Tuesday 15 May 2012

Creating "visioning" through Images: Media Control

Have we had the blinkers hiding the 'truth' of what lay behind the hologram, the illusions, delusions and images that we allow others to project for us...  have they fallen from our eyes yet?  

We need to have the blinkers of The Illusion of what this world really is taken off our eyes, before we can stake our claim to Our New Earth. I liken it to sending out 'scouts' to look at the lay of the land, to see who and what is there, to get a clear picture of the way ahead. Unless we look with un-blinkered eyes, our way ahead will always be blurred by those who would bring their particular agenda to the forefront.

For example, there are 5-6 British and US Media giants from whom we get most of our news. The paradigm (unexamined beliefs) of the citizens of the "Industrialised Nations" (that's us with electricity) is what the News Corporations would have us believe. When you have a tool as powerful as TV you can create whatever you want. Yes ~ IMAGERY.  I used to work for a radio station at one time. Much the same stuff goes on behind the scenes in radio to curry favour with those from whom a future benefit may be garnered. It's all power-playing, boys with hands in each other's pockets... intoxicated by The illusion of Power which is such a Drug.
Note:  TV =  tele ~ to transport across + video (latin) ~ "I see". 

What a powerful tool this "imagery" is, eh? Just like Anastasia says. And for the last 60 years, we have been caught up with the images that someone else has been creating for us... Those "someones" in fact who created and funded both of the large American wars and i'm sure many others globally ever since. 

Which begs the additional question ~  "Do the people (the canon fodder) start the wars ??  or is it just the Puppet Governments of TPTB ??  (the powers that be)
I think the latter  :-/  

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