Tuesday, 19 June 2018

WOW! Q Drops Laser Beam Precision PROOF- Future Proves Past !!!!!

Video: WOW! Q Drops Laser Beam Precision PROOF- Future Proves Past !!!!!

Truth and Art TV - Published on Jun 17, 2018

Truth and Art TV weekend weekly podcast #51
Recorded Sunday morning June 17, 2018

Today I review a few important topics including a continuation of the topic of the "new world order" which I covered last week. I also discuss some of the latest tactics of the Left and the latest in the Q anon drops. Join me.

Watch Saturday Night Live video at 2:20 "It's coming" says Q regarding attacks on Q anon just like the mainstream media and Hollywood attacks Trump. This is evidence that even they (the media and Hollywood) realize that Trump and Q Anon are inseparable.

Here is the video posted on Twitter that Q posted on drop # 1529 that was supposed to be an Obama speech at Bilderberg. Confirmed. It's not. See note below https://mobile.twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/s...

The video turned out to be out of context and thus fake and for that reason I pulled my original from today down and re-recorded the ending.

FYI- Here is the original video of the Obama speech in Belgium in 2014 proving the video posted on Twitter is Obama being taken out of context- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8Mrt...

[Note that Q posted the video on 8chan BEFORE the person on Twitter was notified that the video could be a fake. Proving that Q is NOT AI right but human instead!]

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New to Q anon, the Great Awakening and the Trump Storm?

Start here:
Q Anon Basics For All Humanity- Special Report- Share Far & Wide! https://youtu.be/hmH7VY4-rUM

Want to understand the "new world order" in a more in depth manner? Watch this: An Eye-Opening Report About the "NWO" and the Great Awakening- MUST WATCH!

Why should you trust Sessions? Q anon wants you to read this article up to 100 times slowly, carefully and stopping after each sentence. This will answer the question.

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Merkel’s Government on Brink as Germans and Swedes Reject Open Borders!!!

June 15, 2018

BronnyNZ: I can personally confirm that Sweden's borders are also now closed. In August 2017 my commonlaw partner returned to Sweden and disappointingly, he got from the international airport in Copenhagen Denmark to Malmo Sweden by train, wihout ever having to produce his Passport.

Compare to his experience in June 2018 after going to  Portugal for a 'tramping holiday' when ALL passengers were waylaid in Malmo and all Passports and papers are now checked!


Source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3383612/Sweden-launches-Berlin-Wall-Denmark-desperate-bid-halt-tide-migrant-arrivals-orders-travellers-ID-time-50-years.html

President Trump makes surprise appearance on 'Fox & Friends'

June 15, 2018

Pope Francis To Be Arrested On Child Trafficking, Murder. June 21, 2018

David Zublick Channel - Published on Jun 5, 2018

An arrest warrant has been issued for Pope Francis on charges of crimes against humanity, including child trafficking and murder. Is the pontiff who just apologized for the sins of pedophile priests a predator himself? Will the pope’s arrest be the downfall of the Roman Catholic church, bringing millions of believers to their knees? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Saturday, 9 June 2018


Child trafficking and #Pedogate real and proven. 
Babies in nappies aged 1-2 years old ARE BEING RAPED !! 

Tell Americans about this... People need to fully wake up 
to what's going on in their own States! Please share.

Published on SGT Report - June 8, 2018 

Friday, 8 June 2018

Austria closing mosques, expelling imams, cutting terrorist ties, closing borders.

Image source - Press TV

Austria unveiled a new crackdown on seven mosques and plans to expel up to 60 foreign-funded imams.

June 8, 2018 - by Martin Walsh 

Austria carries out massive crackdown operation on mosques and radical imams.

The Austrian government announced on Friday that it will expel 60 Turkish-funded imams and their families, and shut down seven Islamic mosques, according to The Daily Mail

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Austria is targeting the mosques and imams as part of its crackdown on “political Islam,” describing the operation as “just the beginning”.

Kurz said the government will be targeting the Arab Religious Community in Vienna, which runs six mosques and employs dozens of imams. The Muslims and mosques are reportedly involved in funneling money and resources to other allied-terrorist groups in Turkey.

Kurz said the mosques and imams have been working for years with terrorist groups in Turkey, and that they will be held accountable under the fullest extent of the law.

Austrian lawmakers vowed to close the borders, reduce migration, and combat radical Islamic terrorism.

At least 40 of the imams had an active application for extending their residency in Austria, but Kurz said they have been referred to immigration authorities and would be expelled from the country in the coming weeks.

The issue of combating radical terrorists from carrying out violence against innocent people isn’t exclusive to just Austria. (see articles following)

The Conservative Daily Post said the FBI confirmed in March that there are more than 3,000 open terrorism investigations in the United States. The threat of homegrown terrorists looking to carry out attacks against Americans is real.

Austria is the perfect case study showing that it is possible to elect politicians into power who will not bow down to Islam any longer.

Read the full article on Conservative Daily Post

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SWEDISH policeman comes clean! Muslim crime is draining ALL resources!

SWEDEN. 13 BOMBS in 25 DAYS !! Have you heard about this?

Kalergi Plan (1922). European immigration: Time to rethink "racism".

ARRESTED: Senate Select Intelligence Committee director James A. Wolfe LEAKER. The Swamp Rat ran... but not fast enough off the Obama-Clinton sinking ship!

Image source: James A. Wolfe — the director of security for the committee for 29 years until his abrupt departure at the end of 2017 — was indicted on three counts, including for allegedly making false statements to the FBI about providing reporters with sensitive information on matters before the committee.

Senate Select Committee director INDICTED !!

He allegedly leaked classified information to at least three different reporters, and even dated one.

June 8, 2018
by Conservative Daily Post 

Former security director for the SICJames Wolfe was arrested by law enforcement officials yesterday. Wolfe was the director of security for the committee for 29 years until his abrupt departure at the end of 2017.

The Department of Justice working alongside Federal Bureau of Investigation agents received access to information from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Wednesday.

Jeff Sessions has indicted the leaker, who had a 30-year relationship with the federal government working as a security director.

According to prosecutors in the case, Wolfe lied to the FBI in December 2017, and was dishonest about the contact he had with three separate reporters. He lied about giving information that was not readily available to the public, to two reporters.

The New York Times said that Federal prosecutors seized multiple years’ worth of email data and phone records related to its reporter, Ali Watkins.

Watkins had previously had a three-year-long relationship with Wolfe.

The indictment was unsealed this morning, June 8.

Wolfe used his personal cell-phone and his government email account to contact these reporters.

This will likely be the first of many leakers to be arrested. Leaked intelligence from the FBI offices of Andrew McCabe and James Comey building a case attempting to impeach President Donald J. Trump will likely soon be prosecuted also.

Full story here


INDICTED. ARRESTED. Former Senate IC director JAMES WOLFE - Lied. Leaked.

Leaked IG Report reveals James Comey Insubordinate & Corrupted Clinton Probe

DRAFT General Inspector's Report has Comey behind bars - TREASON !!

INDICTED. ARRESTED. Former Senate IC director JAMES WOLFE - Lied. Leaked.

Image source: James A. Wolfe, 58, who was arrested Thursday at his Maryland home, must appear at FBI headquarters on Monday for booking. He will then have an initial appearance in federal court in Washington on Tuesday.

Former Senate Intelligence Committee director of security indicted, arrested for lying to FBI about leaks to reporters

June 07, 2018 by Christian Datoc on the Washington Examiner

James Wolfe, a longtime former director of security at the Senate Intelligence Committee, was indicted and arrested Thursday night for giving false statements to FBI agents during their investigation into leaks of classified information to the media.

According to the Department of Justice, Wolfe lied to FBI agents back in 2017 "about his repeated contacts with three reporters, including through his use of encrypted messaging applications."

Wolfe is also accused of making false statements about providing "non-public information related to matters occurring before the [Senate Intelligence Committee]" to two additional reporters.

Assistant Attorney General Demers said of Wolfe's arrest. “Those entrusted with sensitive information must discharge their duties with honesty and integrity, and that includes telling the truth to law enforcement.”

In recent months, the Trump administration, assisted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has made a conscious effort to crack down on leaks to the media.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

DRAFT General Inspector's Report has Comey behind bars - TREASON !!

The former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey has been repeatedly implicated in attempts to undermine President Donald Trump.

According to sources, the draft report recently issued by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General describes the former director and his behavior as ‘insubordinate'. It exposes that his ‘higher loyalty’ may be to party loyalty, not to serving the United States.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz allegedly declares that the former FBI head acted outside his role.

Donald Trump and his campaign were right in saying that Comey attempted to undermine him. The former Bureau director’s leadership was repeatedly questioned. Comey was faulted for was his handling of the Clinton investigation.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein criticized Comey when he announced that the FBI would not be suggesting any charges in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation. Comey took many liberties when he went on TV in an attempt to clear Hillary Clinton’s name a few short months before the presidential election.

In a letter he wrote to Donald Trump which recommended firing Comey, Rosenstein pointed out that it is not the proper function of the Director of the FBI to make that kind of proclamation, nor to do so publicly.

According to the Department of Justice, the most Comey should have done was state that the investigation was completed and the findings had been turned over to federal prosecutors.

The draft report also criticizes a number of other actions by the law enforcement agency and its leadership, including how the director and Andrew McCabe mishandled the revelation that Huma Abedin’s laptop contained evidence likely related to the investigation. Horwitz criticized the FBI for ‘sitting’ on the laptop for weeks before investigating its contents and issuing a report.

McCabe was fired for being less than honest, or ‘lacking in candor’ concerning continuous leaks to the press.

The entire report will be fully released soon, this Friday or next Monday.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Sweden election year September 2018. What do the polls look like?

Source - Twitter


May 2018 - Sverige Demokraterna (SD) Swedish Democrats are neck and neck with the Social Demokraterna party. This is amazing. Well done Jimmie Akersson... It appears that Swedes want to live in a safe Sweden after all !!!

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SWEDISH policeman comes clean! Muslim crime is draining ALL resources!

SWEDEN. 13 BOMBS in 25 DAYS !! Have you heard about this?

Swedish government: MILK IS RACIST !! ... And the diving "OK" sign is RACIST !!

EyeTheSpy deleting Followers on Twitter. Why? Is Jesus real?

Listeners please be warned about EyeTheSpy... Following anyone (self included), as if they have all answers is a very, very bad idea. As a newcomer boasting on the stage of, and coat-tailing off the work of QAnon who's been around since November 29, 2017, ETS's position is fragile:

What would happen to ETS's following if other people present their well-studied research that refutes what ETS is saying? Immediately, the following begins to doubt ETS, and we can't have that now, can we? #MK

Dozens if not hundreds of people are being bumped from ETS's Twitter page - it's not just me. Anyone who has done their due diligence studying seriously in any of the areas being replied to, can tell ETS is just another CBTS try-hard. There are things ETS is saying that are 100% incorrect. I'd say up to 75% is right... it's the 25% that is the problem. 

eg: People are asking, "Is Jesus real?" 

Factually, academically, archaeologically - "No". Somebody called Jesus Christ has never been found in archaeology, nor in the Roman census records as EyeTheSpy asserts. That is a BLATENT LIE to appease the Bible belt. JC has NEVER appeared anywhere in archeology, artifacts, written records, nowhere. Ask the scholars... https://apollonius-iesuschristus.blogspot.com/2016/04/did-jesus-christ-ever-live-what-do.html

Note: I have a university degree in Classical Studies with Latin. I've been studying in these areas since 1974. I'm not saying there is not a "Spirit of Jesus" - there most certainly IS !! But he was never a man who walked the earth c.4-37 CE. That is an entire fiction! 

The above blog shows you how the mythos of Jesus came to be. This blog also shows you the very well documented, written about and followed man, in the Roman record, who the Roman Empire suppressed entirely.  It is this man who the Roman elite families modelled their "Jesus" fictional character on. All mention of this well celebrated man in histories and biographies were burned by Rome... All 16 temples of worship in honor of his teaching (not in worship of him) were destroyed by Rome, stone from stone. They do not exist now. And yet the Acropolis still stands... The Colosseum in Rome still stands. So where are the 16 temples built all over the Mediterranean world in the first and second centuries CE (AD), in honor of the Pythagorean philosopher and healer Apollonius of Tyana? Where are they? Why haven't you heard about them/him? What was/is Rome trying to hide? - to this day !! ??

I know... I know why Rome extinguished the teaching of Apollonius... 

How can you carry out a politically expansionist imperial military agenda in c.50 CE (AD) when all of your potential mercenaries (paid soldiers) around the Mediterranean are enamoured by The Message of Love? 
"Love your brother; Do good to those who harm and cheat you; Love your neighbour as yourself." 

Why are the epistles not written to the believers in Jerusalem, in Samaria, in Galilee, in Babylon? Ref: Jewish diaspora c.70 CE when Rome drove the Jews out of Judea. Many went to Babylon (where they wrote the Babylonian Talmud), others to Spain (Sephardic) and Khazaria (Ashkenazi). Why were the epistles written primarily to places in Greece, Macedonia, Thracia and Anatolia? - Galatia (Roman Anatolia), Corinth (Roman Greece), Rome (Letter to the Romans - Jewish converts to Iesus Christus would not have fled there), Ephesus (Roman Anatolia) - WHY the emphasis on Greece and Anatolia? 

- Because that is where this man was born, was educated, developed a reputation in, was followed and had many contacts in, until the age of 28 years, after which he began his "ministry" in southern Roman Judea for 3-5 years !!! 

What's the odds? - That young Anatolian philosoper, orator and healer was in Roman Judea at exactly the same time that the fictitious Iesus Christus supposedly lived in Judea-Palestina. What's the odds? 

What is today's date? Look at your Julian calendar to know whose dispensation we live under.

YOU (right now) are still living under Rome. 

It's time for the sleepers to awaken.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

EyeTheSpy has BLOCKED me on Twitter. LARP! Assange still suffers in London!

Here's my Twitter account. Feel free to connect @BronnyNZ

Hi there everyone -

Please note: I have no attachment to ETS (Eye) blocking me or not. I just think it's very weird behavior that throws up a lot of red flags! Please read on...

Did anyone pick up on any comments in EyeTheSpy threads as to why he blocked me? Apparently, ETS wants only his voice to be heard. I wonder if other Twitter accounts who are adding their knowledge and research to people's questions are also getting the boot? This is a big red flag for me! I only ever put my comments on people's questions that were not answered to, outside of the 30 minute Q & A timeframe. I did this to help people whose questions were not going to be replied to by ETS - to help them expand their understanding!

This blocking action taken against me reeks of a poser who is very insecure in his position, whose only alternative in not being busted is to shut down other researchers. Apparently ETS has no tolerance of independent researchers! Why is that?

Also: I was never rude, never abusive and never contradicted what ETS was saying... I did add links back to my blogs, since that is where my information is, and it saves me retyping the same thing over and over - so I add links. Being blocked is a great mystery to me, particularly since my actions are based in the attitude of "do no harm" !! So why did ETS block me... and many other people also, i've noticed. eg: @ 37:30 on this video.

EyeTheSpy followers and listeners, please be warned... Following anyone, ie: EyeTheSpy, as if they have all answers is a very bad idea. Anyone coercing you to follow them like a guru and particularly when they shut other voices down, definitely has a hidden agenda - of that you can be sure. 

Attention: There are things ETS is saying that are 100% incorrect. I'd say up to 75% is right... It's the 25% that is the problem. Serious example following...

Julian Assange is not in the USA. He is still locked up as a prisoner inside the Ecuadorian Embassy and has been without any internet connection (his life blood) since March 28, 2018.

EyeTheSpy's "errors" (lies) extends to Julian Assange. ETS is confirming the QAnon fable that JA is free. He is not!  eg: The UK judicial system is not going to hear a case when the Man is no longer in London UK !!  If the UK judicial system is still in discussion, Julian is still in the UK. See this video "British judge upholds UK arrest warrant for Julian Assange" published February 6, 2018 

eg: Speech by Mr. Julian Assange at the #ElevateFestival - from London UK, February 28, 2018. 

Anonymous Scandinavia - Published on Feb 28, 2018

Speech by Mr. Julian Assange at the #ElevateFestival in Austria, via LIVE-feed from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London on 28th February 2018

_ _ _ _ _ 

Following is a new video about Julian Assange published June 2, 2018. This 100% debunks EyeTheSpy's replies about Julian Assange. Herein lies the problem... 

The Q community is being led to think everything is fine with Julian. What about if he truly is not fine? Has the Q community been pursuaded to so IGNORE and NEGLECT Julian, who we have heart-feelings so deeply for ?? Are we such SHEEPLE ????  

Hence my comments - FOLLOW NO-ONE !! 

Rescue Julian Assange
American Intelligence Media - Published on Jun 2, 2018

Betsy and Thomas explain a timeline about Julian Assange since March that could explain why he is being held a prisoner in the Ecuadorean Embassy. To read the article that is discussed: Julian Assange - Political prisoner of the queen Elizabeth


QAnon very tragically told us that by early January, Julian would be in America. I seriously don't think this is true! Ever since the end of 2017, we have forgotten about Julian, believing that he is well looked after. We have now been convinced by "Eye The Spy" on Twitter that WikiLeaks has been compromised. We have totally turned our backs on Julian. What if: WikiLeaks on Twitter really IS the only 'silver thread' we have to Julian right now, and we have been pursuaded to ignore them?

How tragic is that !! ???

What idiots we are !!!

"The EU has no future". Tommy Robinson defended in EU debate by Dutch MEP

Dr Watson - Published on May 30, 2018

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Royal Pedo's, Queen indictement? Prince Phillip.

May 20, 2018


May 28, 2018

Brussels’ Revenge: Italian President Blocks Nationalist Populist Coalition

May 29, 2018

Tommy Robinson - English UK Judges have issued a death warrant

Image source

Please re-Tweet and share on social media everywhere:

"Free anti-Muslim grooming gang journalist Tommy Robinson. The UK judge has given him a death sentence! UK prisons are run by Muslims on the inside. The judge is completely cognisant of what he's done !!! #Murder #Homocide Sign the Petition!" https://chn.ge/2JbBzye via @Change

Connect with me on Twitter:  @bronnynz

The Wrongful Arrest & Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson 

Michael Black - Published on May 26, 2018

Image source @KTHopkins

UK Tommy Robinson sent to prison - It's a death sentence!

Image source: Article

Lauren Southern - Streamed live on May 25, 2018

CORRECTIONS: Hey everyone, ok so when I livestreamed this it was immediately after the incident which made it pretty difficult to get everything 100% accurate - especially when I'm not very educated in legal jargon. So just some quick corrections! 

Tommy had a suspended sentence from a while ago for reporting on grooming gangs. He was essentially being watched to see if he "messed up" again by reporting on these cases. When he got arrested it was because he was livestreaming about another grooming gang case - however my statement about him seemingly being within his rights, just reading things that were already reported - still stands for now. 

As for the media ban, that existed on the original sentence and is just being enforced again. What this means, is yes you can talk about it as an average every day citizen, but if you were to go to the court room, and try to get more facts it etc. like journalists who were in the court today - you would not be able to publish that without facing legal troubles. 

So.... that leaves us to a lot of speculation - and it's also why I have to make these corrections because I'm getting all my information second hand and not from the courts etc. Hopefully this helps a bit!

Sign the petition: Free Tommy Robinson

My tweet (use it if you want to): "Free anti-Muslim grooming gang journalist Tommy Robinson. The UK judge has given him a death sentence! UK prisons are run by Muslims on the inside. The judge is completely cognisant of what he's done !!! #Murder #Homocide Sign the Petition!" https://chn.ge/2JbBzye via @Change

See video >> #FreeTommy - Thousands Storm Downing Street, Demand Gov’t Free Tommy Robinson

by #SeekingTheTruth - Published on May 28, 2018

Thousands of British citizens are fighting back against the Orwellian police state, demanding that political prisoner Tommy Robinson is set free. Amid a total media blackout, protesters descended upon Downing Street over the weekend in protest to the UK government’s harsh 13 month prison sentence of Tommy Robinson. Thegatewaypundit.com reports:

Robinson, 35, was arrested in the UK on Friday for suspicion of breaching the peace while livestreaming a report on the trial of a child grooming gang. He is now serving a prior 13 month suspended sentence for a similar offense. In this dystopian nightmare, the father and husband was transported to jail to begin his sentence just hours after his arrest — without the ability to appeal the judge’s decision. 

Supporters of Robinson immediately called for a protest to take place the following day and hundreds have answered the call. The UK government had attempted to silence any conversation about his situation by issuing a ban against the press covering the case. Unfortunately for their plan, they cannot control social media and their effort appears to have had a Streisand Effect. 

Articles from the Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, and even Breitbart News were all taken offline in the hours following his detention. 

Robinson was arrested outside the Leeds Crown Court as he was covering the trial of 29 men for offenses including children, trafficking, and supply of Class A substances to children. 


Sign the petition: https://goo.gl/voS79p 
Original Video source for the Speech: https://goo.gl/MCchnX 
Article Source: https://goo.gl/yfs43j 
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