Monday, 17 August 2015

Sabine Kurjo McNeill takes a SWIG of the McKenzie "Friends" Medicine !!

... And now Sabine McNeill is learning how foul 
the McKenzie "Friends" medicine tastes !!

There's a lesson for her somewhere in there...

... But I don't think she's there yet. as we see from her article that her blinkers are still firmly in place.

Here's Sabine...  August 15, 2015  (15-8-15)

Belinda had spotted that Barnet Council were planning to prosecute me. 
Hence she suggested I go on a "little holiday". 
Now she’s gone and I walk the ‘path of humiliation’ in the 
‘institutionalised intimidation and compliance‘ culture of authorities set up 
BY The Establishment For The Establishment, 
at the expense of “we the people”.


Maybe Sabine will get it...  One day... ??  Maybe ???

With a little more insight, she just might get there !!


McKenzie "Friends" ploy: Giving Ella direction for MAXIMUM HARM !!

I wish you all the best for dealing with the London Talmudic Magicians who splashed blood all around the Royal Courts of Justice at the Passover this year, just before Easter...

(photographic evidence available, but not published at this time)

The Baby Eaters of the Molech cult have WELL and truly MARKED their territory 'on Earth as it is in Heaven'.

And now, they've lured you into their Lair.
Karma's a bitch...

This was your "Friend" Belinda McKenzie's recommendation to Ella Gareeva in July - to return and allow herself to get nabbed by the 'authorities'.  I'm afraid you won't much like the taste of THAT medicine Sabine.  Such is the way for somebody who fails to exercise "insight".  That's too bad.  At least you got your "dramatic entry" when you returned to the UK on August 3rd just as Belinda had advised you to. Ironically, the now vanished Belinda McKenzie has left YOU in the doo-doo.  Ah well... You knew where your return would lead you, surely ??  - Right back into the arms of the Courts system.  Good luck with that  :-/ Seriously.


  1. Replies
    1. Tim below is wondering why you feel these emotions Ella.
      Perhaps you'd like to share... ??

  2. "Sadness and disillusionment" but why?

    1. Maybe because the job never got done as Ella anticipated Tim ??
      I've left a message with Ella above. She may reply. I know she's busy.

  3. Thanks for your editing comments "Anonymous" possibly DD. Another pair of eyes is always good. The article has been amended and is all good to go. Cheers.

  4. Thanks again for your Editor's comments this morning "Anonymous". I'm so glad you are better pleased with this second version. Incidentally, in that second note to me (unpublished), you came across a whole lot like that schizophrenic chameleon Ricky Dearman, and NOT like DD after all. Look how nice, calm and pleasant you were in one sentence, then a real little bugger fucking you up the arse in the next !! - Just like all those "performances" on Hoaxtead.

    I guess with all those Altars jumping around the place inside of him, it WOULD be very difficult to communicate as a single Whole Complete BEing. I am genuinely grateful though, that he pointed out to me where Sabine's character "Concerned" began and ended and where Sabine came back in. I've never much liked Sabines writing style personally - "All over the place, don't introduce your material properly and use lots of hash-tags in your article title" that never actually link to anywhere. Sabine never introduces her "actors" and bounces around the place quite a bit herself. But you always know it's Sabine. Not so with the author of Hoaxtead, nor with "Anonymous" today. With such chameleons, you never know Who you're going to get. I'd say most of the cult members display the same traits... And they come across as so DEEPLY INSINCERE. I guess that's because they've basically lost touch with who they really are - too many altars - and this comes across as deepest Insincerity. - Just like on the BBC interview with all the crocodile tears. Too bad you can't ACT your way out of such DEEP INNER LOSS of SELF that only comes across as insincerity and smugness. Yes... What a smug little he-devil he is.

    You know, 128 people had already read this article before I got Anonymous's first note in my "moderate this comment" section, in this blog's back room. Maybe half of those readers had gone to the original link... maybe less... ?? But only intrepid researcher "Anonymous" (RD ??) with his eagle-eye acute-comprehension caught my error, slagged me off, then returned again the next day to see my message of gratitude above (19 August 2015 at 00:02). Him spotting my dumb-arse misreading of Sabine's article in itself shows he's a bit of a smart lad... smarter than the 128 who had gone before... and i'd say he has an IQ well within the top 25%. That's something all the Plebs out there, who are vying to take RD on, seriously need to ponder... It's very likely, he's MUCH smarter than YOU !! So get your game plan on, well before you decide to Engage !!

    1. Thank you for good cautious words of wisdom.

    2. Yes... Thank you Jake. He's a very tRicky D-man this one !!
      Someone else also confirmed this who's had dealings with him personally.
      We have 'ways' of dealing with such shenanigans, of course : )
      The "might is right" paradigm on Earth is QUICKLY departing.
      It can not remain, as the vibration of Humanity continues to rise!

  5. I never acknowledged this reply. Soz. Thanks.xx

    1. No probs. Stuff always gets missed :)


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