Thursday 19 February 2015

ANONYMOUS Names the Pedophiles. The People ARE Fighting back !!!

Anonymous names the paedophiles:

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Published on Nov 27, 2014
Resistance is existence.

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Operation Death Eaters : We hunt down pedophiles & destroy tyranny

Greetings world, We Are Anonymous.

The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK to near complete silence in the international corporate media. The UK media that cover it at all depict it as a ‘sex scandal’ committed by ‘child lovers’.

What the UK media depicts as “child sex” has left children missing the lower half of their bodies. These so-called ‘sex scandals’ involve children provided for torture as bait to blackmail political opponents in Northern Ireland. The UK has open files on 200 missing boys from 1977 and 1983. The investigation has so far involved a huge circle of UK establishment from media, politicians, police and intelligence, known to police as The Untouchables. There are international ties being ignored.

To the people of the UK, your ruling classes are preying on you. Not just in the ways you always knew they were. Our friends in the UK, just like our friends in Gabon, have a political class that is torturing and murdering their children and mutilating their bodies. Unlike in Gabon, the UK media is following the direction of the Paedophile Information Exchange and telling you these people are child lovers who need understanding and tolerance. They are telling you this is sex. Who controls the words controls your thoughts.

This is not sex.

These people feed off the agony of others. They cause wars and destruction during their working hours and they torture and murder children as recreation.

These are not child lovers.

These are death eaters.

To the people of the world, this story is not limited to the UK. Unlike us, death eaters have no borders. Human trafficking is the biggest criminal industry in the world. Death eaters have global networks.

Resistance is existence.

We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.
We are legion.
We are those you have left without a home.
We are those you have murdered.
We are voiceless no more.
The world will change. We’ll change it.
Tyrants of the World,

Expect Us! 



Stand up for this kid...  YOU are all he's got...

He's age 8 now... and sodomized since he was 3 years old.

And continues to be:

"Institutionalised Child Sex Abuse"  





The time for us to be Afraid is OVER. The time for Courage is HERE !!!

Gabriel NEEDS us !!  Alisa NEEDS us !!

Are we going to let them down again because we have no balls ???

NO !!!!  The time to STAND UP is HERE.... And We ARE Doing it !!

They look so much older than their 8 and 9 years old don't they? Well... that's going to happen if you've engaged sexually more in the last 5 years, than what most of us will do in our entire adult lifetimes.  

Siblings: Gabriel and Alisa.
"Institutional Child Sex Abuse" victims.

WE STAND With you kiddies.  Hold on tight...  We won't let you go !!


  1. As the daughter of a woman raised in a Catholic orphanage and witness to her acceptance of allowing children to be accessible to adults for sexual gratification, I can tell you that my home was cold, soulless and held an undercurrent of hostility and revenge that even a child wanted to flee in order to not be swallowed up by. Orphans without a family are in danger in this society. A lobby group as powerful as the bankers, oil industry and Israel would be in place in a healthy society but we see that one is not. My hell called a childhood was created in part thanks to St. Patrick's Catholic Orphanage.

    1. Thank you so much for your earnest reply Anon. It takes so long to heal from the abuse, doesn't it? :-/ Sending love to you from New Zealand <3 Thank you for your courage to share. Please join us on Facebook if you have an account:

  2. Thanku for so long generations have used children as sexual slaves abused there being.Go way back the bible speaks of it Romans did it.Please free our children frm the nightmare these people create all in the name of power and greed. These people are animals and should be treated as the animals they are old boy network. Save our little angels thanku for caring

    1. Thank you Anon, I DO care. Very much. Thank you for seeing that : ) All of us are responsible for freeing our children from this nightmare. NOW is the Time to STAND. We must not turn a blind eye this time. Alisa and Gabriel's testimony gives us the very crowbar we need to leverage this whole thing open. It needs all of us. I can not do it alone. Sabine can not do it alone. We need ALL of us. Please join us :) We are on Facebook as:

  3. I am appalled that the video evidence has been removed... I shared it but didn't save to my computer otherwise I would continue to share to raise awareness!!

    1. Great !! Thank you Anon for your efforts. Please enter Key Words into YouTube search: Hampstead, Camden, pedophile, paedophile, baby killers, Christ Church school, Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult, and any others you can think of. New videos are being put out all the time. I've now updated the videos on this site to the new versions that are available : ) Thanks. Please join us in helping to raise awareness...


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