research has not been completed yet, the vaccination of the world continues to unruly.

Stuckelberger says, "It is horrible and truly criminal."

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