Thursday, 10 May 2012

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale!

Urgent message:
Aotearoa Is Not For Sale!
More than 80% of New Zealanders are opposed to asset sales. However our National-led Government claims to have a mandate from the people to sell out NZ. We must stand up and show that the Government doesn't have our support.
Kiwis don't want their public assets & services, resources or farm land sold to foreign investors & private companies. And Kiwi's certainly don't like that our Government is opening up large tracts of land for oil drilling, fracking & mining including in conservation areas, National Parks as well as private land.  It is not in our interest to put the country's future in the hands of a few large companies whose primary incentive is to make profits for themselves.


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  1. Who is John Key to go selling Crafar Farms to the Chinese when the High Court decision was definitely that we were NOT to sell our land to such huge overseas corporate interests ??? Why is all this suddenly being allowed to go ahead now ?? What changed ??

    How can we stand idly by, with our heads still in the silt of Canterbury's liquefaction, allowing Gerry Brownlee on 1st December 2011 to grant Permits for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) for gas, to go ahead ALL across the Canterbury Planes... especially when there's a truckload of evidence to link fracking with earthquakes... Huh ??? What the ??? Have you noticed how the "Energy" portfolio is such a hot potato that the National Party Minister of this portfolio keeps changing ?? ... not to mention how this fracking practice is going to completely bugger the water table in Canterbury - known as THE BEST water in the whole country. We sure don't need the gas... Kapuni produces plenty... So why are they fracturing in Canterbury ?? Could it be that this is all a part of "Agenda 21" to round the people up into tight urban zones... and that will certainly happen if there's no drinkable (potable) water in our rural areas.

    And how can John Key just go ahead against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and sell off our energy assets ??? ~ Miridian, Genesis and others ??? Who gave him this mandate ?? Nobody, that's who. But you can bet your bottom dollar that John Key (NZ Prime Minister) is going to pocket a tidy profit... like many politicians globally whose 'bottom lines' are SELF INTEREST !!! John Key is undoubtedly a shareholder benefiting from such political jockeying : ( I do not like any of it... not one bit.

    Why is there no lobby strong enough in the US nor even in NZ to stop turning our Homelands into wastelands by those who only see Homelands as a commodity that they can make a profit on ??

    So why do we not rise up against Fracking, against the Crafar Farms sell-off (the paper-work goes through next week) and the energy asset sales ?? Why do we not protest this ?? Why not ???

    News Flash: We ARE !!!

    How difficult would it be to have a National Strike FOR A WEEK ??? (for example) ...and for all trading to cease ??? That would give power back to the people !!!

    When there's no GDP being churned out, John Key won't be able to pay his mates in the World Bank the NZ$50,000,000 in interest that NZ's workers cough up for every week. As it stands at the moment the tail is certainly wagging the dog. It needs to be flipped about... and for John Key and EVERY politician from here on in to be a spokes person FOR THE PEOPLE !!!! not for their own SELF INTEREST !!!!


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