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Joseph Gregory Hallett the new King John III of England precipitates President Donald Trump's ability to absorb the US Federal Reserve Bank (FED - privately owned) into the US Treasury.

June 17, 2020

Here's a comment I left for Charles Ward, the publisher of this video...  fyi

Very good Charles. I took a great interest from @14:55 - The Act of 1871 when the Constitution was illegally replaced, changing the USA into a corporate entity - published May 15, 2012 > (Returning now to the interview) - There is good reason to believe that Trump has not reversed this, at this point. Regarding the USA's 6.5 trillion stimulus Bill signed in April (?? - search engines are very quiet on this Bill so I can't find the actual date... Interesting...) for which an SPV was created, a Special Purpose Vehicle that is attached to the Treasury. The Treasury began funding US businesses through buying bonds and other corporate purchases - eg: shares and taking a personal percentage ownership in these companies. This triggers a simultaneous effect: The Treasury then forces the FED to buy US debt across the globe. The FED has to do this to backstop the dollar so they don't lose control of the USD - which is the international trading currency. The FED is forced to buy back US Bonds and holdings that other countries have had in their possession. Mnuchin now has control of the FED through the Treasury.  Additionally: There is a coalition of 22 countries who performed a heavy strike against the Vatican to wipe out its power of control @21:00 on the video. All of this while London was financially neutralised - due to the Treasury-FED mechanism now in place. The chairman of the FED now reports directly to President Trump. That can only happen without Congressional approval IF President Trump has changed the power structure within the three city states - the Vatican, the City of London, Washington District of Columbia (DC). Was it in fact Trump who was behind these changes, or perhaps somebody else? @23:40 The Presidential Seal is back on the podium and the Presidential Flag is back up. This means the US is now once again operating as a Constitutional Republic. Previously for some time, the US had been under martial law.

The point I am coming to is this...

In your series of 3 interviews, Part 1 here > you were discussing all manner of histories, politics and economics with Joseph Gregory Hallett, King John III of England. I think it was in the third and longest interview, Greg pointed out that because of the notifications he was posting out to Queen Elizabeth et al, the Vatican, to the Trump administration and many others regarding his bloodline claim to the English throne and how Queen Elizabeth is illegitimate, that Hallett through these processes had REMOVED THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA from the Vatican who are the controllers of the world's financial system. Greg continued in that interview with you: President Donald Trump took note of that and began the actions described above, of enabling the US Treasury to bring the FED under its control via the mechanism of the SPV.

Did you get this? Is this part of the package of your understanding on this issue also @Charles Ward? Thanks :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Thursday, 11 June 2020

"Follow the white rabbit." - Q. Lord Chancellor Arch Treasurer of the Royal Secret, King John III of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, much of Europe, North America and other parts of the Americas deems it time to reveal the White Rabbit to the world - a letter given into his possession, written by Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Shown to the world on June 8, 2020.

Refer to the video:  The new King John III of England today 

(Elizabeth Windsor has been deposed)

Joseph Gregory Hallett, King John III of the UK and multiple other territories.

Hallett's claim to the throne of England has now been notified and accepted by many, including by the former Queen Elizabeth herself, former Crown Prince Charles, former Crown Prince William, by Pope Francis, by US President Donald Trump, by the German Royal House Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (see Holy Roman Empire 488-1803), by the Russian Romanov Royal holders of titles, and now by a General of the United States military on June 7, 2020. This is huge folks. Please spread this information far and wide. The Great Awakening is here!

Note: The House of Saxe-Coburg is a fiction. Greg explains how the usurpation of the name of the actual German House into transliterated English was done by the British Windsors in his other videos...  Likely in one of these links below, since these are the only two longer form videos i've watched so far:

Meet The New King of England King John III Part 1/3

Meet The New King of England Greg Hallett Part 1

The letter from Queen Victoria appears to be blank. After using a printer with various tone scales, you can see the handwriting of Queen Victoria on the paper.  It is verified.

Here's some more information I just added in Comments on this video that I thought other people might also find interesting...

E (name), i'm very interested in connecting with you. I get shown things also. - Who from? Consciousness, of course... The One that is and always has been. Where from: The quantum field... the mechanism by which Source which is infinite is able to distill messages to us 3D-bound creatures in a way we can comprehend. Please research Schumann Resonance. See if there was a spike on March 17.

The Resonance has been going crazy for the last 2 years. I was shown in 2012 how the "quickening" would happen - "Sea of green" sounds like Ireland. Bright green indicates bursting forth with growth - verdant pastures, and such. Mid-green is steady growth. Aqua-green is rising, growing consciousness. Please be a little more specific when describing colours. Thanks :) March 19, 20, 21 every year is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Equi = balance and harmony... like the Temperance card of the Tarot deck... like "blind justice" holding the scale of judgement in balance. The lion is the Lion of Nubea which comes from Egypt. Archaeologists cannot find any evidence of King David nor of his son Solomon. Egypt conquered Canaan in 1400 BCE under the reign of one of the four Amen-Amen-Amen-Amen-hoteps. In 1400 BCE Canaan was occupied by the Philistines (Palestinians), Samarians, Hebrews and other tribes. Egypt needed to create a "buffer state" between themselves and the powerful Hittite Kingdom to the north - around modern day central Turkey. The possession of Canaan surved this purpose well.

Note: The Exodus story is fake. Hebrews were never enslaved in Egypt before 1400 BCE so they could never have built the pyramids (urban legend). The first time Egypt knew about a tribe called "Hebrew" was after the conquest of Canaan in 1400 BCE. In the Torah, the story is of King David and his tribe was Judah named after his ancestor who was one of 12 brothers including Benjamin and the priestly line of Levi.

The whole saga of the Exodus, the kingly line of David, and the Jewish claim to the pre-1917 territory called "Palestine" from what i've been able to research is fake See Professor Joann Fletcher's video "Zenith" (on Priests of Karnak article on Swiss Pharaohs tab on my primary blog, linked below). "Israel is last" - Q. However, the Nubian lion of Egypt is very real - along with the Egyptian water lily or lotus flower which I believe became stylised into the fleur-de-lis

Both the Nubian lion and the Nile lotus of the pharaohs appear today in the symbols of royal lineage - along with the flattened 2D pyramid of the Templar's Cross (published April 2012) There is very good evidence to suggest that the lineage of the pharaohs transported themselves up into Canaan and later into Europe. Do some research on haplogroup R1b1a2 and R-M269. The origins of this DNA group are around modern day Ukraine-Khazaria c.7000 BCE - Another very good source on family bloodlines who up until now have ruled the world is Australian Santos Bonacci. An excellent source for how the pharaonic bloodlines #PriestsOfKarnak rule today from Switzerland is South African ex-patriate Sean Hross "chatzefratz" on YouTube. Also, please avail yourself of my articles in the Swiss Pharaohs tab of my primary blog - 

Thanks - Bron

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Buckingham Palace - Windows Boarded Up - Seal Gone

May 30, 2020

I first thought the guards were Gurkhas but later learned they are RAF guards... non the less, there were guards in traditional uniform the week before so something is strange.. I have also noticed an increase in military near and around the palace - John Lovell

Meet the new king of England, Greg Hallett, King John 3rd - Part 1

Meet The New King of England King John III Part 1/3

Video: The New King of England - on Charles Ward YouTube channel

May 20, 2020
See Part 2 on Charlie's channel
See Part 3 on Charlie's channel

More details here on Joseph Gregory Hallet's website -

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

What is Q Anon? - Phoenix Arizona USA field office defines Q perfectly!

Image source


QAnon: An anonymous government official, known as "Q" posts classified* information online to reveal a covert effort, led by President Trump, to dismantle a conspiracy involving deep state actors and global elites allegedly engaged in an international child sex trafficking ring.

.... And so much more !!!!

* It's not classified information at all. It's all open source! Simply: We wouldn't join the dots that Q brings together for us, for months, or even years. Q points us directly where to look. So much faster... So much easier.  #GreatAwakening

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Child Abuse: A Criminal Agenda. International cabal.

May 6, 2020

Illegal immigrants arrive in Dover - Nigel Farage... "Then the police knocked on my door."

May 5, 2020

Back-Channel Of Information [Who Is Q]

April 25, 2020

People going to jail... But not who you think! Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing

April 29, 2020


April 10, 2020

CIA mass media mind control #ProjectMockingbird CIA post-WW2 Nazi scientist imports to USA #ProjectPaperclip CIA LSD experiments, torture, sexual torture #MKUltra CIA DARPA Lifelog > Facebook #Pedogate #Pizzagate


April 17, 2020

Hannity: Justice is coming for all who abused their power. Flynn NOT GUILTY!

May 1, 2020


May 2, 2020

Stay Out Of NYC Hospitals [Tearful Nurse]

May 5, 2020

Friday, 1 May 2020

The high price of developing COVID-19 vaccines. Part of a WHO program? Who ordered this?

Two school children from this village in Guinea have died! The rest are sick in hospital.
French doctors are on the run! Absolutely abhorrent !!!  
Who are these doctors? Is this part of a WHO program for human trials?
Who ordered this? Not ok! Not ok!

Results of vaccine trials in Dubreka - Guinea (MUST WATCH)

April 23, 2020
A very sick girl in Dubreka after being vaccinated by French doctors who came into their village.

Coronavirus: NOT JUST LUNGS !!! 31% blood clot complications - heart, kidneys, stroke (brain), vascular system.

May 1, 2020

Symptoms of COVID-19. Not only lung condition - Intestines, heart, kidneys, brain, veins, clotting.

Are BLOOD CLOTS the reason why COVID19 patients are dying? 
(Blood thinners to save lives?)

April 29, 2020

Doctor (MD) knows more about COVID-19 than Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. Tegnell's catch-cry: Vi vet inte. "We don't know."

Covid-19 Immunity Compared to 6 Other Diseases (Common Cold, HIV, SARS, and More) | Cause + Control

April 17, 2020

Seema Yasmin's bio here >

Why COVID-19 right now? Article: November 19, 2018. PLANNED !!!!

Article: The globalist plan to exterminate humanity begins: “Useless eaters” must be eliminated, say globalists


The current situation where Earth’s governments are spending the vast majority of their wealth paying for “useless eaters” to continue living and reproducing isn’t a sustainable scenario, globalists believe. Thus, they see the extermination of 90% of the human population as a necessary evil in order to save the world and save humanity on a cosmic scale.

How globalists plan to exterminate 90% of the human race

The extermination plan rests on the “accidental / on purpose” release of an engineered bioweapon viral strain. Such bioweapons offer several distinct advantages to extermination efforts, from the point of view of globalists:
1) They are not traceable and are easily released into the population with complete anonymity.
2) They are self-replicating. Once the initial population is infected, there’s no need to manufacture more because cellular physiology runs the replication automatically.
3) They exploit the natural social structure of human societies. People will automatically spread the virus because people like to be around other people. Very few people are completely isolated in modern society.
4) They allow globalist governments to declare “pandemic emergencies” and mandate mass vaccinations which, of course, will be laced with additional bioweapons to accelerate the pandemic die-off. As more people become infected from the vaccines, governments will mandate mass vaccination as an “emergency” public health initiative. Those who comply will be infected. 
5) They tend to more aggressively target low-wage populations and Third World populations, achieving one of the key goals of the globalists which is to wipe out the “useless eaters” as they see them, while maintaining the top 10% of the human population to carry out the science and innovation that globalists see as necessary to protect Earth. In effect, the globalists are carrying out Adolf Hitler’s eugenics “utopia” on a global scale, but instead of merely six million people being exterminated, the globalists seek to eliminate more than six billion people.
The other advantage of bioweapons, from the point of view of globalists, is that they do not destroy the ecosystem in the way that nuclear weapons do. 

This plan is already well under way.

#1) Biosludge mass contamination of soils and the food supply.
#2) Toxic medicine and toxic vaccines – Nearly all the prescription medications now consumed by westerners are biologically toxic. Most cause immune suppress in one way or another, and many lead to nutritional deficiencies that further weaken the human immune system. Flu shot vaccines are scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years, meaning anyone who takes vaccines is more vulnerable to bioweapons. This is not a coincidence. It is a global IQ test to see which humans are stupid enough to commit suicide via injection while calling it “medicine.”

#7) The planned global debt bubble collapse is being engineered right now by the central banks of the world. One of the desirable outcomes of this is the plunging of first world nations into financial destitution, which ultimate promotes infectious disease and dissuades access to medical care. Right this very moment, the streets of San Francisco are littered with human feces and drug needles. The medical implications of the financial collapse of cities into feces-ridden filth hubs should be obvious. Impoverished cities and nations are cesspools for the spread of pandemics. Financial collapse is just one small part of the very big picture.
The bottom line is that the effort to soften up your immune system is well under way. Be sure to do exactly what the anti-human media tells you to do and keep taking “your” flu shot. Your obedience to this quack science ritual is required in order for you to “serve” the interests of the globalists by eliminating yourself from the human gene pool. The sicker you are, the more easily you can be killed off in the interests of “saving the world.”

Solutions: The greatest act of resistance against eugenics is found in...

Go go to the article 

Donald Trump: China either could not stop virus spread or let it spread.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

April 13, 2020 << ALL COUNTRIES >> Worldometer final totals #COVID19.

Monday of Easter weekend.

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Dr. Fauci says President Trump did not delay mitigation

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