Thursday, 10 May 2012

Using Affirmations

How do you feel after or even during two whole hours of doing positive self talk ?? Writing is very very good. So is mental inner thought or spoken-out-loud (even whispered) repetition. It doesn't matter if you come back to the same affirmation often over and over again. Don't worry if all this feels a bit 'false' for a start. You've got millions and squillions of millions of bytes to re-order and re-calibrate to a different vibration ... to the higher vibration of being in Love with You.  
This is Who we are all really seeking...  this is Who we have come to Real-ise (or Real Eyes ~ to make real in our own eyes... to Really See) ... Our Incredible, Miraculous, Marvellous Selves... who are only here by the Grace of some Strange Unfathomable Reason. We are all Incredible Miracles.  "I am an Incredible Miracle". Say it over and over and over... until you start smiling with the Real Eyes-ation of how Wonderfully True this is. "I am an Incredible Miracle... "
Keep going...  Every day say even just a few affirmations ~ over and over and over again. Repetition of the same affirmation/s over a whole day is most beneficial  eg: "I am very lovable. People love being around me"  ie: Say these two above sentences over and over and over all day in your mind or out loud as you pick mushrooms or draw, drive or go for a swim... You're a real star. Keep pushing forward.

Some days might feel like you're in the darkest, coldest, loneliest hell... But Keep Going. You actually have to keep going THROUGH  it. There's no other way. Until you can face your deepest, darkest midnight-black fears head on (with the help and love of friends around you, preferably, if possible), there will always be an unfathomable cloud hanging over you... right near...  and you will never quite know "Why".  I know it sounds scary... and it is...  but if you press forward, you will be free !!!

Affirm: "I leave the shackles of bondage behind and choose to walk forward as a free man/ or woman..."  Even though it might feel scary to leave the shackles of your known bondage behind, choose to be free...

"I am safe, I am safe, I am safe, I am safe...." say it over and over and over again.

You ARE safe. You are loved. You are the beloved (pr. be-luv'id) ie: the One who You are waiting for (in your wonderful, incredible pure form who is Eternal).

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