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Withdraw your MIND from the Money System. It's TIME !!


Transcript notes for the video below:

00:00  We are on the cusp of a financial collapse like we've never seen before in human history.
2:20  Everything on the mainstream media is: "We're going to be ok..."  Turn off the television programming right away...  You're not going to get any accurate information from there.
3:30  The year of the Shemitah - also referenced by Christine Lagarde.
4:15  Shemitah years have always ended in a stock market crash.
5:00  2016 is the 'Jubilee Year' of the Shemitah. "We are in a debt Jubilee..."  - Bank of International Settlements, director's speech
6:30  Their system is unsustainable. The FED is printing money like crazy...
7:00  This is a collapse coming... it could be months, it could be days.
7:30  Oil -  Luke:  How do you see this unfolding with the price of oil now?  Jeff: This is a harbinger of things to come. The same thing happened in 2008 and in 1929, which also happened to be a shemitah year. They engineer these collapses...  Inflation and deflation, then buying up stocks for pennies on the dollar.
9:00  Luke: Are they as crazy as you make them out to be?  Jeff:  Yes, they are. They want to control the planet and all of humanity.  eg: the attack on Libya...
10:50  Luke:  I've been hearing about the stock market crash for the last decade. What makes this year different?  Jeff:  Essentially, everything goes back to December 24, 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). That was really the beginning of this system.  It began to fall off the rails in 1971, August 15 when Nixon "temporarily" took the gold backing away from the US dollar.  They let interest rates get to 18% then it's slowly been coming down again. As things started to really collapse, all countries decided to print much more money. It's now gotten to the stage where the debt of all countries is HUGE!
14:30  When this next collapse happens, it could destroy the whole money system...
20:20  Mainstream media is dying... Nobody watches it anymore

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The Shemitah, The Debt Jubilee and Total Economic Collapse

Published on Jan 24, 2016
In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick about the current status of the World Economy and his predictions for total economic collapse. We go over the shemitah prediction Jeff made, how that developed and how we are in the debt Jubilee currently. A lot of important news was covered in this video as well as an opportunity to learn from Dan Dicks, Adam Kokesh, Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudkowski at an upcoming bootcamp in Mexico. Find out more here

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Russia and China: The Dawning of a New Monetary System?

Global Research, October 25, 2015

Original article here

Edited by Bronwyn Llewellyn. Jan 29, 2016
- NZ, first to greet the new day

Image caption:  
"These are the enemies of everything we hold dear in America (Russia and China). Your children must kill them for us."

This is the meaning I take from this statement:  It's not literal. Obama would be stupid beyond stupid if he tried to pick a literal war with China or Russia. I take this to mean that the new infrastructure Russia and China are putting in place (their own internet, their own Swift system, new economic relationships that exclude the USA = FED, IMF, World Bank, Bank of International settlements such as BRICSSCO and so on...) and those nations who engage in those BRICS-based alternatives, become targets of the U.S. in whatever forms the U.S. decides to implement, eg: trade sanctions, trade agreements, military actions, share market crashes, misinformation in the media, manipulation of election votes, and so on...

“If the Russian side needs it, we will provide necessary assistance within our capacity”   Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, 22 December 2014.  

This is a clear testimony that Russia and China have entered into an economic alliance which will be stronger than the incessant ruble and petrol devaluation manipulations by Washington, aided by the European puppets. 

China, leading member of the BRICS, is lining up the bloc of the BRICS and that of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and their currencies, to support Russia in need. Currency swaps between the Russian ruble and Chinese yuan for an initial US$25 billion have already been implemented (Dec 29, 2014), to allow direct transactions between the two countries. Similar swaps are under way between China and Russia with other countries, primarily the BRICS and the SCO members. New members to the SCO are Iran, [and-now-tell-me-'compliance'-was-the-reason-why-the-U.S.-lifted-trade-sanctions-on-17-January], Pakistan, India (also a BRICS member) and Mongolia – and possibly in some not too distant future the strategically located NATO member, Turkey.
Trading will no longer be continued in US (petro) dollars, but in rubles and yuans and their partners' respective local currencies. This will reduce worldwide demand for the petro dollar.
The US is able to maintain pressure on other currencies only as long as the petro dollar remains the major world reserve currency. Once the demand for the (petro) dollar fades, the value of the dollar will decline and at worst may result in hyperinflation in economies closely linked to the US economy.
In the meantime Russia has nothing to fear...
Letting the ruble ‘collapse’ is a superb strategy by the Maestro Chess player, Vladimir Putin. Western investors in Russian shares, mainly but not exclusively of hydrocarbon corporations, dropped also. Western investors became afraid and released their shares on the market – Russia’s treasury bought them back at low market prices increasing their value instantly. On top of that, Russia reaped the dividends of the newly Russian owned shares. According to a Spiegel Online article, Russia made at least 20 billion dollars’ worth of profit with this little gambit alone, plus she repatriated about 30% of foreign-held Russian petroleum shares.
Russia has foreign exchange reserves of close to half a trillion dollars equivalent, more than two times the rubles in circulation. Russia’s economy shows a pristine balance sheet with only about 15% debt to GDP, whereas the EU’s debt-GDP ratio is close to 100%.

The petro-dollar is highly dependent on trading hydrocarbons in dollars – following the 40-year old agreement with the Saudis as head of OPEC in turn for US military security and protection. This alone, the constant demand for US dollars by all nations who needed to trade hydrocarbons, propelled the dollar into a ‘permanent’ reserve currency – allowing Washington to print dollars at will and to become a financial hegemony. No longer... Those times are gone. Washington’s evil attempt to destroy all those who ‘are not with us’, catalyzed the transition. 
More than a year ago, Russia started selling her hydrocarbons in rubles and started accepting the local currencies of her trading partners, like China and other BRICS countries. Today Russia is selling her hydrocarbon in gold – yes, in physical gold. The west did not count on that, with the quick analytical thinking of President Putin. Russia has been accepting artificially inflated dollars and then immediately exchange them for gold, thereby increasing Russia’s gold reserves dramatically. Today already, the ruble is backed by gold – a reality the west with its casino currencies is very quiet about.

By artificially boosting the value of the dollar against the Euro and lowering the price of gold, the FED and its Wall Street mobsters intended to make the dollar more attractive, especially since Russia and China announced new economic Silk Road, all the way from Frankfurt to Shanghai. 
German business is angry about Merkel’s obsessiveness with Washington imposed ‘sanctions’ on Russia. They see Russia as the trading partner of the future. Even the spine and brainless Hollande is responding to France’s business – ‘sanctions’ – enough is enough.
Where does that leave Washington? – One move away from checkmate. Washington’s criminal attempt to destroy Russia’s economy has been largely irrelevant and self-destructive. In the meantime and as Russia’s gold reserves increase, Russia has established an alternative SWIFT system. It is currently being tested internally but could go global within a few months. This means that any country wanting to avoid the corrupt dollar casino scheme could use the new system for international monetary exchanges.
That combined with ever more countries willing and daring to trade their hydrocarbons in their own currencies or currencies other than the dollar, will further lower demand on the petro-dollar. In addition, under their economic alliance, Russia and China may soon launch a new currency, or rather a basket of currencies of other nations ready and willing to abandon the fraudulent western fiat scheme. Immediate candidates would be the other BRICS nations (133 countries affiliated to BRICS in July 2014) and the countries of the SCO.
The combined economic output of the nations behind the joint currency – social indicators such as public health, standard of education and environmental concerns, capacity of conflict resolution, of living in peace and harmony – might be more indicative of the strength of this economic alliance than just gold or a straight GDP.
Such a new monetary system may soon cover 25% to 33% of the world economy, thereby becoming fully autonomous. The petro-dollar would further lose its stature as the world reserve. Ten years ago 90% of world reserves consisted of dollar-nominated securities. Today that ratio has shrunk to 60%, as currencies like the Yuan are rapidly gaining ground as reserve money, especially in Asia. Even Australia has recently declared it will increase its Yuan holding.
The drop of the dollar as the world’s major reserve currency is Washington’s biggest nightmare, and has been for the last 15-20 years when first Iran and then Iraq and Venezuela threatened to sell their hydrocarbon in Euros. These proposed moves were tabled as a means of increasing security for their own economies as worldwide trust in the US dollar was waning then, as it is now.
This is considered one of the major reasons for the 2003 US invasion of Iraq – securing the petro dollar as trading currency. The ensuing war was to take over all of Iraq’s hydrocarbon wells and privatize them. 
This was also the key reason for Washington’s false flag accusation of Iran’s plans for manufacturing nuclear weapons [and-now-tell-me-'compliance'-was-the-reason-why-the-U.S.-lifted-trade-sanctions-on-17-January]... In the meantime this has been proven to be a lie, including by the 16 major US intelligent agencies.
Washington’s relentless aggrandizement over Russia is part of PNAC (Plan for a New American Century), to achieve full world hegemony, but at the same time Washington is desperate not to lose its dollar supremacy. The US is in a terminal quagmire. There is no way out. Washington is acting like a wild beast in its last throes of life. The Empire may be capable of destroying the world – including itself – just so that nobody survives outside of the self-appointed Masters of the Universe.
The need for the emergence of a new ‘eastern’ US-dollar-detached monetary system is therefore becoming increasingly urgent. One might ask, why hasn’t it happened before?
It is possible that the new system hasn't been fully launched at this time in a bid to reduce the possible collateral economic damage on the rest of the world. In summary, fair trading among sovereign nations is a noble objective for global peace.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik News, the Voice of Russia / Ria Novosti, TeleSur, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe.

Global Economic Collapse in 2016 ?? BRICS nations cut out US dollar.

Goodbye dollar? BRICS set to enhance trade in national currencies

28 February 2015 DADAN UPADHYAY for RIR
Edited by Bronwyn Llewellyn. Jan 29, 2016

BRICS nations are promoting mutual trade in their national currencies, a trend that could reduce the dominance of the US dollar in global trade.

Full article here on "Russia & India Report"
Both India and Russia are of the view that transactions in national currencies would be mutually beneficial for their national economic cooperation. Source: Alamy / Legion Media

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) group is actively engaged in speeding up the process of increasing their mutual trade in national currencies. 
The process  kicked off last July (2014) at the 6th BRICS Summit in Fortaleza (Brazil). BRICS leaders signed an agreement to establish the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) with a reserve currency pool of over $100 billion. The NDB will help mitigate the effects of a dominant US dollar for trade between BRICS member nations. 
The US dollar is currently used for global trading with domination of the dollar-backed IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.
A move for BRICS nations (133 nations affiliated in July 2014) to use their own national currencies in trade and investment means trading partners will not have to hedge against two different currencies. 
Currently, Indo-Russian trade exchanges rupee to US dollar then exchanges US dollar to rouble. If the US dollar is cut out, transactions costs are lower and mutual trade becomes more competitive.
In March 2013, BRICS nations signed two agreements allowing national currencies of member nations to be used in mutual trade and investments. The total trade between BRICS nations is $6.14 trillion which is around 17% of the world’s total trade.
Global trade is currently dominated by the US dollar. The impact for developing countries is that volatility of a particular currency in the currency market can cause huge economic and trade losses. The BRICS transition to trade in local currencies will protect them from such adverse fluctuations.


Russia’s Central Bank, BRICS discuss creation of global bonds. January 27, 2016. TASS 

Withdraw your MIND from the Money System. January 30, 2016


“Both India and Russia are of the view that transactions in national currencies would be mutually beneficial for our national economic cooperation. Our two Central Banks are working on modalities and are expected to make concrete recommendations to our governments shortly.”

- India’s ambassador to Moscow P.S. Raghavan to RIA Novosti news agency. February 18, 2014.

India and Russia have set up a joint working group to work out an “appropriate mechanism” for rupee-rouble trade. The group includes representatives from the central banks, export-import banks, commercial banks and the governments of both countries. They have had a number of meetings since last October (2014) to discuss this.
The trade turnover between the two countries is expected to greatly increase after this mechanism is put in place. The US dollar-dominated trade between Russia and India stood at $11 billion in 2014.
Indo-Russian trade based on rupee-rouble transactions was over $5 billion in 1991. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, India was the biggest trading partner of the former Soviet Union.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in December 2014 in New Delhi that the question of a transition to national currencies was very relevant:
“This will be mutually beneficial for the two countries, especially in view of the start of deliveries of liquefied natural gas from Russia to India from 2017,” he said.

Russia is well ahead in planning a transition to making trade settlements in rouble and yuan. 
“In the long-term, of course, settlements in rouble and yuan are very promising,” Putin said at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, in November in Beijing. 
After his statement, Russia’s largest bank Sberbank began financing letters of credit in Chinese yuan and performed the first transactions in yuan with one of Russia’s largest companies. The two countries aim for a broader use of the yuan and the rouble in mutual settlements in different industries, including defence, telecoms, energy, and mining.
Director and Chief Executive at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in New Delhi, Rathin Roy said that the BRICS countries were keenly interested in reducing the use of the dollar. He stressed that Russia and China were already settling trading accounts in their national currencies - They have already established a mechanism to settle their mutual trading in rouble and yuan. In this respect, Russia and China have moved beyond all of the BRICS countries.
In March 2014, Brazil signed a deal with China to trade in their own currencies. Likewise, South Africa has been entering into bilateral agreements with other BRICS member nations as a step towards ditcing the US dollar.

Article:  BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Eurasian Economic Union to cooperate for people’s welfare. July 10, 2015

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

South Africa Ubuntu Party shows us the way: UNITY & Active Projects !!

UBUNTU Welcomes Mpho Ralengole

Published on Jan 25, 2016

UBUNTU Party South Africa welcomes Mpho Ralengole into our family of activators, a new shining light and a messenger of unity and consciousness. Mpho brings a dynamic element of community activation through projects in the areas of arts, culture and technology. Her projects are scattered across South Africa but her 2016 municipal election campaign will be focused on the Gauteng region, especially areas like Diepsloot - a well known informal settlement bursting with life and energy - ready to embrace a new alternative for South Africa. 

I am extremely excited that Mpho reached out to us to unite her political aspirations with ours - since our vision for a NEW South Africa, united in diversity and bursting with abundance on all levels of human activity, is virtually identical. Please see Mphos progress and activity on the UBUNTU websites and other social networks that she is already driving. Here's to great things in the present and the future.  

Weave your magic Mpho. I love your unstoppable positive energy. In unity - Michael Tellinger

On Twitter...

I love my country
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October 2015

Evolution of social media in PR Business @caammpp be proud to be African

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I'm so grateful :)
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I am ready and willing to be President of the Republic of South Africa.
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Monday, 25 January 2016

Hampstead Cover Up... UNCOVERED. Ritual child sexual abuse, London UK

Please go to this website for much, much more... The owner of this website is the children's mother...



The shocking internet video revelations of child sodomy and murder committed by seemingly respectable members of the community within schools, churches and private homes in the affluent Hampstead area of London created an internet storm after going ‘viral’ on YouTube in February 2015. Millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic viewed the graphically compelling testimonies of the brother and sister Gabriel and Alisa.
These two innocent child victims were abducted by agents of the State on 9-11-2014 to prevent them revealing more details of the secretive workings of state sponsored mind control programs.
Alisa and Gabriel have been held incommunicado from their mother and Russian family since January 2015. The children’s extensive family is becoming increasingly concerned for their welfare as all attempts to arrange contact with the children are met with delays, lies, and obfuscation.
Alisa and Gabriel’s testimonies have revealed a secret network of organisations including the Social Services (SS), CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service); the Metropolitan Police, the Judiciary, legal representatives, media (most notably the BBC), Barnet and Camden Local ‘authorities’ and an array of counter intelligence operatives connected to child trafficking, snuff movies, organ trafficking, Ritual Sexual Abuse (RSA), torture & money laundering, operating in schools, nurseries, churches, hospitals, universities, and military bases throughout the U.K. and the rest of the world.


The link to 54 videos, including the children's testimonies, police interview and podcasts by Ella & Abe:

The case was never intended to reach the Crown Prosecution Service, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny.
This story is horrifying. It is stomach churning. But it is also crucial that we know how we got to this place in our culture of such sexual nihilism.
After years of struggling to come to terms with, and find the reason for her children’s aggressive and dysfunctional behaviour, all became clear to their Mother, Ella Draper (Gareeva) when during a family holiday in Morocco in 2014 the then 8 and 9 year old brother and sister bravely revealed to their mother and her partner Abraham Christie that their biological father, Ricky Dearman and numerous other “cult” members had been sodomising them and other children and forcing them to partake in the ritual sacrifice of countless infants, torturing the victims and consuming their flesh and blood in bizarre satanic rituals.

This secret interactive alliance that developed between esoteric occult practices, i.e. Satanism and various intelligence agencies and the connection to The Hampstead Cover Up has been exposed.
Alisa and Gabriel eloquently recounted graphic details of these activities on numerous occasions to their mother, her partner and various different professionals, unaware that they were describing the mechanics of TOP SECRET State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs, which are now a part of the educational curriculum in many of the world's schools and pre-schools/nurseries.
The use of sadistic occult practices i.e. Satanic & Luciferian dark arts, as well as hypnotism and drugs to confuse and create NON-CREDIBLE disclosure are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases...
Please go to this website for the FULL STORY...