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Q Reveals Plan for Justice As Sessions Drops Major Hint !!

August 20, 2010

Seth Rich murders found. Donna Brazile (D), Muriel Bowser (DC mayor) and Doctor Christine Trankiem (organ donor chair) are all implicated!

Christian Schools Flourishing in Hungary !!!

August 20, 2018

Out of NOWHERE This Senator Rushed To Trump's Defense After Taking Action

August 20, 2018

There Are Major Signs That The Deep State Is Planning Something Big

August 19, 2018

Sunday, 19 August 2018

SHOCKER !! Naming names #HollywoodPedophiles BOMBSHELL Q drops #AndersonCooper Euro-Monarchy Pedos #9thCircleSatanicCult #Pedovores #CatholicPopes - Please share this video with your networks.

August 18, 2018

CHAOS in Sweden | 150 cars TORCHED by "youth gangs" - Peter Sweden

August 19, 2018

One of the "youth" offenders who burned Swedish cars (an Iraqi national) was arrested in Turkey the next day! Wtf?!  Why was he released from police custody in the first place? How did he get out of Sweden? Note: clearly there are no checks at the borders, since Sweden is part of the EU so (has to) abide with the EU nonsensical Angela Merkel-driven "open border" policies.

With so much CCTV surveilling us in the cities, why was this man (not a youth) not tracked in his every step? He clearly made it to an airport, or a railway station, and fled Sweden !!  NOT OK!!  Where did he get the money from for his plane and/or train ticket. Of course - from the Swedish tax payer, who just had their cars burned by him and his affiliates !!  Let "Swedish logic" play with these incongruities for a little longer. One day they will work it out!

#StockholmSyndrome is very specifically a Swedish affliction. That's where the abused allies him/herself with the perpetrator of a crime. I've never seen another nation of people collectively behaving this way, from any cultural or tribal group in the world. The Swedish collective (natives and settled residents) is being forced to face their collective cognitive dissonance. It's probably time they did.

Naturalized Swedes are the nicest, most kind people in the world. They cannot understand that there are cultures in the world who actually prize creating disruption, who will commit murder, rape, steal, or lie, for an advantage. Islam's prophet says to do all of these things to a non-Muslim - "infidel". It's high time that Swedes wake up to these facts. God help the Swedes on their journey of collective realization...

FAKE NEWS: "There are NO Muslim no-go zones in Europe and Sweden." - woman is gang raped for 3 hours in a no-go zone. Police arrive 2 hours after being notified of the rape which was being live-streamed on YouTube. Sweden !!! ????

SWEDEN. 13 BOMBS in 25 DAYS !! Have you heard about this? - more excellent content by Peter Sweden. Subscribe. He has a free voice, since he lives in Norway. He could not report so frankly if he was living inside Sweden. That is a fact!

All people are equal - as far as our human needs and aspirations are concerned... but some people truly are more equal than others. Ie: Some people will actually treat others according to Jante's Law, where all people truly are: "The same".

Jante's Law cannot exist between Muslims and any other religion. Islam is very explicit - "Islam must rule the world" - by whatever means can be applied by the individual believer!

The combination of Stockholm Syndrome mixed in with Jante's Law is a lethal cocktail indeed! Until individual Swedes can think their way out of this conundrum without the overriding "collective voice" echoing in their ears, they will continue to live in their own self-prescribed prison, which is: "Sweden attempting to embrace all cultures and creeds." That is your prison. Sense will ultimately prevail. Imbalance always seeks balance.

Prediction: Huge social change just ahead for Sweden!

This is the arsonist's police photo. Clearly, not a youth:

Oh right... The "Swedish Democrats" did it. And "the Russians" did it! Even the pop stars are telling people it was "Russia". Come along now people... just look at the CCTV footage. You can clearly see who the "youths" were who torched cars inside the Muslim enclave no-go zones. These suburbs in Sweden's cities are called "no-go zones" because if you are white (non-Muslim), you will get murdered if you go there. Not even the Swedish police go into these no-go zones !!!  (Wtf?)  It's time to call in the army !!

Click to enlarge

News article: Leading centre party launches a conspiracy theory about car fires: "They want the election (September 9) to be about car fires". - Johan Hedin

Gothenberg. The Centre Party's legal spokesman Johan Hedin is one of many who was upset by Monday (13 August) car fires in western Sweden. But he is also convinced that there is an agenda behind it all. In a post on Facebook, he writes about how those who turned on the cars did it in order to influence the exchange rate [probably means: election opinion polls].

Politician for the Swedish Centre Party Johan Hedin on Facebook said:

I got really angry at these inconsiderate people who start car fires.

There can only be one agenda for this behaviour: They want the election to be about car fires. They want to stir up hatred and fear. They want to spread the image that Sweden is a lawless society, and that Sweden cannot exist any more.

What can be the reason for this? – it can only be speculated upon. I hope it is not orchestrated by the “dark forces” that threatens our democracy and our independence - but there is not much hope for it: the effect is the same anyway.

*grimace*  Oh dear...

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Flemish Nationalist Youth Meet Viktor Orban - Dries Van Langenhove

August 10, 2018

BREAKING: Massive RIOTS all over Sweden - 60 cars on fire

August 13, 2018

Watch polling for Jimmy Åkesson and Swedish Democrats now go through the roof !!

Why I believe in Q? Dan AZ #QStories #WeAreQ #21

August 14, 2018

The Central Bank Illusion Is Falling Apart, Kim Dotcom Warns Of A Crash

August 13, 2018

The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Coming Together. The More You Know.

August 13, 2018

The Central Bank lmploding - We Are Coasting To The Collapse.

August 14, 2018

Tom Fitton: Firing of Peter Strzok a 'SIGNIFICANT BLOW' to Credibility

August 14, 2018

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Trump wants new Hillary Clinton Investigation following Peter Strzok firing #FBI

August 14, 2018

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August 14, 2018

Friday, 10 August 2018

Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Spy Ops, and FISA. Comfy? Q Anon 8.10.18

August 10, 2018

Long but excellent !!!

Spielberg, Geffen & Feldman. This will expose you!

March 24, 2018

Obscene language advisory. Alex Jones on The Anthony Cumia Show - Incensed!

August 7, 2018

Who is QAnon? Take the RED PILL. See how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Article August 10, 2018: Who is QAnon? Take The Red Pill And We Will See How Far This Rabbit Hole Goes

Article on "The Goldwater"

Video: Q - The Plan To Save The World (Subtitles)

Please share this article, the Goldwater article and the video above by "The storm is upon us" with all of your social media networks.  #WWG1WGA  Thank Q.

‘Q’ Community responds to media attacks 8 August 2018 - Epoch Times (NY)

Article here on Epoch Times

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Together, we counter the MSM narrative. This is the only way. We must share this information with our own networks if we want to be successful in our mission over overcoming the cabal - via public awareness.

It's not up to Trump (or anyone else) to do this single-handedly. It's up to us all to participate. Thank Q.

"Where we go one we go all."   #WWG1WGA

"Trump is finally doing what JFK wanted - He's calling out the corrupt mainstream media."

See video here > Truth and Art TV

The audience at President Donald Trump’s "Make America Great Again" rally in Tampa, Florida on July 31, 2018. Photo: Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times.

Q anon August 10, 2018 - "Showtime". CF >> Human trafficking hotline! - Q

August 10, 2018

Q: "Time is up!" FISA to be unveiled, arrests near, Clinton is going down!

August 9, 2018

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Viktor Orban: 5 Tenets to Building a Post-Globalist World Order !!!

Image source. Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán

Dr. Steve Turley
Published on Aug 3, 2018

Proponents of a new post-globalist Europe includes: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and now Italy. Also - Scandinavian countries, Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, the Republic of Georgia, and others.

Here are the 5 tenets:

1. The right of every European nation to defend its Christian culture.

2. The revitalization of the traditional family.

3. The right of every European country to defend nationally strategic economic sectors and markets that are of crucial importance to it.

4. The unwavering right for every country to defend and secure its borders.

5. The right to insist on the principle of "one nation, one vote" as the foundation of democratic society.

Friday, 3 August 2018


August 2, 2018

“You’re A King Of LIES”. Conway ANNIHILATES Acosta re: Ongoing Soap Opera.

August 3, 2018


As Corey Feldman says: "The casting couch also applies for child actors."

July 29, 2018

Articles about Dyncorp on this blog:

CHILD TRAFFICKING: U.S.A. Private Military Contractors (PMCs) - 2015

Child Baby Sacrifice, Sex SLAVERY, drinking the blood, eating the flesh - 2015

Do you really want to know what the USA was pre-POTUS45 ?? @realDonaldTrump 

See the following article. Lots of links  >

USA-EU-NATO Collusion 2014 gave Turkey ISIS PMC funding. Bulgaria blockaded!

Famous Actor Exposes Hollywood Pedophiles! Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, ...

July 28, 2018

Thursday, 2 August 2018

POTUS #Trump Acknowledges #QAnon - MSM REELING! #WWG1WGA

August 2, 2018

USA-EU-NATO Collusion 2014 gave Turkey ISIS PMC funding. Bulgaria blockaded!

This information is more important than you can imagine. Why did the Obama administration USA, the United Kingdom, the European Union and NATO collude together against Bulgaria, while promoting Turkey as the country who should win the Russia-gas pipeline contract?  It's a big question. When this question is fully answered, we will find how deep the tentacles of the deep state had gotten into everything, internationally.

Thankfully, "she" didn't win. God bless President Donald J. Trump.

To make the connection with ISIS (private mercenaries - PMCs) and Turkey as a financial backer of ISIS, please see these articles published on this blog in 2014-2016.

F*ck the EU! Bulgaria Does a Complete 180, Comes Running Back to Bargaining Table With Russia

Vesti News - Published on Jun 4, 2018

After a 4-year break, Russian-Bulgarian relations saw a drastic thaw. It's been only a week since the visit of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev to Russia, but the country's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, also arrived in Moscow with assurances of the most friendly intentions and a proposal to resume projects frozen by Bulgaria itself: the construction of a gas pipeline to Bulgaria (but now via Turkey) and the nuclear power plant in Belene.

Following are screenshots from the video with text underneath that can be translated. See "Translate" at the top right on this blog. Please share this article with your networks, and with your non-Russian and non-English speaking networks and audiences. The world needs to know how deep the corruption went, and to what extent the deep state created disruption in all countries around the world over the last 250 years - since 1776. Thank you.

 At the other end of the country, in the port of Varna...

 ... the pipes for yet another derailed Bulgarian-Russian project -

 - the South Stream gas pipeline - keep gathering dust, although

 ... its construction was about to begin a few years ago.

Volen Sidorov, United Patriots faction chairman: "American senators came here and said..."

 "Stop. It won't do." [ - American senators John McCain, Ron Johnson and Christopher Murphy.]

 The omnipresent McCain came to Sofia. [capital of Bulgaria]

Then an inexperienced member of the European Union, Bulgaria, tried to please Brussels and Washington...

 (same text as above)

 ... even to the detriment of themselves.

 Bulgarian grandfather: "No job, no enterprise."

 [Bulgarian man:] "Yes. Many moved abroad."

"I for one, am 27 years old, and I spend all my time in Denmark." [where he works]

[The city of] Belene had a small stadium built with EU money and has the EU flag waving over it.

What an alternative to a nuclear power plant and tens of thousands of jobs!  [Russian sarcasm]

Therefore, the whole of Bulgaria carefully followed the [Bulgarian] prime minister's visit to the Kremlin.

It's the first Russian-Bulgarian summit in almost 10 years.

Boyko Borisove, Bulgaria's PM: "We know about the difficult relations in the past..."

[Putin:] "It's a shame, and as far as I can see, Bulgaria as well regrets that the South Stream project was not implemented..."

 "... because it would have greatly benefited Bulgaria."

If the South Stream project had been initially implemented, Bulgaria would be a powerful gas hub...

[Bulgaria would by now have been] directly receiving gas from Russia via a pipeline laid along the bottom of the Black Sea.

But after the contract failed, Moscow and Andara announced the construction of the Turkish Stream:

[Specifically due to USA Senators McCain, Johnson and Murphy, and the EU and NATO #DeepState puppets 
colluding with each other, against Bulgaria !!!! ]

 And now Sofia asks that at least a branch of the Turkish Stream go to Bulgaria...

 ... while it was following directions from Brussels and Washington.

 The countries in charge of the EU put their own interests first.

[I would say: "The globalists in charge of the EU put their own interests first," since no EU "country" or "countries" is in charge of the EU. The "European Union" (a dictatorship) is a globalist entity that works for the globalist elite families. See "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog.]

 [Reporter:] But it was clear several years ago that Bulgaria lost a most profitable contract.

 [Businessman:] "It was always clear. It's not just double standards, but insanity."

[Borisove:] "We had backed out of these projects for the sake of principle."

[undoubtedly, of wanting to show allegiance to the EU, since Bulgaria was recently made a new member].

 [Putin:] "We do understand however what this is all about."

 "Everyone has a clear understanding of what is going on..."

 "... and no one wants to see any failures or disruptions again."

[Putin:] "Gazprom's total loss due to the cancellation of the [Bulgarian] South Stream was around 800 million euros..." [ = US$ 927 million]

 "... which was written off as a loss."

This year is the anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke by Russian troops.

["Ottoman Empire" = the expansive Turkish Empire of the 19th century]

 "Bulgaria is grateful to the Tsar liberator."

The monument to [Russian tsar] Alexander II in the very centre of Sophia is maintained and illuminated in the night.

 [Putin:] Bulgaria would get 400 million euros annually...  [ = US $463 million ]

 "... from the transit of Russian gas through the South Stream."

 [Putin:] "The volume of gas through Bulgaria, if the decision is made, will depend on the situation in the European gas market..."

 "... including the Nord Stream-2."

Despite all the difficulties, even now the economic ties between the two countries are developing.

Most Bulgarians are sure that a full-scale restoration of the bilateral relations is simply inevitable.

 Svetlana Sharenkova, chair of the Bulgaria-Russia forum: "We're genetically tied."

 [Sharenkova:]  "External influence and donations can't erase this connection."

[Is this a reference to the Clinton Foundation that receives "donations" in return for kick-backs from the USA tax-payers via the Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations since 1993 ?? ] #DeepState

 [Sharenkova:] "80% of Bulgarians want a steady and fruitful relationship with Russia."

See this article also:

- published on 6/10/14 by Radio Bulgaria -

After the meeting on Sunday with US senators John McCain, Ron Johnson and Christopher Murphy, Bulgarian PM Plamen Oresharski announced the suspending of South Stream [contract] until clarifying EC position. Photo: BGNES

[Excerpt]. Bulgaria found itself in unprecedented situation after it was threatened with sanctions by Brussels and Washington at the same time, because of the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline on Bulgarian territory. Moscow described the actions of the Bulgarian government as “energy blackmail against Russia”. Western media commented that the pressure exerted over Bulgaria was successful, while Russian media blamed the USA for making a smashing blow against the South Stream project. The events in Bulgaria took a sharp turn in just a day. The Bulgarian people could not comprehend exactly what had happened.  

- by Tania Harizanova

The answer to the Bulgarian people is: #AmericanCollusion !!!

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ARRESTS SOON !! Bill and Hillary Clinton - Selling uranium to Russia.

Report: CIA USA "deep state" supply chain to Middle East exposed #ISIS. Verified!

What is the 'deep state'? Why did McCain (R) serve the Obama administration's purpose in 2014 to redirect the Russia-Bulgaria gas project to Turkey? Why was it important to do that? On whose authority? Who ordered it? ie: Who was/is Obama's and Hillary Clinton's boss? What was the end-game? Has that end-game now been obliterated, ever since Donald Trump was elected to the USA Presidency on November 8, 2016? Why does the USA and UK MSM continually mis-report, mis-represent, distort and mis-characterize President Donald J. Trump? Is it because he and the military Generals around him are bringing down the 'deep state'?  #QAnon #Q #WWG!WGA 

SES Senior Executive Service - Field McConnell of Abel Danger. April 8, 2018

Who and What is the DEEP STATE? Who are their puppets? The way ahead.

Steele on Putin: "A seriously cool good guy who is taking down the Deep State."

Guantanamo Bay prepares for high profile inmates - by Ronald F Owens Jr

"Why I Think Trump & Putin Are Trolling The World Right Now" - Jordan Sather

Alternative media is AWAKENING... David Vose, Jordan Sather, Bronny NZ and others