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I visualized the healing of a spiral fracture in my leg when I was 16 years old (1977)

I was at our local 'charismatic' Baptist Church, at an evening service. I'd had a 'flying fox' accident at a Youth Camp ironically, just two days before, on the Friday evening. I was in exquisite excruciating pain with the fracture when I hobbled into the church on the Sunday evening on my crutches. It was an 'evangelistic' service with a visiting "hell fire and brimstone" preacher. At the end of the service, the Pastor gave 'The Invitation' for people to come up and 'receive the Lord' or be prayed for, for whatever reason.

I had a 'talk' to God before I went up. A visualization happened, it just 'came to me'. I 'saw' this tiny little glowing hand with a tiny little trowel 'plastering' up the crack in my bone with special bone-plaster material. When the visioning had finished, I KNEW the healing was done, with no shadow of a doubt. I knew that it was important at that moment, immediately in Faith, to say "Thank you" and Receive the healing fully into myself as a 'knowing', which I did.

When I stood up on my two feet to go up the front, I turned and said to my Mum who was fumbling for my crutches under the chairs, "No thanks, I don't need the crutches. I've been healed". I actually didn't know for sure by then. I just knew I had to say that as part of the 'acceptance' of the healing. As I walked up the front, the reality of the healing hit me, and when I realized that I was walking with no pain, I began bawling my eyes out. God had touched my life in the most tangible way possible. The church exploded. It was a miracle. No fakes here.

When I left the church that night, I was carrying my crutches and had no pain. Several people found 'salvation' that night as well, as a result of witnessing this miracle first-hand... and also took their first tentative steps towards God.
"Co-creation and Joy in its Contemplation"
(Megre,V. "Co-creation" Book 3, The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series)

I was very aware of 'the steps' I took mentally. I'll tell you these steps now. I've told people this story a few times in my 20's and 30's, not for a long time now... But in my telling, i've noticed that people tend to have this perception that you can just sit back and God will miraculously "Do It For You". I'm sure there are instances of this. However, in my case, this was the process that I now share with you:

1)  connect to the 'knowingness' of God/ spirit around you

2)  relax deeply into that

3)  ask for your healing

4)  'look' at your illness or injury by 'seeing' in your mind's eye the injury or illness and what it 'looks' like in your body. You will have an idea of this by what the doctor has told you, your x-rays or scans or from your own research

5)  really connect to that present view.  This is your 'before' image

6)  watch/observe. What ever you are seeing is not coming from your own imagination. It is what is happening inside of you right now in real time, inside your body.  It may take a little longer, such as 30 minutes or so, or it may take only a few minutes, like my healing and like the video below

7)  know ~ that what you 'see' is 100% true. It is happening !!  It HAS happened !!

8)  acknowledge ~ 'Wow. It has been done for me."

9)  thank ~ "Thank You". "I don't know who I am that I have been shown this mercy... Thank You"

10)  confirm in faith that it's done ~ "Yes. It is done!!"

11)  let that feeling in you settle ~ calmness sweep over you... the Spirit settling on you like a dove.

12)  allow no doubt to enter, whatsoever... "I saw it. I have no reason to doubt. I trust. It has happened."

13)  demonstrate the 'proof' ~ without any doubt in your mind... keep the firm picture in your mind/ in your third eye of the healing... what it looks like right now

14)  go forth in boldness and fearlessness... I Am Well !!

15)  give no thought to the 'nay-sayers' and their 'rational' advice.  See below:

A number of 'older' (therefore 'wiser' ??) people in the church were very quick to tell me to 'not exert myself'. I allowed this thought in. I did experience some pain (mildly) after 3-4 weeks. I believe that was because of the 'rational advice' of the nay-sayers who could not cope with the Practical Demonstration of the very Doctrine they Professed to hold dear... the healing and redeeming of humankind.

by Bron
Date:  11 June 2011

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