Wednesday 17 February 2016

President Putin facilitates the "Space of Love" concept in Russia

In January 2015, Russia gave permission to go ahead with a plan that Anastasia suggests for all nations to do: For the governments of the world to gift to families of that country 1 hectare of land.

This is what she termed "a Space of Love" or a "Kin's Domain". This is an area of land that a couple, a group of retirees, or a "family" (a very wide definition here) would establish for themselves and their children and grandchildren, into perpetuity. This would involve putting up your permanent buildings and out-houses such as sheds, woodwork shop, chicken coops, fish farming processing plant, home dairy (cheese, yoghut, etc production), milking shed, piggery, etc... (whatever YOU and your family want!) and planting your permanent fruiting trees and berries, and your timber trees for future generations, and obviously, establishing your vegetable garden. In English-language terms, a "Kin's Domain" would be the family's or the group's "homestead".

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Anastasia specified that the area of land GIVEN to each couple or family should be 2.5 acres (approx) or One Hectare (just as Russian Deputy PM Yuri Tretnev proposed pre-2015) - so people can plant their own crops, raise small animals, have space for their children to run around and learn about nature, keep bees, enjoy each other's company and welcome people outside of the family.

Anastatia envisaged (in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books published in Russian in 1996), that these "Kins Domains" or "Spaces of Love" would eventually return the whole world back to the "Garden Paradise" that it was originally: PEOPLE living on the land would work on creating a beautiful and useful garden on their "Kins Domain" and thereby, all efforts would return the whole world back to its original pristine condition...  A "garden of paradise".  For example:

This is Tim Wilmott's garden in England !! 
He created this tropical garden paradise over a 20-year period.  
See what humans can do?  ... Amazing !!!  : )

Source:  The Telegraph, July 2014

Please note:  The amount of ARABLE land on planet earth is 7,500,000,000 acres... (7.5 billion). You can easily Google these figures. That's the same number of acres as there are people on the planet - so right now, every man, woman and child could have guardianship of one acre...  RIGHT NOW !!  

And just to clarify: "Arable" land means fertile, good to grow trees, food and vegetables on...  ie: it's not rock or sand, but it's good soil.

Also, there are billions of acres of non-arable land on the earth as well, which is where towns and cities could be built (or remain), where manufacturing could happen, IT, commerce, government buildings, and all kinds of other infrastructure such as ship building, airports, logistics...

ie:  There would be no problems whatsoever in getting everybody on this planet on to land that is workable.  There is plenty for all !!  : )

Articles/Research paper:

In 2011 the dacha gardens of Russia produced 40% of the nation's food. - Natural

The History of Dacha Movement - Ringing Cedars of

"Global over-population" is a crock !!  - Co-creating Our New Earth


Note: Leonid Sharashkin is the translator of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books into English.

Anastasia's 'dream' is coming true...   

Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout


Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout

The Russian president has approved the idea to offer large land plots for free to anyone who resettles to the Russian Far East to start a farm or other business.

The initiative was first voiced by the deputy PM and presidential envoy to the Far East Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, who said that such a step would “strengthen the tendency of people’s migration to the Far East,” Interfax reported.

Trutnev told reporters that Putin called the idea right in principle and noted that similar programs had been successfully implemented in Siberia historically. Putin urged all responsible officials to be precise and cautious when detailing the conditions for land ownership, however.

Trutnev’s initial suggestion was to “create a mechanism for the free allocation of a 1 hectare (2.5 acres) plot of land to every resident of the Far East and to anyone who is willing to come and live in the region so that they could start a private business in farming, forestry, game hunting or some other enterprise.”

He added that the agreement could be signed for five years, and then it should either enter full force if the new landlord follows the plan, or be declared void if the land is not used. He also added that corruption in the process of distribution can be prevented if the land plots are far from big cities with their well-developed infrastructure and competitive environment.

The scheme has been designed to limit the possible selling of the land plots to foreign companies and individuals, Trutnev said. “We will give it a try,” he said. “I think this measure will prove to be effective.”
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  1. The World population will stabilize at 11 billion in 30 years

    1. Yes... Who knows ?? Anything can happen...

  2. it starts to happen here small steps in the right direction...sometimes one just has to ask ;-)

    1. Ok... So you're in Lithuania Yra? A lot of people from Europe are coming to look at this post... especially, many people from the Netherlands, and even France and Germany. I think many people are ready to embrace these ideas. It's very wonderful to see : )

  3. Fantastic concept. Wonderful idea.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Maggie... Humanity is Co-creating this outcome. Russia is showing us the way.

  5. Tell gov to let everyone (especialy poor people or people tht hav less than $33,000worth of man made property that own less than 1 acre of fertile land) hav at least an acre of free fertile land to grow all their own food and hav a smal house on, its the cheapest healthiest fastest easiest way to grow food and highest yeild per acre per time and resource input if proper.
    Variety of food trees veganic food forest polyculture.
    Tell Everyone to eat plant based diet, it uses much less resources and land and is cheaper and healthier. Youtube cowspiracy. Youtube earthlings.
    Youtube how to go vegan overnight. Pug vs pig freelee. 1500Pound basset hound.
    Make vids like vegan gains and jane unchained without cursing and sarcasm. Vegan is for animals not a diet.
    Rice and asian vegetables, broc carrot mushroom, cayenne pepper optional salt
    Vegetable soup potato carrot pea corn... w cayane pepper and toast optional salt
    Chilli kidney beans tomato chilli powder toast
    Burito tortia shell mashed pinto beans salsa optional lettuce guacamole...
    Lettuce, carrot(shredded or whole), in buritto shell or wrap, optional lemon juice, spinach artichoke hummus, avacado, tomato
    Sweet potato shredded or whole
    Potato optional blk pepper and salt
    Travel snacks fruit nuts...
    grow basil oregeno parsly by the window.
    Frozen mango smoothie. Frozen banana smoothie. Fresh lemonade. Young coconut water from coconut. Mock animal products. Vegan burger

    1. Thanks. Anastasia's vision is for each family to be given 1 hectare = 2.5 acres. ie: 1 acre is not enough. I'm interested in your repeated phrase, "Tell everyone..." I wonder who you're imploring to 'go tell the world'? People only change generally when a change of heart occurs inside them, often from a life-changing experience or an 'awakening' of some kind. So "tell everyone" to do this or that becomes seed thrown on dry ground that never receives rain. Nice ideas for food options. I think going to Raw Food, Vegetarian and Vegan foody sites would be handy too. Thanks.

  6. And don't forget that some people will want to live in cities, so not everyone needs free land right away, but just the people who ask for it. I have written a family book of Kin after reading the books, and it is monumental. Blows my mind. My own book I can say, is now in league with a similar amount of wisdom that can be derived from it, so I am making it a public book as well. In it, I speak on a divine program in complete detail, which can solve the problem that we encounter each age of imagery, and how to regard it in one's daily life, defeating all possible infinite destructive forces, out of which only 2 are evil or all destructive. That is Armageddon, and Garmentgeddon. The first causes one to destroy almost anything, while the second one causes you to destroy something that you put your own energy into. Then I have also discovered new words about eternity that Anastasia was looking for. There are 4 phrases that I will give, but almost not understandable without great conscious awareness and purity of thought, or having read the complete description of things like the 9+1 infinite steps of Anti-mind or Anti-reason, which all together are the problems encountered each age of imagery. The 4 phrases on eternity: Co-create Anti-mind under the perfect dwelling land, by eating as one breathes in a perfect aspiring space, making everything repeat The Science of Imagery. Next: Forget all Anti-mind because one co-creator inspired by the energy of love is greater than all sciences combined which are deprived of love. Next: Separate Aspiration death from Image death by Perfecting the Dwelling Land. Then finally: Give a particle of Ces (God or lucid dream), by remembering the stolen image of creation ability, by never stealing a complex of partial urges from mankind. With these we will help Anastasia to unite all women to create the ultimate technology, with which to create living things that are images inside of computers, which accelerates a person's speed of thinking, and which can be controlled and stored by feelings. This will probably be used to create a virtual reality which allows one to practice creating our own livable planets and stars and more, on a living, but still smaller scale, in and exact way that out body and mind will remember, reflecting how planets and stars are actually made. This will only happen after all women are united, so that final composition, or controlling all of the Universal energy of love at once, will ensure that the technology is not misused. If anyone is interested in a copy of my 663+ page family book, let me know! email:

    1. Wow...!! That is quite something Kody : ) You're such an inspiration (in-spirit inhalation and exhalation of life-force). You've really inspired in me today to write my own Book of Kin... otherwise, all the family histories that I hold will most certainly be lost to the next generations. I have three grandchildren so far (ages 5-13), and NONE of them know the history of MY grandparents (one is still young - the other two live quite far away), nor the snippets that I have about my great grandparents which have already been lost from our family oral history... simply because nobody in those lines ever thought the lives of their parents and grandparents were that interesting. We need to change our attitudes to our parents' stories, and realize that whatever they tell us about their lives or what we have found out about them - from sinner to saint - will want to be heard by the following generations.

      Imagine a young man sitting in prison for the third time... completely disconnected from society and his own family. He knows somewhere within him that something has gone terribly wrong, but can't put his finger on it. Then a kindly aunt gives him a copy of her Book of Kin which in it, tells the story of her great grandfather (the young man's great-great grandfather) who went to the gold fields, was a drunkard and a brawler (just like his g-g-grandson, now in prison), but the grandfather struck it rich one day in the gold field, turned his life around, set up a General Store, became a pillar of society and eventually, set up a charitable organization for wayward young men and a men's shelter in his small city in Alaska or California. Do you know how encouraging it would be for this young man to learn about his g-g-grandfather?

      Yes. This is something we all MUST do... for our future generations. We owe it to our children not yet born, in the centuries to come to do exactly what you have done. Thank you for your inspiration !!! <3

    2. Your Book sounds quite technical to my ears ; ) But the thing is, i'm not from your family line and have different DNA and understandings, whereas to members of your own family's line, what you write will definitely have resonance : ) Your 'four phases' sound interesting... and again, quite technical. I think one of the beauties of the Ringing Cedars series is that anyone can pick them up and understand. There are no difficult concepts to get one's head around. When you read them, it's as though you're simply 're-member-ing' something you'd forgotten a long time ago. It resonates in our consciousness - because it is the forgotten story of our human origins that she is retelling. I think the style of the books is a good model for us as we write our own Book of Kin. We DO after all, want those older children and young teenagers to pick it up and read it don't we? - not get bogged down in deep philosophical explanations of the workings of the world - although this would be entirely appropriate I think, if this was in a separate Addendum and headed specifically as being your own thoughts as to the current condition of the world and future solutions. Then as these youngers become adults, they might like to go back and read these sections. They will then of course, see your mind and the way you view the world in your time. That's probably the most important thing - ie: not so much the solution itself, but the mind (your mind) that arrived at those solutions. I'd sure love to have treatises like this to read back on that my g-g's had written last century and the century before. It would be just AMAZING to hear their mind at work, bringing solutions forward, for the generation they were living in : )

    3. You lost me a bit at 'Anastasia will unite all women'. I never felt anywhere in the books that Anastasia was bothered by gender. ie: It's a non-issue. Women ALREADY are the "ultimate technology" ; ) We already are endowed with the ability to create 'living things' and our minds are perfectly endowed already to create images. Or maybe you missed just how incredible females of every species are (and a few males), who produce an egg, and with the assistance (life force) of her male counterpart, produces a replica of herself in DNA structure, likes, tastes (physical taste), mannerisms, facial expressions, and so on. Is this not a MIRACLE ?? :D We don't need any external 'equipment' to enhance the speed of our thoughts, just some mind-gym games at first would be helpful. I still do Sudoku, play online Scrabble and the odd game of Tetris - any of these things help alertness and stimulates neuron activity. Obviously, meditation, dreaming, visualization, looking at images of what is desirable for our future, and stimulating thought-provoking conversation with others. All of this helps to increase the speed of our thoughts. And obviously, gardening. Gardening allows clearing of the mind, allowing new thoughts to permeate through to us as we go about the "mundane" tasks of digging and looking after our plants. "Feelings" are fleeting. We are taught this in Vedic traditions such as Buddhism. A feeling can change in a moment (eg: I just won Lotto!! Oh... No I didn't. That was last week's ticket) :( - So 'feelings' besides those produced by the 'bright thoughts' that Anastasia encourages us to develop, are really just 'throw-away' things... illusory inasmuch as they are here one moment and in the next, are gone, or replaced by another. Please see Eckhart Tolle on this.

      Why would humanity want to create a "virtual reality"? This is in fact what we have now, as illustrated in the story of the military hunting for Anastasia in the taiga... and how she had to show them what the REALITY of modern life actually is, in the 'visions' they had. ie: humans currently live out their lives based on animal instincts - the rape of women, the endless cycle of birthing unwanted children, the lust for wealth - and to get it, humans will even steal and kill, the destruction of the environment, the disconnection from each other on a heart level. That is the REALITY Anastasia had to show them, of what human life is. So what is it then that we see all around us? - of supposed "society" living happily together under its strings of rules and regulations, city councils/administrations taking over our water supplies and adding whatever chemicals they want to our water, mass-produced food in plastic packaging with MORE chemicals added to food, the forcible 'education' of our children to produce more Debt Slaves... And most people don't see it for what it is. Therefore: We already LIVE in a Virtual Reality - so why create another to overlay on top of this fake illusory way of living, which is so against the natural way for people to live?

    4. Humanity is already co-creating worlds, planets and universes, purely through our thoughts. I remember Anastasia's words: "If enough people decide they will see two suns, it will happen." Ref: Nibiru system, incoming brown dwarf star with seven surrounding 'satellites'/planets - (first seen in our modern times in 1983). It is happening already as you say. The Universe 'expanding'?? Well, of course it is. Humans keep LOOKING - ref: "the observation problem" of quantum physics. Once again, this illustrates that we need no 'machine'. Ie: We ARE the 'machine' : )

      I have real problems (personally) with such a phrase as "This will only happen after all women are united..." Really ?? I don't see anywhere in the Cedars books where Anastasia expresses such a sentiment. Where on earth is this coming from Kody? The energy of "Love" can not be 'controlled'. Neither can any energy. They exist in and of themselves. They are comparable to a "trending" video on YouTube, where the egregor (spirit if you like, of that thing or complex), takes its own direction and intensity. You can't control it. The 'thing' (such as the energy of Love), rises and falls according to the collective thought of humanity... so trying to keep 'Universal love' in a 'box' such as a super-computer hard drive where it can be empirically looked at and modified, is quite frankly, one of the most unreal and unnecessary things I have ever heard of. If this were possible (which it is not) you would be coming so close to trans-humanism that it's not even funny anymore :(

      Life is an 'experience'. Mental constructs supporting 'dualism', is that which wants to regulate and assert whether any energy is being 'misused' or not :-/ In the context of discussions about Anastasia's teachings, this doesn't make sense. Thank you for your contact details. Your ideas sound interesting. Some of them I feel could benefit from being reworked, and have some 'bright thought' applied to them : ) Thank you for sharing <3

  7. Great responses - thank you for the interesting read



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